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Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in 30 movies. How many can you name?
He was my favorite white guy on "In Living Color"?
The most commercially-successful actor of his generation.
Proof that, with the right swagger, anybody can be a sex symbol.
Soap maker starts a men's club dedicated to bareknuckle fighting?
Robot from the future hunts the unborn leader of the human resistance?
Based on the description, name these famous movies that starred Robin Williams.
Matt Damon has been a very busy actor - starring in 58 movies through the end of 2023. How many can you name?
Rich corporate raider finds true love by hiring an escort?
Get off his plane!!
Paranormal exterminators battle a marshmallow man?
95,979 All Leonardo DiCaprio Movies
65,277 Jim Carrey Movies Quiz
57,009 Will Smith Movies Quiz
56,989 Tom Hanks Movies Quiz
53,662 Johnny Depp Movies Quiz
47,051 Tom Cruise Movies Quiz
44,217 Adam Sandler Movies Quiz
37,907 Brad Pitt Movies Quiz
36,562 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies
34,092 All Matt Damon Movies
33,562 Robin Williams Movies
30,179 Will Ferrell Movies Quiz
26,097 Harrison Ford Movies Quiz
25,311 Julia Roberts Movies Quiz
24,367 Sandra Bullock Movies Quiz
19,992 Mel Gibson Movies Quiz
19,785 Natalie Portman Movies Quiz
19,173 Cameron Diaz Movies Quiz
17,058 Bill Murray Movies Quiz
16,715 Nicolas Cage Movies Quiz
16,512 Christian Bale Movies Quiz
16,271 Ben Stiller Movies Quiz
15,113 Eddie Murphy Movies Quiz
14,945 Bruce Willis Movies Quiz
14,271 George Clooney Movies Quiz
11,554 Keanu Reeves Movies Quiz
11,311 Jack Nicholson Movies Quiz
10,845 Al Pacino Movies Quiz
9,225 Clint Eastwood Movies Quiz
8,528 Morgan Freeman Movies Quiz
8,054 Ben Affleck Movies
7,565 Russell Crowe Movies Quiz
7,312 Sean Connery Movies Quiz
6,808 Anne Hathaway Movies
6,697 Meryl Streep Oscar Nominations
6,550 Denzel Washington Movies Quiz
5,205Vince Vaughn Movies Quiz
4,486Meryl Streep Movies
3,639Jeff Bridges Movies
3,302Patrick Swayze Movies Quiz
3,130Kevin Costner Movies Quiz
3,020Tom Hanks Movies
2,180Jennifer Lawrence Movies
2,083John Wayne Movies
2,045Denzel Washington Movies Quiz
1,756Harry Styles Filmography
1,740Tom Hanks Filmography
1,728Mark Wahlberg Movies
1,659Tim Burton-Johnny Depp Movies
1,468Angelina Jolie Movies
1,442Zac Efron Films
1,405Samuel L. Jackson Movies
1,382Jennifer Aniston Movies
1,374Tom Cruise Filmography
1,364Brad Pitt Filmography
1,318Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Movies
1,309Ryan Gosling Movies Quiz
1,270Johnny Depp Filmography
1,200All Clint Eastwood Films
1,164Sean Penn Movies
1,124Robert De Niro Filmography
1,112Anne Hathaway Movies
1,099Morgan Freeman Movies
1,056Robert Downey Jr Movies
1,010Jason Statham Movies
988Heath Ledger Movies Quiz
981Hugh Jackman Movies
968Brad Pitt Filmography
949Ben Affleck Movies
923Leonardo DiCaprio Filmography
922Arnold Schwarzenegger Filmography
880Jim Carrey Filmography
863Emma Stone Films
858Reese Witherspoon Movies
845Channing Tatum Movies
832Seth Rogen Movies
816Julia Roberts Filmography
788Tom Hardy Films
787Matt Damon Filmography
776Kate Winslet Movies
762Simon Pegg Films
761Harrison Ford Filmography
756Meryl Streep Filmography
754Johnny Depp Movies
753Scarlett Johansson Movies
734Samuel L. Jackson Films by Character
734Bruce Willis Filmography
722Edward Norton Movies
716Sylvester Stallone Filmography
703Jonah Hill Movies
700Will Smith Filmography
682Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies
675Steven Spielberg Filmography
672Leonardo DiCaprio Films
669Robin Williams Filmography
658Nicole Kidman Filmography
655Vin Diesel Movies
654Hugh Grant Films
640Lindsay Lohan Movies
634Adam Sandler Filmography
623Jack Black Movies
616Chris Evans Filmography
616Anna Kendrick Movies
609Matt Damon Filmography
600Timothée Chalamet Filmography
593Jennifer Lopez Movies
582Samuel L. Jackson Filmography
579Robin Williams' Films
579Dwayne Johnson Movies
579Drew Barrymore Movies
576Keira Knightley Movies
570Meryl Streep Movies
569Scarlett Johansson Filmography
566Adam Sandler Filmography
562James Stewart Movies
560Elvis Movies!
555John Candy Movies
541Kevin Spacey Movies
531Jake Gyllenhaal Movies
530Al Pacino Filmography
523Paul Newman Movies
510Christian Bale Filmography
504Daniel Day-Lewis Movies
499Keanu Reeves Filmography
486Orlando Bloom Movies
484Owen Wilson Movies
484Ryan Reynolds Movies
481Audrey Hepburn Movies
457All George Clooney Movies
455Jack Nicholson Filmography
455Clint Eastwood Filmography
454John Wayne Filmography
452Steve Carrell Films
451Sebastian Stan Filmography
450Denzel Washington Filmography
449Bill Murray Filmography
433Amanda Seyfried Movies
428Ben Affleck Filmography
426Nicolas Cage Filmography
422Hugh Jackman Filmography
416Tom Holland Filmography
414Ewan McGregor Movies
406Will Ferrell Filmography
402Robert Downey Jr. Filmography
399Quentin Tarantino Filmography
399Sandra Bullock Filmography
396Tom Holland Movies
388Liam Neeson Movies
387Gwyneth Paltrow Movies
386Mel Gibson Filmography
383Marilyn Monroe Movies
368George Clooney Filmography
366Jake Gyllenhaal Filmography
364Jennifer Lawrence Films
363Angelina Jolie Filmography
362Joseph Gordon-Levitt Movies
355Justin Timberlake films
353Chris Hemsworth Filmography
349Ben Stiller Filmography
349Bradley Cooper Filmography
344Jennifer Aniston Filmography
342Cameron Diaz Filmography
333Eddie Murphy Filmography
331Charlize Theron Filmography
330Dwayne Johnson Filmography
328Dustin Hoffman Movies
326Michelle Pfeiffer Filmography
313Jennifer Lawrence Filmography
313Zendaya Filmography
311John Cusack Movies
311Paul Walker Movies
310Ewan McGregor Filmography
309Morgan Freeman Filmography
304Hugh Jackman Movies
293Daniel Craig Movies
292Michael Douglas Movies
289Michael Fassbender Movies
288Margot Robbie Filmography
287Benedict Cumberbatch Filmography
283John Travolta Filmography
279Cate Blanchett Filmography
277Ethan Hawke Filmography
276Ryan Reynolds Filmography
275Kristen Stewart Movies
275Kevin Costner Filmography
271Hilary Duff Movies
268Emma Stone Filmography
265Tom Hardy Filmography
261Daniel Radcliffe Films
261Steve Carell Filmography
260Jimmy Stewart Movies
260Robert Pattinson Filmography
259Michael Caine Filmography
258Tim Burton Filmography
257Liam Neeson Filmography
257Anne Hathaway Filmography
255Chris Pratt Filmography
254Sean Connery Filmography
259Mark Wahlberg Filmography
252Reese Witherspoon Filmography
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