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Series# RatingTakes
Actor Filmographies214904.6566,390
All Rappers Songs19004.8663,245
Top 100 Biggest Cities by State5004.8646,165
Actress Filmographies130504.5522,240
Musician Discographies114404.6922,029
MLB: Top 100 All-Time1414.0021,186
NBA: Leading Scorers Each Year3004.1718,617
All Pop Artists' Songs2904.7318,392
NBA: Top 10 All-Time Leaders300-14,410
NBA: Top 100 All-Time2304.5913,904
Dragon Ball Quizzes2804.4012,773
NFL: Pro Bowl Selections3204.6011,769
NFL: Most Passing TDs Each Year3204.2011,434
All R&B Artists' Songs4104.8710,712
MLB: All-Star Selections300-9,715
Franchise Works3930-8,193
Top Artist Songs2504.637,283
NBA: All-Star Selections300-6,635
NBA: Most Dunks Each Year300-5,314
NBA: Most 3PT FGs Made Each Year300-4,789
All Rock Artists/Bands' Songs3403.834,639
NBA: Top 12 Players by Team300-4,263
Writer Bibliographies77204.904,253
IMDB Ratings14404.174,051
Top 100 Biggest Cities by Country2004.373,774
NFL Top 100 All-Time1504.903,099
NBA Players by College2280-2,833
NBA: Retired Numbers260-2,389
Colleges' Draft Picks304.562,307
MLB: Home Run Leader Every Year80-2,283
U.S. Government Positions by Picture4600-1,669
NFL Players Who...80-1,585
NBA: Top 50 Active Players220-1,548
NCAA Basketball: Top 10 All-Time Leaders2230-1,521
NBA: Players Who...1205.001,388
NCAA Basketball: Leading Scorers1410-1,367
All Country Artists' Songs420-1,234
Roles by Picture960-1,224
NBA: Top 1,000 Players Ever205.001,207
#1 Songs by Decade70-1,088
NBA Playoffs: Top 100 All-Time120-1,018
NBA: 2020-2021 Season Leaders110-1,015
NBA Season Stats Champs70-820
MLB: Top Active Players100-812
NBA: Highest Scoring Teams' Top 5 Scorers90-771
Characters by Picture770-719
Characters by Portrayal1570-583
NBA 2K21 Ratings280-540
World Leaders by Picture1710-532
NFL: Top 10 All-Time Leaders20-506
Top 5 Most Famous by First Name480-504
Players in NBA by College (2019-2020)20-475
Oldest Player by Team40-457
NBA 2K18 Ratings150-352
Top Movies of the 2010's40-348
Colleges with #1 Picks30-305
NFL: Top Active Players140-282
NBA 2K19 Ratings20-275
NFL: Top 3 Players by Draft Round420-267
NBA Top 50 All-Time Scorers: International Edition60-252
Boxers' Fights80-251
White NBA Player Quizzes30-216
Most ____ by NBA Team (2020)60-199
NCAA Football: Top 10 All-Time Leaders40-192
Famous People from Cities by Picture370-186
NBA: Top 50 in 15th Year+40-173
Mr. Basketball Winners by State300-169
NBA Nicknames30-166
NBA Players by Country60-157
NBA: Top 15 in a Season by Players in Their 40's70-154
College Basketball Conference Players of the Year320-140
NFL: Single-Game Records70-118
Top 100 Basketball Recruits230-100
Highest Grossing Films by Year140-96
WNBA Top 25 All-Time100-92
Boxing Champions by Picture180-83
All Electronic Musicians' Songs30-81
Artists Produced For30-67
Colleges by Person30-64
Presidential Candidates by Picture20-60
NCAA Men's Basketball All-Conference Teams70-56
Coaches by Picture60-52
Top 5 Basketball Recruits by State100-49
Top Tennis Player by Country (Picture)40-47
High School Basketball: Top Scorers260-46
NBA G-League Top 25 All-Time50-43
MMA Champions by Picture20-40
Wimbledon Champions by Picture20-39
Famous People That Attended...40-32
NCAA Top 100 202140-28
McDonald's All-American Boys Rosters50-10
NCAA Women's Basketball: Top 10 All-Time Leaders50-8
Top 5 Football Recruits by State90-8
Top 100 Baseball Recruits by Year100-7
High School Football: Most Passing Yards40-5
All Reggae Artists' Songs20-3