Africa Quizzes

Take a Random Africa Quiz
Fill in the map of Africa by correctly guessing each highlighted country.
Now with a map! Name every country that is generally considered to be part of Africa.
How many African capital cities can you name?
All the flags of Africa. For each selected flag, name the country.
Guess any country in Africa and all the countries it borders will also be completed.
How many countries in Africa can you name in one minute?
Can you type the first two letters of every African country in just 60 seconds?
15 random countries have been shaded on the map of Africa. Can you name them all?
Name all the countries in Africa. Once you name a country it will appear on the map.
Can you name the 10 largest African countries in terms of land area?
Can you name the ten biggest African countries in terms of population?
1,753,139 Africa Map Quiz
1,722,432 Countries of Africa
524,964 Africa Capitals Quiz
304,455 Flags of Africa Quiz
284,126 Countries of Africa by Borders in 30 Seconds
241,721 Countries of Africa - One Minute Sprint
204,332 African Countries by First 2 Letters
198,031 Random African Countries on a Map
196,995 Countries of Africa with an Empty Map
164,654 Top 10 Biggest African Countries by Area
122,496 Top 10 Most Populous African Countries
116,640 10 Northernmost Countries in Africa
115,816 Countries Closest to Africa
98,838 Random Sequential African Countries on a Map
97,168 Top 10 Biggest Economies in Africa
93,608 Name a Valid African Country
93,480 The Only African Country ...
89,620 African Countries with the Shortest Names
83,828 Biggest Cities in Africa Quiz
83,655 10 Southernmost Countries in Africa
82,655 African Capitals by Map
78,713 Africa Cities Map Quiz
76,887 African Island Countries
76,274 Most Guessed African Countries on JetPunk
74,978 Pixelated Africa Map
72,186 African Countries with the Most Muslims
72,156 Countries Bordering South Africa
71,571 Countries Closest to Egypt
68,004 Category Elimination - African Geography #1
65,622 Random African Capital to Country
62,382 Ten Highest HDI Countries in Africa
62,267 15 Largest Cities in Africa With a Map
59,739 African Diaspora - Top 10 Countries
59,235 Countries Bordering Tanzania
59,146 Egypt Country Quiz
59,106 African East Coast
57,805 African Countries with the Most Christians
56,931 Countries Closest to Ethiopia
54,001 Countries Bordering D.R. Congo
51,481 Countries Bordering Kenya
50,888 African Great Lake Countries with an Empty Map
50,061 South Africa Country Quiz
49,991 Countries Closest to South Africa with Exceptions
49,974 Every African Country Shape
49,705 Western Africa Map Quiz
49,653 Eastern Africa Map Quiz
49,300 Random African Flag to Country
46,529 African Countries by a Single Clue
44,179 Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa
43,124 African Capitals - Map Quiz
43,089 Which City in Africa?
43,061 Countries that Beat Egypt
42,456 10 Plagues of Egypt
42,115 Random African Country to Capital
41,888 Top 10 African Countries by Coastline
41,481 Colonies of Africa with a Map
40,232 Random African Capitals on a Map
40,180 Africa A-Z
38,887 Nile River Basin Countries on a Map
37,939 Africa Map with Random Merged Countries
37,680 Category Elimination - African Geography #2
36,389 Africa Geography Quiz #1
35,575 Ethiopia Country Quiz
35,299 African Great Lakes
34,294 Nigeria Country Quiz
33,149 Biggest Trading Partners - South Africa
31,359 "Big Five" African Game Animals
31,360 Morocco Country Quiz
31,302 Which African Country?
30,574 D.R. Congo Country Quiz
29,686 African Countries - Type the First Letter
28,933 Top African Languages on a Map
27,664 African Cities in the Top 200 Worldwide
27,455 Africa Geography Quiz #2
27,022 African Physical Geography
26,903 Word Chain - Africa
26,581 Kenya Country Quiz
26,386 10 African Countries with the Most Tourists
25,411 Tanzania Country Quiz
23,669 South Africa Multiple Choice
23,021 Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
22,263 Official Languages of South Africa
21,931 Algeria Country Quiz
21,619 Tunisia Country Quiz
21,467 Countries that Beat South Africa
21,185 Angola Country Quiz
21,090 Countries that Beat D.R. Congo
20,829 Sudan Country Quiz
20,432 Ghana Country Quiz
20,018 History of Egypt
19,988 Madagascar Country Quiz
19,380 Top 10 Least Densely-Populated Countries in Africa
19,010 Libya Country Quiz
18,984 African Geography A-Z
18,811 Uganda Country Quiz
18,686 Guinea-Bissau Country Quiz
18,668 Somalia Country Quiz
18,506 Mali Country Quiz
18,457 Burkina Faso Country Quiz
18,307 Zambia Country Quiz
18,079 Top 10 Oldest African Countries
17,77510 Random African Countries on an Empty Map
17,395 Namibia Country Quiz
17,356 Senegal Country Quiz
17,288 All First-Level Subdivisions of Africa on a Map
17,238 Geography of Egypt
16,808 Niger Country Quiz
16,794 Republic of the Congo Country Quiz
16,708 Benin Country Quiz
16,700 Central African Republic Country Quiz
16,626 Mozambique Country Quiz
16,624 Mauritius Country Quiz
16,621 Eritrea Country Quiz
16,596 Botswana Country Quiz
16,477 Equatorial Guinea Country Quiz
16,477 Rwanda Country Quiz
16,409 Chad Country Quiz
16,350 Liberia Country Quiz
16,226 Ivory Coast Country Quiz
16,218 Seychelles Country Quiz
16,151 Zimbabwe Country Quiz
16,090 Djibouti Country Quiz
15,714 Cameroon Country Quiz
15,674 Eswatini Country Quiz
15,600 Comoros Country Quiz
15,431 Lesotho Country Quiz
15,316 Malawi Country Quiz
15,016 South Sudan Country Quiz
14,902 Sierra Leone Country Quiz
14,835 History of South Africa
14,413 Cape Verde Country Quiz
14,408 Togo Country Quiz
14,405 Provinces of South Africa
14,243 Guinea Country Quiz
14,183 São Tomé and Príncipe Country Quiz
14,096Win the “African Presidential Election”
14,068 Gabon Country Quiz
14,059 Mauritania Country Quiz
13,963 Burundi Country Quiz
13,812 Geography of South Africa
13,678Top Five African Countries by Category #1
13,625 Gambia Country Quiz
13,476Africa Flags Map Quiz
12,302African Map without 10 Random Countries
10,633Empty African Map without 10 Random Countries
10,124 Largest Land Animals of Africa
9,513Country Shapes in the Map of Africa #1
9,288 Famous People from Africa
8,987Top Five African Countries by Category #2
8,522Geography by Letter on the Map of Africa - A
8,467100 Biggest Cities in Africa - with a Map
7,951Countries Bordering Libya
6,775Official and Regional Languages of Africa on a Map
6,195North Africa Map Quiz
6,169Random African Countries Hidden on the Map
6,047Country Shapes in the Map of Africa #2
5,707Draw Map of Africa by naming Countries along the Coast
5,673Country Shapes in the Map of Africa #3
5,538All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Egypt
5,22310 Westernmost Countries in Africa
5,026African Geography A-Z
4,915African Cup of Nations Winners
4,88410 Easternmost Countries in Africa
4,882Countries Closest to Algeria
4,786Random Countries on the Map of Western Africa
4,711All 1M+ Cities in Africa on a Map
4,538African Capitals - Map Quiz
4,405African Countries by Borders in 15 Seconds (with a map)
4,399No Outlines - Countries of Africa Map Quiz
4,398African Nations with Largest White Populations
4,328Colors on the South African Flag (with a Colored Map)
4,315Biggest Cities in Africa - Extreme
4,313Name an African Country A-Z
4,293Countries of Africa in 1882 (with a Map)
4,208Topological Map of Africa Quiz
4,124African Countries by 10 Category Elimination
4,088Northern Africa Map Quiz
4,026Central Africa Map Quiz
4,001Governorates of Egypt (With Map)
3,987Southern Africa Map Quiz
3,946Countries That Colonized Africa
3,925Countries of Africa With a Disappearing Map
3,807States of Nigeria on a Map
3,764Countries Bordering Zambia
3,645African countries that have been to the FIFA World Cup
3,575Countries Closest to Ghana
3,511African Countries by Containing Letters in 15 Seconds
3,458Category Elimination - African Countries
3,373Countries Closest to the Centre of Africa
3,350Countries Closest to Ethiopia - Without Map
3,337Random Sequential African Capitals on a Map
3,254Modern-Day Countries of the Ancient Egyptian Empire with a Map
3,157The Only Remaining African Country... (with a Map)
3,123Africa by Capitals and Borders in 30 Seconds
3,072Largest Cities in South Africa
2,993Click the African Flags
2,982Countries of Africa in Alphabetical Order
2,981Countries Closest to Africa A-Z
2,956Western African Capitals
2,926Map of Africa by Flag Colours
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