Franchise Works

A quiz series by johnsonncn5
Can you guess these great franchise's films, TV shows, video games, etc.?
101 Dalmatians Franchise-
Ace Ventura Franchise-
A Christmas Carol Franchise-
Adventure Time Franchise-
Aeneid Franchise-
Air Bud Franchise-
Aladdin Franchise-
Alice in Wonderland Franchise-
Alien Franchise-
All in the Family Franchise-
Alvin and the Chipmunks Franchise-
A Midsummer Night's Dream Franchise-
And Then There Were None Franchise-
Angry Birds Franchise-
A Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise-
Anna Karenina Franchise-
Anne of Green Gables Franchise-
Ant-Man Franchise-
Antony and Cleopatra Franchise-
Aquaman Franchise-
Around the World in Eighty Days Franchise-
Arthur Franchise-
A Series of Unfortunate Events Franchise-
Assassin's Creed Franchise-
A Tale of Two Cities Franchise-
Atlantis Franchise-
Avatar Franchise-
Avatar: The Last Airbender Franchise-
Babylon 5 Franchise-
Back to the Future Franchise-
Bad Boys Franchise-
Bambi Franchise-
Barbie Franchise-
Batman Franchise-
Battlefield Franchise-
Battlestar Galactica Franchise-
Beauty and the Beast Franchise-
Beetlejuice Franchise-
Ben 10 Franchise-
Beverly Hills, 90210 Franchise-
Beverly Hills Cop Franchise-
Black Canary Franchise-
Black Panther Franchise-
Blade Franchise-
Blair Witch Franchise-
Bourne Franchise-
Breaking Bad Franchise-
Call of Duty Franchise-
Camp Rock Franchise-
Candide Franchise-
Captain America Franchise-
Captain Marvel Franchise-
Captain Marvel (Shazam!) Franchise-
Captain Underpants Franchise-
Care Bears Franchise-
Carmen Sandiego Franchise-
Cars Franchise-
Casper the Friendly Ghost Franchise-
Catch-22 Franchise-
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Franchise-
Chicago Franchise-
Child's Play Franchise-
Cinderella Franchise-
Clifford the Big Red Dog Franchise-
Coriolanus Franchise-
Crime and Punishment Franchise-
CSI Franchise-
Curious George Franchise-
Dallas Franchise-
Danny Phantom Franchise-
Daredevil Franchise-
David Copperfield Franchise-
Dennis the Menace Franchise-
Despicable Me Franchise-
Dexter's Laboratory Franchise-
Diablo Franchise-
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Franchise-
Die Hard Franchise-
Digimon Franchise-
Dilbert Franchise-
Dirty Harry Franchise-
Divine Comedy Franchise-
Doctor Strange Franchise-
Don Quixote Franchise-
Dora the Explorer Franchise-
Dracula Franchise-
Dragon Ball Franchise-
Dragon Quest Franchise-
Dream of the Red Chamber Franchise-
Emma Franchise-
Family Guy Franchise-
Fantasia Franchise-
Fantastic Four Franchise-
Fast & Furious Franchise-
Felix the Cat Franchise-
Final Destination Franchise-
Final Fantasy Franchise-
Finding Nemo Franchise-
Firefly Franchise-
Flash Gordon Franchise-
Forza Franchise-
Frankenstein Franchise-
Friday the 13th Franchise-
Fright Night Franchise-
Frozen Franchise-
Fudge Series Franchise-
Garfield Franchise-
Gears of War Franchise-
George of the Jungle Franchise-
Ghostbusters Franchise-
Ghost Rider Franchise-
G.I. Joe Franchise-
Godzilla Franchise-
Gone with the Wind Franchise-
Grand Theft Auto Franchise-
Gran Turismo Franchise-
Grease Franchise-
Great Expectations Franchise-
Green Arrow Franchise-
Green Lantern Franchise-
Grey's Anatomy Franchise-
Gruffalo Franchise-
Guitar Hero Franchise-
Gulliver's Travels Franchise-
Halloween Franchise-
Hamlet Franchise-
Hannah Montana Franchise-
Hannibal Lecter Franchise-
Happy Days Franchise-
Harry Potter Franchise-
Hatchet Franchise-
Hawkeye Franchise-
Heart of Darkness Franchise-
Hellblazer Franchise-
Hellboy Franchise-
Hercules Franchise-
High School Musical Franchise-
Home Alone Franchise-
How to Train Your Dragon Franchise-
iCarly Franchise-
Ice Age Franchise-
Iliad Franchise-
Indiana Jones Franchise-
In Search of Lost Time Franchise-
Insidious Franchise-
Inspector Gadget Franchise-
Invader Zim Franchise-
Iron Man Franchise-
It Franchise-
James Bond Franchise-
Jane Eyre Franchise-
Jaws Franchise-
Jekyll & Hyde Franchise-
Jimmy Neutron Franchise-
Jonny Quest Franchise-
Julius Caesar Franchise-
Jumanji Franchise-
Jurassic Park Franchise-
Kim Possible Franchise-
King Kong Franchise-
King Lear Franchise-
Knight Rider Franchise-
Kung Fu Panda Franchise-
Law & Order Franchise-
League of Legends Franchise-
Lego Franchise-
Les Misérables Franchise-
Lilo & Stitch Franchise-
Little House on the Prairie Franchise-
Little Women Franchise-
Lizzie McGuire Franchise-
Lolita Franchise-
Looney Tunes / Merrie Melodies Franchise (1929-1945)-
Looney Tunes / Merrie Melodies Franchise (1946-1960)-
Looney Tunes / Merrie Melodies Franchise (1961-Now)-
Lord of the Flies Franchise-
Love's Labour's Lost Franchise-
Luke Cage Franchise-
Macbeth Franchise-
Madagascar Franchise-
Madame Bovary Franchise-
Mad Max Franchise-
Magic Tree House Franchise-
MapleStory Franchise-
Mario Franchise-
Mary Poppins Franchise-
M*A*S*H Franchise-
Masters of the Universe Franchise-
Measure for Measure Franchise-
Men in Black Franchise-
Metal Gear Franchise-
Mighty Mouse Franchise-
Millennium Series Franchise-
Minecraft Franchise-
Mission: Impossible Franchise-
Moby-Dick Franchise-
Monster Hunter Franchise-
Monsters, Inc. Franchise-
Mortal Kombat Franchise-
Mr. Magoo Franchise-
Much Ado About Nothing Franchise-
Mulan Franchise-
Nancy Drew Franchise (1930-2006)-
Nancy Drew Franchise (2007-Present)-
National Lampoon Franchise-
National Treasure Franchise-
NCIS Franchise-
Need for Speed Franchise-
Nineteen Eighty-Four Franchise-
Noddy Franchise-
Nova Franchise-
Ocean's Franchise-
Odyssey Franchise-
Oedipus Franchise-
Oliver Twist Franchise-
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Franchise-
One Piece Franchise-
Onimusha Franchise-
Othello Franchise-
Pac-Man Franchise-
Paranormal Activity Franchise-
Peanuts Franchise-
Pee-Wee Herman Franchise-
Percy Jackson Franchise-
Perry Mason Franchise-
Peter Pan Franchise-
Peter Rabbit Franchise-
Phineas and Ferb Franchise-
Pinocchio Franchise-
Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise-
Pitch Perfect Franchise-
Planet of the Apes Franchise-
Plastic Man Franchise-
Pocahontas Franchise-
Pokémon Franchise-
Popeye Franchise-
Pretty Little Liars Franchise-
Prince Valiant Franchise-
Rambo Franchise-
Ramona Quimby Franchise-
Rebecca Franchise-
Red Dead Franchise-
Resident Evil Franchise-
Robinson Crusoe Franchise-
RoboCop Franchise-
Rocketeer Franchise-
Rocky Franchise-
Romeo and Juliet Franchise-
Rugrats Franchise-
Rush Hour Franchise-
Samurai Jack Franchise-
Sanford and Son Franchise-
Saw Franchise-
Scary Movie Franchise-
Scooby-Doo Franchise-
Scream Franchise-
Sesame Street Franchise-
She: A History of Adventure Franchise-
Sherlock Holmes Franchise-
Shrek Franchise-
Skylanders Franchise-
Sleeping Beauty Franchise-
Snow White Franchise-
Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise-
South Park Franchise-
Space Invaders Franchise-
Space Odyssey Franchise-
Speed Racer Franchise-
Spider-Man Franchise-
SpongeBob SquarePants Franchise-
StarCraft Franchise-
Stargate Franchise-
Stranger Things Franchise-
Street Fighter Franchise-
Superman Franchise-
Swamp Thing Franchise-
Tangled Franchise-
Tarzan Franchise-
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Franchise-
Terminator Franchise-
Tess of the d'Urbervilles Franchise-
Tetris Franchise-
That's So Raven Franchise-
The Addams Family Franchise-
The Baby-Sitters Club Franchise-
The Boxcar Children Franchise-
The Call of the Wild Franchise-
The Canterbury Tales Franchise-
The Chronicles of Narnia Franchise-
The Comedy of Errors Franchise-
The Conjuring Franchise-
The Count of Monte Cristo Franchise-
The Elder Scrolls Franchise-
The Emperor's New Groove Franchise-
The Exorcist Franchise-
The Flash Franchise-
The Flintstones Franchise-
The Godfather Franchise-
The Golden Girls Franchise-
The Grapes of Wrath Franchise-
The Great Gatsby Franchise-
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Franchise-
The Hunger Games Franchise-
The Incredible Hulk Franchise-
The Incredibles Franchise-
The Indian in the Cupboard Franchise-
The Jetsons Franchise-
The Jungle Book Franchise-
The Karate Kid Franchise-
The Legend of Zelda Franchise-
The Lion King Franchise-
The Little Mermaid Franchise-
The Little Prince Franchise-
The Lord of the Rings Franchise-
The Magic School Bus Franchise-
The Master and the Margarita Franchise-
The Matrix Franchise-
The Merchant of Venice Franchise-
The Merry Wives of Windsor Franchise-
The Metamorphosis Franchise-
The Mighty Ducks Franchise-
The Mummy Franchise-
The Muppets Franchise-
The Phantom of the Opera Franchise-
The Pink Panther Franchise-
The Powerpuff Girls Franchise-
The Purge Franchise-
The Red and the Black Franchise-
The Ring Franchise-
The Scarlet Letter Franchise-
The Secret Garden Franchise-
The Simpsons Franchise-
The Sims Franchise-
The Spiderwick Chronicles Franchise-
The Suite Life Franchise-
The Swiss Family Robinson Franchise-
The Taming of the Shrew Franchise-
The Tempest Franchise-
The Ten Commandments Franchise-
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Franchise-
The Three Musketeers Franchise-
The Tick Franchise-
The Time Machine Franchise-
The Twilight Zone Franchise-
The Vampire Chronicles Franchise-
The Walking Dead Franchise-
The War of the Worlds Franchise-
The Wind in the Willows Franchise-
The Winter's Tale Franchise-
The Witcher Franchise-
The Wizard of Oz Franchise-
The X-Files Franchise-
Thor Franchise-
ThunderCats Franchise-
Titanic Franchise-
Titus Andronicus Franchise-
To Kill a Mockingbird Franchise-
Tom and Jerry Franchise-
Tomb Raider Franchise-
Tom Clancy / Jack Ryan Franchise-
Tom Sawyer / Huckleberry Finn Franchise-
Toy Story Franchise-
Transformers Franchise-
Treasure Island Franchise-
Tron Franchise-
Twelfth Night Franchise-
Twilight Franchise-
Two Gentlemen of Verona Franchise-
Ulysses Franchise-
Unbreakable Franchise-
Underworld Franchise-
Usagi Yojimbo Franchise-
Vanity Fair Franchise-
VeggieTales Franchise-
View Askewniverse Franchise-
Voltron Franchise-
War and Peace Franchise-
Warcraft Franchise-
Watchmen Franchise-
Wayside School Franchise-
Where's Waldo? Franchise-
William Shakespeare's First Historical Tetralogy Franchise-
William Shakespeare's Henriad Franchise-
Winnie the Pooh Franchise-
Wizards of Waverly Place Franchise-
Wolverine / X-Men Franchise-
Wonder Woman Franchise-
Woody Woodpecker Franchise-
Wreck-It Ralph Franchise-
Wuthering Heights Franchise-
Yogi Bear Franchise-
Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise-
Zoey 101 Franchise-