1980s Movie Quizzes

Take a Random 1980s Movie Quiz
Played: 55,973
Rating: 4.96
Can you name these classic 1980s movies from a silhouette?
Played: 52,974
Rating: 4.40
Use the clues to name the highest-grossing movies from the 1980s.
Played: 37,452
Rating: 4.05
They are still making sequels to these movies.
Played: 33,502
Rating: 4.23
Based on the tagline, name the movie from the 1980s.
Played: 28,170
Rating: 4.57
What was once the future is now the past and we STILL don't have flying cars. Can you guess these facts from "Back to the Future" and its two sequels?
Played: 27,082
Rating: 4.64
With the help of an old, dusty map, try to name the countries, territories, and regions visited by Indiana Jones.
Played: 17,989
Rating: 4.09
Try to guess these 1980s movies from a description of their plot.
Played: 12,586
Rating: 4.09
We give you two actors. Name the movie or series from the 1980s that they starred in together.
Played: 8,205
Rating: 3.48
Can you answer these questions about the three movies in the Indiana Jones trilogy?
Played: 5,548
Rating: 4.23
Name the "core members" of the Brat Pack of young actors from the 1980s.
Played: 4,764
Rating: 3.58
Name these facts about the Ghostbuster movies.
Played: 3,536
Rating: 3.57
Played: 3,012
Rating: 4.82
Played: 1,489
Played: 1,334
Rating: 4.60
Played: 1,087
Rating: 4.67
Played: 1,009
Played: 969
Played: 810
Played: 625
Rating: 3.43
Played: 197
Played: 179
Played: 151
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