Countries Visited by

A quiz series by Germanwolverine
Name the countries visited by actors, singers, politicians and monarchs alike!
Quiz# TakenBest
Countries 50 Cent has Visited55-
Countries A Tribe Called Quest Visited8-
Countries ABBA has Visited18-
Countries Abdullah Gul Visited54-
Countries AC DC has visited204-
Countries Adele has visited178-
Countries Aerosmith has visited69-
Countries Akon has Visited36-
Countries Alan Walker has Visited27-
Countries Albert Einstein visited146-
Countries Alessia Cara has Visited14-
Countries Alexis Tsipras Visited18-
Countries Ali Khamenei has visited61-
Countries Alice Cooper has visited58-
Countries Alicia Keys has Visited55-
Countries Alok has Visited10-
Countries Amren Sarkissian has visited27-
Countries Amy Macdonald has Visited8-
Countries Amy Winehouse Visited52-
Countries Anastacia has Visited14-
Countries Anderson.Paak has Visited11-
Countries Andrea Bocelli has Visited26-
Countries Andrzej Duda has visited77-
Countries Andy Serkis has Visited3-
Countries Angela Merkel has visited93-
Countries Angelina Jolie has visited69-
Countries Anibal Cavaco Silva has visited27-
Countries Anthony Albanese has Visited10-
Countries Anthony Bourdaine Visited33-
Countries Antonio Ganterras has Visited27-
Countries Antonis Samaras has Visited7-
Countries Antony Blinke has Visited14-
Countries Anwar Ibrahim has Visited16-
Countries Ariana Grande has Visited540-
Countries Arnold Schwarzenegger has visited95-
Countries Ashanti has Visited7-
Countries Atal Bihari Vajpayee visited29-
Countries August Alsina has Visited7-
Countries Avicii Visited42-
Countries Avril Lavigne has Visited19-
Countries Aziz Akhannouch has Visited3-
Countries Baby Keem has Visited12-
Countries Bald and Bankrupt has Visited26-
Countries Ban Ki-Moon has visited24-
Countries Barack Obama has visited138-
Countries Barham Salih has Visited20-
Countries Bear Grylls has visited83-
Countries Bebe Rexha has Visited31-
Countries Bee Gees Visited13-
Countries Bengino Aquino III visited23-
Countries Benjamin Franklin visited65-
Countries Benjamin Netanyahu has Visited115-
Countries Benny the Butcher has Visited17-
Countries Bernie Sanders has visited117-
Countries Bert Kreischer has Visited8-
Countries Beyonce has Visited151-
Countries BIA has Visited15-
Countries Big Daddy Kane has Visited5-
Countries Big Sean has Visited8-
Countries Bill Clinton has visited127-
Countries Bill Gates has visited72-
Countries Billy Boyd has Visited6-
Countries Billy Dee Williams has Visited4-
Countries Billy Idol has Visited10-
Countries Billy Joel has Visited12-
Countries Billy Ray Cyrus has Visited10-
Countries Binali Yildirim Visited6-
Countries Björk has Visited75-
Countries Black Panther has visited47-
Countries Black Sabbath has Visited56-
Countries Black Widow has visited165-
Countries Blackbear has Visited11-
Countries Blink-182 has Visited40-
Countries Blondie has Visited41-
Countries Bob Dylan has Visited35-
Countries Bob Marley visited101-
Countries Body Count has Visited6-
Countries Bon Jovi has Visited42-
Countries Bootsy Collins has Visited9-
Countries Boris Johnson has visited114-
Countries Boris Yelstin visited35-
Countries Branko Crvenovski Visited6-
Countries Britney Spears has visited121-
Countries Bruce Springsteen has Visited58-
Countries Bruno Mars has visited85-
Countries Bryan Adams has Visited9-
Countries Bujar Nishani has Visited27-
Countries Burna Boy has Visited19-
Countries Busta Rhymes has Visited11-
Countries Calvin Harris has Visited10-
Countries Camila Cabello has Visited46-
Countries Captain America has visited32-
Countries Carl Cox has Visited11-
Countries Carly Rae Jepsen has Visited34-
Countries CeeLo Green has Visited7-
Countries Celine Dion has visited101-
Countries Charles Darwin visited62-
Countries Charli XCX has Visited26-
Countries Che Guevara visited46-
Countries Cher has visited65-
Countries Chester Bennington Visited13-
Countries Chester W. Nimitz visited23-
Countries Chris Brown has Visited44-
Countries Chris Rock has Visited8-
Countries Christian Herter visited13-
Countries Christian Wulff has visited14-
Countries Christopher Columbus visited71-
Countries Christopher Nolan has Visited22-
Countries Christopher Warren Visited5-
Countries Chuck Norris has Visited17-
Countries CL has Visited6-
Countries Coldplay has Visited72-
Countries Colin Powell has visited16-
Countries Common has Visited5-
Countries Conan O'Brien has visited48-
Countries Condoleezza Rice has visited37-
Countries Conway the Machine has Visited14-
Countries Coolio Visited18-
Countries Cordae has Visited14-
Countries Cordell Hull Visited10-
Countries Corey Taylor has Visited11-
Countries Cyndi Lauper has Visited52-
Countries Cypress Hill has Visited5-
Countries Cyril Ramaphosa has Visited39-
Countries D12 has Visited15-
Countries DaBaby has Visited30-
Countries Danny Brown has Visited12-
Countries Danny Tenaglia has Visited8-
Countries Danny Trejo has Visited8-
Countries Dave Chapelle has Visited12-
Countries Dave East has Visited2-
Countries Dave Grohl has Visited15-
Countries David Bowie visited72-
Countries David Cameron has visited48-
Countries David Duchovny has Visited6-
Countries David Garrett has Visited12-
Countries David Guetta has Visited11-
Countries David Harbour has Visited4-
Countries David Hasselhoff has Visited16-
Countries De La Soul has Visited7-
Countries Dead By Sunrise Visited15-
Countries Dean Acheson visited11-
Countries Dean Rusk visited16-
Countries Demi Lovato has visited54-
Countries Denzel Curry has Visited4-
Countries Depeche Mode has Visited11-
Countries Destiny's Child Visited5-
Countries Dilma Rouseff has visited42-
Countries DJ Jazzy Jeff has Visited13-
Countries DJ Premier has Visited12-
Countries DJ Snake has Visited21-
Countries Dmitry Medvedev has visited33-
Countries DMX Visited11-
Countries Dogstar has Visited13-
Countries Dolph Lundgren has Visited5-
Countries Don Toliver has Visited10-
Countries Donald Trump has visited188-
Countries Doug Heffernan has Visited9-
Countries Douglas MacArthur visited39-
Countries Dr Who's have visited455-
Countries Drew Binsky has visited83-
Countries Dua Lipa has Visited58-
Countries Duckwrth has Visited5-
Countries Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has visited72-
Countries Dwight D. Eisenhower visited56-
Countries Eagles has Visited7-
Countries Earl Sweatshirt has Visited6-
Countries Earthgang has Visited10-
Countries Ebrahim Raisi has Visited16-
Countries Ed Sheeran has visited109-
Countries Edgar Lungu has visited19-
Countries Edi Rama has Visited24-
Countries Edward Stettinius Visited14-
Countries Elijah Wood has Visited7-
Countries Ellie Goulding has Visited27-
Countries Elon Musk has Visited34-
Countries Elton John has visited77-
Countries Eminem has visited144-
Countries Emmanuel Macron has Visited178-
Countries Emmerson Mnangagwa has visited19-
Countries Emo Philips has Visited3-
Countries Ernest Hemingway visited82-
Countries Erwin Rommel visited68-
Countries Evanna Lynch has Visited6-
Countries Ewan McGregor has Visited8-
Countries Falcon has visited23-
Countries Family Guy has Visited44-
Countries Fat Joe has Visited10-
Countries Fatboy Slim has Visited8-
Countries FDR visited68-
Countries Felix Jaehn has Visited15-
Countries Fidel Castro visited67-
Countries Fifth Harmony has visited37-
Countries Fivio Foreign has Visited6-
Countries Flatbush Zombies has Visited3-
Countries Foo Fighters have Visited17-
Countries Fort Minor has Visited9-
Countries Francis Drake visited45-
Countries Francisco Craveiro Lopes Visited7-
Countries Francois Hollande has visited33-
Countries Frank Grillo has Visited13-
Countries Frank Ocean has Visited65-
Countries Frank-Walter Steinmeier has Visited34-
Countries Freddie Gibbs has Visited9-
Countries G-Unit has Visited7-
Countries George H. W. Bush visited79-
Countries George S. Patton visited43-
Countries Gerald Ford visited36-
Countries Ghostface Killah has Visited4-
Countries Giancarlo Esposito has Visited10-
Countries Giggs has Visited14-
Countries Giuseppe Conte has visited32-
Countries Gjorge Ivanov Visited7-
Countries Glass Animals has Visited13-
Countries Gloria Macapagal Arroya has visited11-
Countries Gordon Ramsay has Visited256-
Countries grandson has Visited19-
Countries Green Velvet has Visited7-
Countries Gucci Mane has Visited15-
Countries Guns N' Roses has Visited17-
Countries Gustavo Petro has Visited9-
Countries Gwen Stefani has Visited37-
Countries Hailee Steinfeld has Visited35-
Countries Hakainde Hichilema has Visited6-
Countries Halsey has visited54-
Countries Hans Zimmer has Visited16-
Countries Harrison Ford has visited26-
Countries Harry Truman visited64-
Countries Hassan Rouhani has Visited27-
Countries Hayden Christensen has Visited9-
Countries Henry Kissinger visited51-
Countries Herbert Hoover visited40-
Countries Hernan Cortes visited42-
Countries Hillary Clinton has visitied75-
Countries Hollywood Undead has Visited10-
Countries Hollywood Vampires has Visited22-
Countries Hopsin has Visited15-
Countries Hu Jintao Visited12-
Countries Huey Lewis & The News Visited9-
Countries Hulk has visited35-
Countries I Prevail has Visited10-
Countries Ice Cube has Visited34-
Countries Ice-T has Visited8-
Countries Igor Dodon has Visited23-
Countries Ilham Aliyev has visited28-
Countries Ilir Meta has Visited22-
Countries Imagine Dragons has Visited37-
Countries Imran Khan has visited71-
Countries Indiana Jones has visited125-
Countries Indiana Jones has Visited 202339-
Countries Indiana Jones OR Lara Croft have visited29-
Countries Indigo Traveller has Visited10-
Countries Indira Gandhi visited38-
Countries Iron Maiden has Visited59-
Countries Iron Man has visited49-
Countries Ismail Sabri Yaakob7-
Countries Ivan Duque Visited7-
Countries J. Cole has Visited26-
Countries Jacinda Ardern has visited94-
Countries Jack Black has Visited6-
Countries Jack Harlow has Visited24-
Countries Jack Sparrow visited52-
Countries Jacob Zuma Visited10-
Countries Jair Bolsonaro has visited103-
Countries James Arthur has Visited6-
Countries James Bond has visited149-
Countries James Cook visited73-
Countries James Morrison has Visited13-
Countries Janet Jackson has visited43-
Countries Jaroslaw Kaczynski has visited30-
Countries Jason Bourne has visited45-
Countries Jawaharlal Nehru visited23-
Countries Jay Z has visited45-
Countries Jean-Claude Van Damme has Visited10-
Countries Jennifer Lopez has visited78-
Countries Jeremih has Visited5-
Countries Jessie J has Visited7-
Countries Jessie Reyez has Visited11-
Countries JFK visited94-
Countries J.I.D. has Visited13-
Countries Jimmy Carter has visited64-
Countries Joachim Gauck has visited26-
Countries Joe Biden Has Visited94-
Countries John Cena has visited102-
Countries John Foster Dulles visited15-
Countries John Kerry has visited29-
Countries John Magufuli has visited14-
Countries John Mayer has Visited58-
Countries Johnny Depp has Visited13-
Countries Joko Widodo has visited56-
Countries Joseph Stalin visited135-
Countries Josip Broz Tito Visited20-
Countries Joyner Lucas has Visited8-
Countries Judas Priest has Visited12-
Countries Juice Wrld Visited45-
Countries Jungle Brothers have Visited10-
Countries Justin Timberlake has visited41-
Countries Justin Trudeau has visited125-
Countries K. Flay has Visited8-
Countries Kanye West has Visited280-
Countries Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has Visited28-
Countries Katy Perry has Visited120-
Countries Kaytranada has Visited10-
Countries Kelly Clarkson has visited41-
Countries Kelly Rowland has Visited9-
Countries Kendrick Lamar has visited86-
Countries Kenny Mason has Visited12-
Countries Kersti Kaljulaid has visited20-
Countries Kevin Hart has Visited11-
Countries Kid Bookie has Visited7-
Countries Kid Cudi has Visited27-
Countries Killer Mike has Visited5-
Countries Kim Il-Sung visited67-
Countries Kim Jong-il visited68-
Countries Kim Jong-un has visited858-
Countries Kim Jong-un plans to visit63-
Countries King Albert II has visited22-
Countries King Carl XVI has visited31-
Countries King Charles III has Visited25-
Countries King Haakon VII visited19-
Countries King Harald V has visited41-
Countries King Kalakaua visited16-
Countries King Mohammad Reza Shah visited56-
Countries King Nicholas II visited24-
Countries King Norodom Sihamoni has Visited9-
Countries King Olav V visited20-
Countries King William Alexander has visited39-
Countries KISS has Visited63-
Countries Kodak Black has Visited12-
Countries Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic has Visited34-
Countries Kool & The Gang has Visited6-
Countries Kurt Cobain Visited38-
Countries Kyriakos Mitsoakis has Visited13-
Countries Lady Gaga has Visited342-
Countries Lamb of God has Visited15-
Countries Lana Del Rey has Visited285-
Countries Lara Croft has visited ( Tomb Raider )113-
Countries LBJ visited40-
Countries Led Zeppelin has visited43-
Countries Leona Lewis has Visited10-
Countries Leonardo DiCaprio has visited140-
Countries Levi Eshkol visited11-
Countries Lil Kim has Visited8-
Countries Lil Wayne has Visited10-
Countries Limp Bizkit Visited60-
Countries Linkin Park has visited140-
Countries Little Mix has Visited73-
Countries Liz Truss Visited24-
Countries Lizzo has Visited14-
Countries Logic has Visited10-
Countries Lorde has Visited13-
Countries Louis C.K. has Visited4-
Countries Ludwig Erhard Visited13-
Countries Luis Lacalle Pou has Visited12-
Countries Luiz Inacio Lula da has Visited12-
Countries Luke Damant has Visited9-
Countries Mac Miller Visited30-
Countries Machine Gun Kelly has visited56-
Countries Mackelmore has Visited9-
Countries Madeleine Albright has visited21-
Countries Madonna has visited133-
Countries Magdalena Andersson Visited8-
Countries Mahmoud Abbas has Visited23-
Countries Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has visited24-
Countries Maithripala Sirisena has visited18-
Countries Malala has Visited5-
Countries Manmohan Singh has visited11-
Countries Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has Visited16-
Countries Marco Polo visited117-
Countries Maria Sandu has Visited7-
Countries Mariah Carey has visited150-
Countries Marilyn Manson has Visited39-
Countries Mario Soares visited12-
Countries Mark Twain visited32-
Countries Maroon 5 has visited41-
Countries Marshmello has Visited11-
Countries Martin Garrix has Visited30-
Countries Mary J. Blige has visited12-
Countries Matteo Renzi has visited18-
Countries Mauricio Macri has visited24-
Countries Meat Loaf has Visited19-
Countries Metallica has Visited79-
Countries Method Man has Visited5-
Countries Method Man & Redman have Visited6-
Countries Metro Boomin has Visited20-
Countries Michael Jackson visited209-
Countries Michel Aoun Visited6-
Countries Miguel Diaz Canel has Visited30-
Countries Mike Pompeo has Visited27-
Countries Mike Shinoda has Visited11-
Countries Mikhail Gorbachev visited63-
Countries Mikhail Mishutin has Visited7-
Countries Miley Cyrus has visited86-
Countries Millie Bobby Brown has Visited9-
Countries Missy Elliott has Visited20-
Countries Mobb Deep has Visited4-
Countries Mohammad Khatami has visited17-
Countries Moncef Marzouki has visited12-
Countries Moon Jae-in has visited35-
Countries Moraji Desai visited12-
Countries Mos Def has Visited6-
Countries Motley Crue has Visited46-
Countries Motorhead has Visited61-
Countries Mudhoney has Visited8-
Countries Muhammad Ali visited56-
Countries Muhammadu Buhari has Visited19-
Countries Napoleon Bonaparte Visited46-
Countries Narashima Rao visited13-
Countries Narendra Modi has visited119-
Countries Nas has Visited8-
Countries Nathan Drake has visited ( uncharted )426-
Countries Naughty By Nature has Visited6-
Countries Nawaz Sharif visited13-
Countries Nayip Bukele has Visited11-
Countries Neil Diamond has visited26-
Countries Nelly Furtado has Visited16-
Countries Nelson Mandela Visited10-
Countries NF has Visited12-
Countries Nickelback has visited42-
Countries Nicki Minaj has Visited170-
Countries Nikol Pashinyan has visited32-
Countries Nikola Guevski Visited3-
Countries Nile Rodgers & Chic has Visited3-
Countries Nine Inch Nails has visited19-
Countries Nirvana Visited31-
Countries Noah Schnapp has Visited4-
Countries Norman Reedus has Visited7-
Countries NSYNC Visited15-
Countries Obie Trice has Visited8-
Countries Oliver Tree has Visited8-
Countries Onyx has Visited4-
Countries OutKast has Visited14-
Countries Ozzy Osbourne has visited45-
Countries P!nk has visited41-
Countries Paolo Gentiloni has Visited13-
Countries Paramore has Visited11-
Countries Park Geun-hye Visited7-
Countries Paul McCartney has visited153-
Countries Pervez Musharaff has Visited7-
Countries Petro Poroshenko has visited30-
Countries Pharrel Williams has visited19-
Countries Phem has Visited9-
Countries Phil Collins has visited34-
Countries Pink Floyd has Visited36-
Countries Polo G has Visited40-
Countries Ponce de Leon visited14-
Countries Pope Benedict XVI has visited69-
Countries Pope Francis has visited239-
Countries Pope John Paul II visited208-
Countries Pope Paul visited64-
Countries Porter Robinson has Visited7-
Countries Post Malone has Visited17-
Countries Prince Harry has visited55-
Countries Prince Visited19-
Countries Prince William has visited113-
Countries Public Enemy has Visited3-
Countries Pusha T has Visited7-
Countries Q-Tip has Visited9-
Countries Queen Elizabeth II has visited586-
Countries Queen has visited49-
Countries Queens of the Stone Age have Visited14-
Countries Quentin Tarantino has visited36-
Countries Quizmaster has visited26-
Countries Rag'n'Bone Man has Visited6-
Countries Rajiv Gandhi visited16-
Countries Rakim has Visited6-
Countries Ranil Wickremesinghe has Visited14-
Countries Ray Dalton has Visited10-
Countries Ray Mears has Visited6-
Countries Recep Tayyip Erdogan has visited99-
Countries Red Hot Chili Peppers has Visited88-
Countries Redman has Visited7-
Countries Rex Tillerson has Visited9-
Countries Richard Nixon visited56-
Countries Rick Astley has Visited31-
Countries Rick Ross has Visited7-
Countries Ricky Gervais has Visited17-
Countries Rihanna has Visited135-
Countries Ringo & His All Star Band has Visited8-
Countries Ringo Starr has Visited9-
Countries Rishi Sunak has Visited31-
Countries Rita Ora has Visited21-
Countries Rival Sons has Visited7-
Countries Robert Englund has Visited2-
Countries Robin Schulz has Visited8-
Countries Rodrigo Duterte has Visited35-
Countries Ronald Reagan visited81-
Countries Royce Da 5'9 has Visited6-
Countries Run the Jewels has Visited8-
Countries Russ has Visited4-
Countries Russell Brand has Visited7-
Countries Russell Crowe has Visited9-
Countries RZA has Visited7-
Countries Salome Zourabichvili has visited12-
Countries Salt 'n' Pepa has Visited6-
Countries Samia Suluhu Hassan has Visited6-
Countries Sauli Niinisto has visited47-
Countries Scooby Doo has visited305-
Countries Scott Morrison has visited39-
Countries Sean Astin has Visited3-
Countries Sean Paul has Visited4-
Countries Sebastian Pinera visited27-
Countries Selena Gomez has Visited52-
Countries Serzh Sargsyan has visited11-
Countries Shakira has visited183-
Countries Shaun Frank has Visited4-
Countries Shavkat Miriziyoyev has visited25-
Countries Shehbaz Sharif has Visited7-
Countries Sia has Visited19-
Countries Silverchair Visited13-
Countries Simon & Garfunkel Visited15-
Countries Sister Sledge has Visited3-
Countries Skrillex has Visited16-
Countries Skylar Grey has Visited5-
Countries Slash has Visited16-
Countries Slick Rick has Visited7-
Countries Slipknot has Visited67-
Countries Snoop Dogg has visited138-
Countries Sooronbay Jeenbekov has visited12-
Countries South Park has Visited33-
Countries Spice Girls have visited74-
Countries Steve Aoki has Visited8-
Countries Steve Irwin visited50-
Countries Steven Spielberg has Visited20-
Countries Stevie Wonder has Visited10-
Countries Stevo Pendarovski has Visited4-
Countries Sting has Visited38-
Countries Stone Sour has Visited6-
Countries Stone Temple Pilots has visited21-
Countries Stormzy has Visited11-
Countries Suki Waterhouse has Visited13-
Countries SZA has Visited14-
Countries T-Pain has Visited11-
Countries Talib Kweli has Visited6-
Countries Tanna Leone has Visited4-
Countries Taylor Swift has visited463-
Countries Tenacious D has Visited11-
Countries The Beatles Visited264-
Countries The Black Eyed Peas have Visited47-
Countries the Dalai Lama has visited40-
Countries The Doors Visited9-
Countries The Game has Visited11-
Countries The Jacksons visited13-
Countries the Japanese Royal family has Visited88-
Countries The Rolling Stones have visited50-
Countries The Simpsons have visited79-
Countries The Smashing Pumpkins has Visited7-
Countries The Sweet has Visited4-
Countries The Who has Visited15-
Countries Theresa May has visited59-
Countries Three 6 Mafia has Visited15-
Countries Timbaland has Visited11-
Countries Tina Turner has Visited43-
Countries Tom Cruise has Visited27-
Countries Tom Felton has Visited6-
Countries Tom Odell has Visited15-
Countries Tom Segura has Visited6-
Countries Tony Yayo has Visited7-
Countries Toto has Visited13-
Countries Travis Barker has Visited4-
Countries Trevor Noah has Visited14-
Countries U2 has Visited30-
Countries Uhuru Kenyatta has visited50-
Countries Ulf Kristersson has Visited11-
Countries UPSAHL has Visited9-
Countries Urho Kekkonen visited27-
Countries US presidents have visited81-
Countries Usher has Visited13-
Countries Van Halen has Visited60-
Countries Vanilla Ice has Visited14-
Countries Village People has Visited7-
Countries Vladimir Lenin visited198-
Countries Vladimir Putin has visited311-
Countries Volodymyr Zelensky has Visited166-
Countries Weezer has Visited20-
Countries Weird Al Yankovic Has Visited15-
Countries Westside Boogie has Visited5-
Countries Wham! has Visited13-
Countries Whitney Houston Visited45-
Countries Will Smith has visited50-
Countries William P. Rogers visited11-
Countries William Ruto has Visited5-
Countries William Shatner has Visited10-
Countries Willow Smith has Visited17-
Countries Willy Brandt Visited18-
Countries Winston Churchill visited135-
Countries Woodrow Wilson visited51-
Countries Wu-Tang Clan has Visited11-
Countries X Ambassadors has Visited15-
Countries Xi Jinping has visited187-
Countries Xzibit has Visited12-
Countries Yelawolf has Visited8-
Countries Yoon Suk Yeol has Visited11-
Countries Young M.A. has Visited5-
Countries Yousaf Raza Gilani has Visited15-
Countries Yungblud has Visited13-
Countries Zedd has Visited13-
Countries Zendaya has Visited47-
Countries Zoran Milanovic has visited30-
Countries Zuzana Caputova has visited39-