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African Countries eating the Most Pork-
Animals in Capital City Names-
Animals in Country Names-
Austrian Cities by Pictures-
Balkan Countries by Pictures-
Capital Cities by AI-Generated Images #1-
Capital Cities by AI-Generated Images #2-
Capital Cities with the Lowest Elevation-
Capitals by their Closest Capitals-
Capitals closest to Kinshasa-
Cities in Chess Opening Names-
Click the Odd Country-
Countries by AI-Generated Images #1-
Countries by AI-Generated Images #2-
Countries by AI-Generated Images #3-
Countries by Clothing #1-
Countries by Exclaves-
Countries by Languages without English, French and Spanish (with Map)-
Countries by Official Language-
Countries by Phone Code-
Countries by Pictures - Hard Version-
Countries by Street Names-
Countries Celebrating Christmas on January 7th-
Countries in Chess Opening Names-
Countries of the World in Their Language-
Countries of the World (Shortest Answer Only)-
Countries participating in the Tokyo Olympics 2020-
Countries with a Capital City on the Border-
Countries with Drinkable Tap Water-
Countries with Relatively Long Capital City Names-
Countries with Relatively Short Capital City Names-
Countries with Shorter Type-ins-
Countries with the Biggest Temperature Difference-
Countries with the Fastest Internet-
Countries with the Highest Mouth Cancer Rates-
Countries with the Highest Public Debt-
Countries with the Longest Names-
Countries with the longest Wikipedia Articles about themselves-
Countries with the Most Bird Species-
Countries with the Most National Parks-
Countries with the most Opera Performances-
Countries with the most Steam users-
Countries with the Most Vacation Days-
Countries without an airport-
Country Names that Stays the Same in All Featured Languages-
Deserts by Pictures-
Europe by Picture-
European Capitals by Google Description-
European Cities with the Most Tourists-
European Countries with Most Museums per Capita-
Every Block in Minecraft 1.16 Java Edition-
Größte Städte in Serbien-
Guess the Category-
Islamic Country or not?-
Landmarks of Every Country-
Least Guessed European Cities-
Most Popular Quizzes made by Quizmaster-
Most Visited Countries by JetPunkers in Africa-
Most Visited Countries by JetPunkers in Asia-
Most Visited Countries by JetPunkers with Exceptions-
Most-Visited Countries in Africa-
Name the Odd Country-
Non-EU Countries using the Euro-
Northernmost Countries in the Southern Hemisphere-
Pedestrian Crossing Signs of the World-
Poorest Countries by Highest Population Density-
Random Phone Code to Country-
Random Street Name to Country-
Richest Countries by Lowest Population Density-
Richest Countries with a Population over 10 Million-
South American Coastal Capitals-
Southernmost Countries in the Northern Hemisphere-
The Sweden Solar System - Picture Quiz-
Top Five Countries producing Dairy-
Top Five Countries producing each Fruit-
Top Five Countries producing each Vegetable-
Top Five Countries producing Meat-
UNESCO World Heritage Site or not?-
World Capitals closest to Point Nemo-
World Capitals closest to Pyongyang-
World Capitals in Their Language-