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Played: 182,341
Rating: 4.37
Seriously, though, passenger trains are not very common in America.
Played: 172,386
Rating: 3.78
I ____ the fool who doesn't enjoy this quiz.
Played: 127,362
Rating: 4.29
Union's been on strike, he's down his luck it's tough. So tough!
Played: 86,811
Rating: 4.83
We didn't start the fire / it was always burning since the world's been turning.
Played: 74,584
Rating: 4.14
Guess the missing words from these lyrics to "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi.
Played: 53,652
Rating: 4.20
The fire's in their eyes and their words are really clear.
Played: 47,868
Rating: 4.29
Do you have what it takes to answer these questions about the 1980s?
Played: 41,866
Rating: 4.39
Use the clues to name the highest-grossing movies from the 1980s.
Played: 39,982
Rating: 4.14
Can you identify these mostly-American celebrities from the 1980s?
Played: 36,361
Rating: 4.00
They are still making sequels to these movies.
Played: 35,453
Rating: 3.97
Can you identify these mostly-American celebrities from the 1980s?
Played: 33,978
Rating: 3.78
1986 was a very good year for power ballads.
Played: 33,782
Rating: 4.41
Can you name the musical acts who recorded these hits from the 1980s?
Played: 32,983
Rating: 4.05
How many of these mostly-American fads of the 1980s can you remember?
Played: 32,552
Rating: 4.22
Based on the tagline, name the movie from the 1980s.
Played: 32,252
Rating: 4.37
Name the musical acts who recorded these albums from the 1980s.
Played: 30,656
Rating: 4.96
Can you name these classic 1980s movies from a silhouette?
Played: 30,476
Rating: 4.27
Name these political figures and celebrities whose picture was taken with Ronald Reagan.
Played: 24,114
Rating: 4.07
Let the quibbling about the definition of hair band begin!
Played: 23,553
Rating: 3.74
The Carly Rae Jepsen's of an earlier era.
Played: 22,420
Rating: 4.37
Can you answer these questions about the movies and movie stars of the 1980s?
Played: 20,846
Rating: 4.57
"Back to the Future" is now a West End musical. Can you guess these facts from the original movie trilogy?
Played: 20,526
Rating: 4.59
With the help of an old, dusty map, try to name the countries, territories, and regions visited by Indiana Jones.
Played: 20,376
Rating: 4.21
Answer these questions about the music of the 1980s.
Played: 19,502
Rating: 4.17
Guess these facts about Ronald Reagan and his presidency.
Played: 17,817
Rating: 4.00
Name the songs that appeared on Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad.
Played: 17,524
Rating: 3.17
Name the wrestlers and tag teams that appeared in at least two 1980s Wrestlemanias.
Played: 16,881
Rating: 4.14
Try to guess these 1980s movies from a description of their plot.
Played: 16,553
Rating: 4.15
IGN made a list of the top 100 Nintendo games of all time. Name as many as you can.
Played: 15,261
Rating: 4.32
Name all of the The Transformers from the beloved 1980s animated show and toy line.
Played: 15,219
Rating: 4.19
Answer these questions about the music of the 1980s.
Played: 14,713
Rating: 4.33
Answer these questions about the movies and movie stars of the 1980s.
Played: 14,639
Rating: 4.10
Name these people who were famous in the 1980's.
Played: 13,251
Rating: 4.57
Do you even retro? Guess whether these events happened in the 1970s or the 1980s.
Played: 11,896
Rating: 4.10
We give you two actors. Name the movie or series from the 1980s that they starred in together.
Played: 11,334
Rating: 4.43
Name the tropical destinations mentioned in the Beach Boys song "Kokomo".
Played: 11,053
Rating: 4.09
Try to guess all the ways you could die in the video game "Oregon Trail".
Played: 10,856
Rating: 4.24
Answer these questions about the TV of the 1980s.
Played: 7,752
Rating: 4.49
Can you identify these classic Nintendo games based on a screenshot from game play?
Played: 7,623
Rating: 4.02
Name the singers who sang a solo in the 1985 charity song "We are the World"
Played: 7,480
Rating: 3.52
Can you answer these questions about the three movies in the Indiana Jones trilogy?
Played: 7,292
Rating: 3.88
Played: 5,155
Rating: 3.67
Played: 4,970
Rating: 4.19
Name the "core members" of the Brat Pack of young actors from the 1980s.
Played: 4,833
Rating: 5.00
Played: 4,420
Rating: 3.63
Name these facts about the Ghostbuster movies.
Played: 4,107
Rating: 4.22
Played: 3,446
Rating: 4.38
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