Historical Subdivision Map Quizzes

A quiz series by Dekkie
Quiz# TakenPointsBest
Administrative Divisions of Colonial Brazil in 1534 with a Map945--
Administrative Divisions of Nazi Germany (with a Map)5,632--
ALL Colonies of the Roman Empire in 211 AD with a Map873--
All First-Level Subdivisions of Europe in 1939 on a Map3,972--
All Possessions of the British Empire in 1921 with a Map24,3290-
Austrian Habsburg Crown Lands in 1732 with a Map3,385--
British Dominions and Commonwealth Realms with a Map3,359--
Cantons of Switzerland in 1536 with a Map1,730--
Capitals of States of the German Empire with a Map1,071--
Cities Founded by the Roman Empire with a Map1,093--
Colonies of the Americas in 1775 with a Map5,644--
Counties of the Swedish Empire in 1658 with a Map1,075--
Counties (Powiats) of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth on a Map853--
Countries with Concessions in Tianjin with a Map1,740--
Crown Lands of Austria-Hungary in 1914 with a Map4,069--
Crown Lands of the Austrian Empire in 1850 with a Map4,510--
Crown Lands of the Kingdom of France in 987 with a Map1,722--
Departments of Napoleonic France in 1812 with a Map1,679--
Dioceses of the Later Roman Empire with a Map1,670--
Districts (Sanjaks) of the Ottoman Empire in 1900 with a Map1,011--
Member Cities of the Lombard League with a Map771--
Proposed Cantons of "The New Europe With Lasting Peace" with a Map (1920)3,345--
Provinces (Nomes) of Ancient Egypt with a Map226--
Provinces of the Abbasid Caliphate with a Map1,295--
Provinces of the Aztec Empire on a Map359--
Provinces of the Byzantine Empire with a Map2,219--
Provinces of the Empire of Alexander the Great with a Map1,159--
Provinces of the First Mexican Empire on a Map1,207--
Provinces of the Great Seljuk Empire with a Map582--
Provinces of the Kingdom of Prussia in 1914 (with a Map)2,714--
Provinces of the Later Roman Empire with a Map1,983--
Provinces of the Netherlands in 1816 (with a Map)1,741--
Provinces of the Papal States with a Map643--
Provinces of the Persian Empire with a Map1,601--
Provinces of the Spanish Empire with a Map1,973--
Provinces of the Western Roman Empire with a Map606--
Provinces (Subahs) of the Mughal Empire with a Map592--
Provinces (Themes) of the Byzantine Empire in 1025 AD with a Map1,712--
Provinces (Vilayets) of the Ottoman Empire in 1900 with a Map1,941--
Provinces (Voivodeships) of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth with a Map1,808--
Provinces (Wamani) of the Inca Empire with a Map189--
Provincial Capitals of the Later Roman Empire with a Map846--
Provincial Capitals of the Roman Empire with a Map468--
States of the Confederation of the Rhine in 18121,384--
States of the German Confederation in 184820,7070-
States of the Holy Roman Empire in 135636,8480-
States of the Holy Roman Empire in 962 with a Map3,671--
States of the Kievan Rus' in 1230 with a Map1,038--
Sub-Provinces of the Umayyad Caliphate in 725 AD with a Map847--
Subdivisions (Districts/Counties) of Austria-Hungary with a Map1,496--
Subdivisions of Ancient China (Qin) in 207 B.C. with a Map191--
Subdivisions of China under the Tang Empire with a Map284--
Subdivisions of Imperial China in 219 AD with a Map257--
Subdivisions of Lombard Italy in 755 AD with a Map583--
Subdivisions of the Frankish Empire with a Map1,132--
Subdivisions of the German Empire in 1914 with a Map6,758--
Subdivisions of the Italian Empire with a Map1,182--
Subdivisions of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1490 with a Map1,143--
Subdivisions of the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt in 1352 with a Map402--
Subdivisions of the Ottoman Empire in 1593 with a Map2,095--
Subdivisions of the Russian Empire with a Map3,395--
Subdivisions of the Spanish Empire in 1572 with a Map2,489--
Successor States (Diadochi) of Alexander the Great's Empire with a Map1,260--