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Played: 186,747
Rating: 4.39
Seriously, though, passenger trains are not very common in America.
Played: 173,586
Rating: 3.75
I ____ the fool who doesn't enjoy this quiz.
Played: 131,463
Rating: 4.27
Union's been on strike, he's down his luck it's tough. So tough!
Played: 97,950
Rating: 4.85
We didn't start the fire / it was always burning since the world's been turning.
Played: 76,568
Rating: 4.18
Guess the missing words from these lyrics to "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi.
Played: 55,296
Rating: 4.22
The fire's in their eyes and their words are really clear.
Played: 49,514
Rating: 4.26
Do you have what it takes to answer these questions about the 1980s?
Played: 48,081
Rating: 4.95
Can you name these classic 1980s movies from a silhouette?
Played: 43,217
Rating: 4.35
Use the clues to name the highest-grossing movies from the 1980s.
Played: 41,373
Rating: 4.11
Can you identify these mostly-American celebrities from the 1980s?
Played: 36,857
Rating: 4.05
They are still making sequels to these movies.
Played: 36,503
Rating: 3.96
Can you identify these mostly-American celebrities from the 1980s?
Played: 35,186
Rating: 4.32
Can you name the musical acts who recorded these hits from the 1980s?
Played: 34,228
Rating: 3.81
1986 was a very good year for power ballads.
Played: 33,310
Rating: 4.40
Name the musical acts who recorded these albums from the 1980s.
Played: 33,272
Rating: 4.08
How many of these mostly-American fads of the 1980s can you remember?
Played: 32,968
Rating: 4.23
Based on the tagline, name the movie from the 1980s.
Played: 31,341
Rating: 4.28
Name these political figures and celebrities whose picture was taken with Ronald Reagan.
Played: 26,910
Rating: 4.56
What was once the future is now the past and we STILL don't have flying cars. Can you guess these facts from "Back to the Future" and its two sequels?
Played: 24,497
Rating: 4.13
Let the quibbling about the definition of hair band begin!
Played: 23,802
Rating: 3.77
The Carly Rae Jepsen's of an earlier era.
Played: 23,435
Rating: 4.65
With the help of an old, dusty map, try to name the countries, territories, and regions visited by Indiana Jones.
Played: 23,263
Rating: 4.38
Can you answer these questions about the movies and movie stars of the 1980s?
Played: 21,213
Rating: 4.18
Answer these questions about the music of the 1980s.
Played: 19,911
Rating: 4.24
Guess these facts about Ronald Reagan and his presidency.
Played: 18,283
Rating: 4.06
Name the songs that appeared on Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad.
Played: 17,744
Rating: 3.16
Name the wrestlers and tag teams that appeared in at least two 1980s Wrestlemanias.
Played: 17,391
Rating: 4.16
Try to guess these 1980s movies from a description of their plot.
Played: 16,969
Rating: 4.16
IGN made a list of the top 100 Nintendo games of all time. Name as many as you can.
Played: 15,875
Rating: 4.22
Answer these questions about the music of the 1980s.
Played: 15,839
Rating: 4.36
Name all of the The Transformers from the beloved 1980s animated show and toy line.
Played: 15,384
Rating: 4.22
Answer these questions about the movies and movie stars of the 1980s.
Played: 14,846
Rating: 4.12
Name these people who were famous in the 1980's.
Played: 13,992
Rating: 4.45
Do you even retro? Guess whether these events happened in the 1970s or the 1980s.
Played: 12,194
Rating: 4.13
We give you two actors. Name the movie or series from the 1980s that they starred in together.
Played: 11,942
Rating: 4.43
Name the tropical destinations mentioned in the Beach Boys song "Kokomo".
Played: 11,268
Rating: 4.09
Try to guess all the ways you could die in the video game "Oregon Trail".
Played: 11,095
Rating: 4.15
Answer these questions about the TV of the 1980s.
Played: 9,274
Rating: 4.53
Can you identify these classic Nintendo games based on a screenshot from game play?
Played: 7,840
Rating: 4.06
Name the singers who sang a solo in the 1985 charity song "We are the World"
Played: 7,822
Rating: 4.00
Played: 7,763
Rating: 3.53
Can you answer these questions about the three movies in the Indiana Jones trilogy?
Played: 5,506
Rating: 3.67
Played: 5,320
Rating: 5.00
Played: 5,188
Rating: 4.21
Name the "core members" of the Brat Pack of young actors from the 1980s.
Played: 4,549
Rating: 3.59
Name these facts about the Ghostbuster movies.
Played: 4,291
Rating: 4.22
Played: 3,696
Rating: 4.44
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