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Can you guess the men who have won an Academy Award for Best Actor?
Can you guess the women who have won an Academy Award for Best Actress?
Can you identify these Oscar-nominated actors?
Guess these actors have crossed from TV to movies, or vice versa.
Can you identify these Oscar-nominated actresses?
Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in 30 movies. How many can you name?
Name the actor who appeared in each group of three movies.
These movie stars go by three names. Guess the middle ones.
He was my favorite white guy on "In Living Color"?
Can you name the actors who portrayed these famous movie characters?
Cowell, Abdul, Jackson. Can you name these TV shows based on three of their cast members?
187,316 Oscar Best Actors
141,541 Oscar Best Actresses
138,628 Oscar Nominated Actors by Picture #1
118,612 TV / Movie Actors Quiz
102,170 Oscar Nominated Actresses by Picture #1
99,663 All Leonardo DiCaprio Movies
88,442 Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #1
78,096 Three-Name Movie Stars Quiz
67,050 Jim Carrey Movies Quiz
64,168 Movie Character to Actor #1
59,770 Actors by Last Name #1
59,469 American TV Shows by Cast Quiz #2
58,614 Tom Hanks Movies Quiz
58,125 MCU Actors by Picture
58,111 Will Smith Movies Quiz
56,539 Actresses by Last Name #1
54,604 Johnny Depp Movies Quiz
53,309 Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #2
53,175 Actors by Last Name #2
51,795 Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #3
50,501 Bacon Puzzle #1
48,349 Bacon Puzzle #2
48,148 Tom Cruise Movies Quiz
48,112 Actresses by Last Name #2
45,223 Adam Sandler Movies Quiz
45,169 Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #5
43,600 Greatest Hollywood Actresses by Oscar Awards
42,915 Movie Character to Actor #2
42,593 Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #7
41,699 Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #6
41,618 Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #11
41,535 Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #4
41,308 Oscar Best Supporting Actors
39,990 Greatest Hollywood Actors by Oscar Awards
39,676 Brad Pitt Movies Quiz
39,603 Musicians in Movies
39,559 Romantic Bacon Puzzle
38,024 Movie Character to Actor #3
37,374 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies
37,140 Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #10
36,533 Voice Actors Quiz
35,159 Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #8
34,677 All Matt Damon Movies
34,585 2000s Movie Co-Stars
34,571 American TV Shows by Cast Quiz #1
34,365 Robin Williams Movies
33,824 Oscar Nominated Actors by Picture #2
33,401 2010s Movie Co-Stars
32,871 Action Movie Stars Quiz
32,623 Hollywood Screen Legends Quiz
31,985 Bacon Puzzle #3
31,848 TV Sitcom Stars Quiz
30,714 Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #12
30,592 Will Ferrell Movies Quiz
30,398 1990s Movie Co-Stars
30,380 Oscar Best Supporting Actresses
28,889 American TV Shows by Cast Quiz #3
28,792 Action Bacon Puzzle
28,478 Who Starred in that Movie Quiz #9
27,951 Comedy Bacon Puzzle
27,248 Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes Quiz
26,487 Harrison Ford Movies Quiz
26,304 Girly Bacon Puzzle
25,875 Movie Quotes by Actor
25,740 Julia Roberts Movies Quiz
25,399 Oscar Nominated Actresses by Picture #2
24,646 Sandra Bullock Movies Quiz
23,285 Movie Character to Actor #4
21,696 Who Starred in that TV Show #1
21,651 Actors / Directors
20,233 Actors by Role #1
20,200 Mel Gibson Movies Quiz
20,041 Natalie Portman Movies Quiz
19,343 Cameron Diaz Movies Quiz
18,676 2010s Oscar Best Actor Nominees
18,568 Actors by Role #2
18,083 1980s Bacon Puzzle
17,624 Sylvester Stallone Movies
17,327 Bill Murray Movies Quiz
17,173 2010s Oscar Best Actress Nominees
16,945 Top Gun Quotes
16,927 Nicolas Cage Movies Quiz
16,919Top 100 Greatest Actresses
16,836 Christian Bale Movies Quiz
16,503 Ben Stiller Movies Quiz
16,079 Presidential Actors
16,050 Famous Costars Quiz
15,724 Romantic Comedy Costars Quiz
15,636 Trapped Actors Quiz
15,473 Eddie Murphy Movies Quiz
15,248 Bruce Willis Movies Quiz
15,109 2000s Oscar Best Actor Nominees
15,075Top 100 Greatest Actors
14,675 Actors by Recurring Role
14,663 George Clooney Movies Quiz
13,280 1980s Movie Co-Stars
11,893 Characters Played by Multiple Actors #2
11,862 Keanu Reeves Movies Quiz
11,722 Robert De Niro Movies Quiz
11,710 Jack Nicholson Movies Quiz
11,572 Famous Child Stars by Last Name
11,500 2000s Oscar Best Actress Nominees
11,125 Al Pacino Movies Quiz
10,430 Actors by Title Role
9,867 Actors by Role #3
9,485 Animated Movie Co-Stars
9,445 Characters Played by Multiple Actors #3
9,428 Matt Damon... or Ben Affleck
9,393 Clint Eastwood Movies Quiz
8,882 Morgan Freeman Movies Quiz
8,634 Will Smith : A National Concern
8,579 Science Fiction Movie Co-Stars
8,497 Who Starred in that TV Show #2
8,487 TV Character to Actor #1
8,250 Ben Affleck Movies
7,796 Russell Crowe Movies Quiz
7,558 Who Starred in that TV Show #3
7,525 Sean Connery Movies Quiz
7,513 Actors' Relatives
7,414 Horror Movie Co-Stars
7,271Top 100 Greatest Actors of All-Time
7,109 Anne Hathaway Movies
7,077 Actors with Alliterative Names
7,019 Meryl Streep Oscar Nominations
6,884 Denzel Washington Movies Quiz
6,546 TV Character to Actor #2
6,250 Showbiz Families
6,113Harry Potter Cast by Character
5,395Classic Film Actors
5,359Revealing Pictures of Hollywood Stars
5,243Vince Vaughn Movies Quiz
4,574Meryl Streep Movies
3,662Jeff Bridges Movies
3,404Solve the Secret Actor
3,335Patrick Swayze Movies Quiz
3,329Bacon Puzzle - Nicolas Cage
3,251Classic Film Actresses
3,166Kevin Costner Movies Quiz
3,147Tom Hanks Movies
3,040Film Adaptation Bacon Puzzle
2,982500 Highest Grossing Actors
2,620Solve the Secret Actress
2,436Best Actor Oscar Nominees (No Hint Version)
2,301Actors With Frequently Recurring Roles
2,253Jennifer Lawrence Movies
2,182All Oscar-nominated Actors Alphabetically
2,153Ben Affleck Bacon Puzzle
2,123John Wayne Movies
2,076Denzel Washington Movies Quiz
2,029Most Popular Movie Series of All Time
2,021Football Bacon Puzzle #1
1,990Top 100 Actors
1,966Tom Hanks Filmography
1,920Highest grossing movie actors and actresses
1,871TV Shows By Cast
1,848Harry Styles Filmography
1,748Mark Wahlberg Movies
1,700Tim Burton-Johnny Depp Movies
1,666Academy Award Bacon Puzzle
1,647Unscramble Hollywood Movie Stars
1,594Tom Cruise Filmography
1,567AMC 50 Greatest Actors of All Time
1,538The Ultimate Top Gun Quiz
1,533Brad Pitt Filmography
1,491theLAYTshow's Bacon Puzzle #1
1,486Angelina Jolie Movies
1,480Zac Efron Films
1,469Leonardo DiCaprio Movies: Multiple Choice
1,430Samuel L. Jackson Movies
1,423theLAYTshow's (Romantic) Bacon Puzzle #2
1,405Acting Oscars - Have they won? 🎭🏆
1,404Jennifer Aniston Movies
1,403Johnny Depp Filmography
1,381Most Viewed Actors on Wikipedia
1,365Ryan Gosling Movies Quiz
1,338Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Movies
1,290AMC 50 Greatest Actresses of All Time
1,268All Clint Eastwood Films
1,225Robert De Niro Filmography
1,204Tom Cruise Movies: Multiple Choice
1,196Can you match the cast with the movie?
1,170Sean Penn Movies
1,142Bacon Puzzles - Film and TV
1,130Dual Threat - Actors and Musicians
1,124Anne Hathaway Movies
1,109Samuel L. Jackson or Laurence Fishburne?
1,109Name the Actor - Picture Quiz
1,106Morgan Freeman Movies
1,092Actors With the Most Movies in the IMDB Top 250
1,079Ultimate Fan Quiz on: Rocky
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