Tottenham63's Series

A collection of all the series created by this user.
Series# RatingTakes
Top 4 by Championship1114.7370,221
National Football Team2914.4552,101
Football 2010's Starting XI3004.7251,685
Premier League Squad Per Year1504.1732,965
NBA Team Leaders Per Year3004.9330,597
Best Scorer By Year – England4004.0326,597
NBA Playoffs Starters Per Season3704.7020,664
Soccer 2010's Winners Starting XI704.9219,352
Soccer World Cup National Team Starters4004.8118,862
Liga Squad Per Year904.7917,607
NBA All-Stars Per Team3004.7116,452
Top 10 Starting XI by Team4404.2816,395
Football 2020's Starting XI4604.8016,059
Top 30 NBA Players By Season404.3415,559
Football Logos904.4014,070
NBA Top 10 Leaders Per Team3004.6712,542
NBA 2010's Starters Per Team3004.6012,490
NBA Playoffs904.7111,694
NBA All-Time Roster Per Team300-11,689
Champions League Finals300-10,585
Best Scorer By Year – Spain2704.6810,043
Scorers in Premier League By Team By Year340-9,766
Category Elimination - NBA504.989,416
NBA Top 10 All-Time7005.009,257
World Cup Scorers By Country2404.739,039
Top 10 NBA MVP's Per Decade704.718,244
NBA 2016-17 Rosters300-8,117
Soccer Club in European Cup by Country504.478,052
NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year300-7,674
Best Scorer By Year – Italy2604.807,205
Opponents in Champions League1204.336,739
NBA All-Star Starters Per Decade604.966,628
Soccer Goalkeeper By Year570-6,623
NBA Awards Winners300-6,224
Top 12 Players Per Team300-5,888
Soccer Games 11's 2015-2016210-5,720
One Football Team Player by Nation410-5,550
Best Scorer By Year – Germany2604.715,421
NBA All-Stars by Letter240-5,418
NBA 2017-18 Rosters300-4,907
NBA Top 10 Playoffs Leaders Per Team300-4,830
Top 30 NBA 2018-19 Per Position504.204,809
Euro 2016 Squad90-4,779
National Football Team Scorers 2010s1004.804,679
Champions League Winners XI by Team220-4,653
NBA Players By Letter250-4,564
Soccer Champions League 2010s Scorers by Team400-4,072
UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Starting XI705.003,995
Soccer Players National Goals Opponents605.003,891
NBA Trophies by Team1904.923,844
National Football Team Best Scorer By Year90-3,725
NBA 2018-19 Rosters300-3,617
Premier League Players by Letter240-3,544
40 Point Game Per Team300-3,522
Guess The NBA Player204.633,498
NBA Chain Quiz204.203,409
NBA 2000's Starters Per Team300-3,386
UEFA Euro 2016 Matches500-3,174
NBA Player's Team504.433,078
Bundesliga Squad Per Year40-2,850
Top 10 Best Starting XI By League40-2,776
NBA Playoffs Starters Per Team300-2,723
Ligue 1 Squad Per Year140-2,676
NBA Finals Starters By Team240-2,561
FIFA World Cup Finals160-2,529
Soccer Champions Goalkeepers905.002,487
NBA Top 5 Players Per Team Per Position300-2,408
Soccer Games 11's 2019-2020300-2,343
Best Scorer By Year – France310-2,294
UEFA Euro Finals1005.002,219
Soccer by Letter203.832,213
Soccer Top 10 Leaders210-2,158
NBA Top 10 Starters by Team300-2,145
UEFA Euro 2020 Matches500-2,034
National Football Teams 201580-2,024
All-NBA Players Per Team300-1,998
Top 10 Premier League Scorers by Team290-1,967
Football 2021-22 First XI703.861,955
NBA 2010s Top 10 Leaders300-1,948
One Country By Letter By Continent204.571,902
NBA 2017-18 Leaders in Scoring300-1,879
Scorers in Liga By Team By Year160-1,877
One NBA Player By Season By Team300-1,841
Soccer Games 11's 2016-201760-1,816
Premier League Best Scorer by Year by Nation110-1,777
Football 2022-23 First XI604.291,704
Soccer Scorers in their League 2019-20390-1,684
Best Starting XI By Team By League50-1,594
2022 FIFA World Cup Matches630-1,578
NBA 20 Points Per Game By Team300-1,559
Champions League Best Scorer by Year by Nation100-1,558
Soccer Champions Best Scorer90-1,532
Football Player Winning Team304.571,529
NBA Best Team Starters By Decade505.001,485
NBA Leaders Per Team by Decade70-1,412
Conference Finals Starters Per Decade30-1,367
Top 10 Premier League Appearances by Team290-1,268
Top 10 Premier League Assists Players by Team290-1,219
NBA Triple Double Per Team300-1,183
Scorers in Bundesliga By Team By Year80-1,162
NBA Best Team By Decade By Team300-1,084
Greatest XI Of All Time60-1,048
Football 2020-21 First XI60-1,039
Serie A Squad Per Year40-1,029
Soccer Champions League 2010s Scorers by Nation110-996
NBA Tile Select90-993
NBA Champions Starters By Position50-935
NBA 2020's Starters Per Team300-922
Best Scorer By Year – Turkey40-871
Soccer Group Stage Leaders40-861
Europa League Finals100-850
Scorers in Serie A By Team By Year110-807
Soccer 2020's Winners Starting XI50-803
Best Scorer By Year – Netherlands50-749
Scorers in Ligue 1 By Team By Year70-737
World Cup 2014 Players By Letter120-732
NBA Champions By Team190-700
Football Games 11's 2021-202240-697
One NBA Player By Team By Season50-677
UEFA Euro Scorers By Country150-649
Best Scorer By Year – Brazil110-606
Top NBA Players Per Team 2010s30-602
2020-21 Football Map Quiz50-589
Best Scorer By Year – Portugal30-549
Z Event30-547
Soccer Tile Select100-514
NBA 2018-19 By Month190-507
Soccer Most Efficient Goalkeeper by Competition70-472
NBA All Star Teammates By Player40-417
Best Scorer By Year – MLS280-382
World Cup 2014 Squad20-340
UEFA Euro 2016 Dream Team by Round60-321
Soccer Games 11's 2020-202120-297
National Football Team Scorers 2020s70-278
Best Scorer By Year – Argentina40-276
Best Scorer By Year – Greece40-271
NBA Top Scorers Per Date50-234
Rugby National Teams100-231
Best Scorer By Year – Serbia20-229
NBA 2018-19 Players By Letter80-226
Best Scorer By Year – Scotland20-191
UEFA Nations League Finals20-154
Best Scorer By Year – Belgium30-152
Best Scorer By Year – Russia40-131
Two NBA Player By Season By Team80-78
Best Scorer By Year – Mexico30-77
Best Scorer By Year – Ukraine20-69
Best Scorer By Year – Austria20-67
Best Scorer By Year – Switzerland20-54