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3,215AC Milan 2010's Starting XI
2,723AC Milan Best Scorer By Year
2,656AC Milan All-Time Greatest XI
1,949AC Milan 2020's Starting XI
1,584AC Milan Current Squad
1,526Liverpool vs AC Milan 2005
1,488Top 10 AC Milan Starting XI
1,373AC Milan - Players to have scored - 2003/04-2014/15
1,366Footballers who played for both A.C. Milan and Inter Milan (since 1998)
1,334Milan vs Liverpool - UEFA Champions League final 2007 squads
1,260Top 10 A.C. Milan Goalscorers
961Nine players that played for Inter, Juventus and Milan
880AC Milan Champions League Winner Starting XI
865Top XIs: AC Milan (1961-2024)
846AC Milan Record Transfers
822Football players who have played for Chelsea and Milan
7742005 Champions League Final AC Milan - Liverpool
748One AC Milan Player by Nation
559AC Milan Opponents In UEFA Champions League
557AC Milan Champions League XIs
553AC Milan Goalkeeper By Year
500AC Milan Trivia
497AC Milan Squad 2021-2022
418AC Milan Starting XI that beat Barcelona 2-0(2-20-13)
329AC Milan vs Juventus Turin 2003
322AC Milan Squad 2022-2023
308Record transfers: AC Milan
3022007 Champions League Final AC Milan - Liverpool
297A.C. Milan midfielders by Name
271AC Milan Squad 2019-2020
269AC Milan Top 10 Leaders
2292003 Champions League Final Juventus - AC Milan
203AC Milan Captains
200AC Milan Scorers in 2010s Champions League
199AC Milan Squad 2017-2018
1881995 Champions League Final Ajax - AC Milan
1841993 Champions League Final Marseille - AC Milan
1782006-07 AC Milan Winning Squad
176All AC Milan scorers 2000-now
1711994 Champions League Final AC Milan - FC Barcelona
154AC Milan Record Transfer Departures
149Guess 100 AC Milan footballers by image
126AC Milan Squad 2018-2019
119AC Milan 2007 Champions League winning starting 11 and subs
116Highest Goalscorers in Champions League for AC Milan
112AC Milan Squad 2020-2021
101AC Milan - Juventus 2019-20
80AC Milan squad 2015/16
79A.C. Milan 2018/2019 Squad
75A.C Milan's Ideal Starting 11
73AC Milan Squad 2017-2018
72AC Milan Scorers in Serie A 2019-20
66A.C. Milan 2020-21 Squad
56AC Milan 2017/18 Squad
53AC Milan Squad 2019
52Foreign A.C. Milan Players By Picture
492015-2016 AC Milan Roster
48A.C. Milan Most Appearances
46AC Milan number 10 (1985.-2022.)
46AC Milan Top Scorers
38AC Milan Squad 2012-2013
38Guess AC Milan 2004/05 squad by image
37A.C. Milan Quiz #1
38Top 10 A.C. Milan Goalscorers
36Where Did These 22-23 Players Play Before Joining AC Milan
32Guess the football match scorers - AC Milan v Liverpool
23AC Milan Squad 2020/21
20A.C. Milan Squad 2019-20
17AC Milan 2020/21 squad
11AC Milan Placements in Serie A by Year
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