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All the Leaders of Asia--
BRICS Leaders, 2009-present--
Current Monarchs of the World--
Female World Leaders Quiz--
Governor of Massachusetts Quiz--
Governors of Florida Quiz--
Governors of Louisiana Quiz--
Governors of Ohio Quiz--
Governors of Texas Quiz--
Governors of Virginia Quiz--
Historical Monarchs Quiz #1--
Historical Monarchs Quiz #2--
Historical Monarchs Quiz #3--
Historical Monarchs Quiz #4--
Last Monarchs of Countries--
Leaders of Africa Quiz--
Leaders of South Korea and North Korea--
Life of Muhammad Quiz--
New York Senators by a Clue--
Presidents and Prime Ministers of Slovakia--
Presidents of Afghanistan Quiz--
Presidents of Egypt--
Presidents of Nigeria Quiz--
Presidents of the Philippines--
Presidents of Ukraine--
Presidents Who Attended Ivy League Universities--
Prime Ministers of Bangladesh Quiz--
Prime Ministers of India--
Prime Ministers of Italy Quiz--
Prime Ministers of Pakistan Quiz--
Prime Ministers of Sweden--
Prime Ministers of Sweden by Picture--
Prime Ministers of Thailand--
Sultans of the Ottoman Empire--
Swedish Monarchs Quiz--
The Dictator Files: Francisco Franco--
The Dictator Files: Kim Il-sung--
The Dictator Files: Muammar Gaddafi--
The Dictator Files: Nikita Khrushchev--
The Dictator Files: Xi Jinping--
The Life of Martin Luther King Jr.0-
The Life of Nelson Mandela--
The Reign of George III--
The Reign of Nicholas II--
The William McKinley Presidency--
U.S. Governors Quiz #1--
U.S. Governors Quiz #2--
U.S. Presidents by Picture - Multiple Choice0-
U.S. Presidents Who Lost Their Own Home State--
U.S. Vice Presidents by Picture - Multiple Choice--
Vice Presidents Who Became Presidents--
World Leaders of Asia Quiz--
World Leaders of Europe Quiz--
World Leaders of Latin America Quiz--
World Leaders Quiz #3--
World Leaders Quiz #4--