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50 Largest Cities (according to different sources) Map Quiz1,619-
Best Cities in the World820-
Cities by Satellite Images926-
Cities from Literal Meaning103-
Cities Furthest Away from Their Capitals126-
Cities in Microsoft Time Zones40-
Cities of the Same Name125-
Cities that are named "City"1,796-
Cities where the Nearest City is on Another Country96-
Cities with Population Decrease114-
Cities with the Coolest Neighbourhood46-
City Rivalries between 2 Largest Cities of Subdivision48-
City Rivalries between the 2 Largest Cities of the Country251-
Closest Country to Random City52-
Island Cities90-
Large Cities with Fastest & Slowest Growth Rate118-
Largest Border Cities68-
Largest Cities by Languages115-
Largest Cities in Native Script76-
Largest City by Island78-
Largest Non-Capital Cities333-
Largest Non-Capital Cities (Country or Subdivision)70-
Largest Non-Capital Cities Where The Closest Capital Is Not Its Own61-
Most Isolated Cities with Over 1M Population1,971-
Most Livable Cities 2018 Map Quiz88-
Nearest Cities with over 5 Million Population90-
Nearest City Pairs80-
Nearest City Pairs in Different Countries38-
New 5M Cities in 2030 Map Quiz94-
New Megacities in 2030104-
One Syllable Cities305-
Overtaking Cities in terms of Population79-
Shrinking Cities60-
Smartest Cities in the World53-
The Next Nearest 5 Million+ Cities Chain Game61-
The Next Nearest 5 Million+ Cities Chain Game #222-
Top 10 Urban Areas by Language1,809-
Top 20 Healthiest Cities to Live In82-
Urban Agglomerations81-
Wealthiest African Cities74-
Where is Santiago?72-
World Largest Inland Cities1,034-
World Largest Urban Areas by Population in 2022938-