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Take a Random Africa Quiz
Played: 1,513,987
Rating: 5.00
Fill in the map of Africa by correctly guessing each highlighted country.
Played: 1,163,002
Rating: 5.00
Now with a map! Name every country that is generally considered to be part of Africa.
Played: 396,242
Rating: 4.98
Burundi changed its capital on December 24, 2018. How many African capital cities can you name?
Played: 231,432
Rating: 4.65
Guess any country in Africa and all the countries it borders will also be completed.
Played: 190,856
Rating: 4.98
All the flags of Africa. For each selected flag, name the country.
Played: 190,183
Rating: 4.52
How many countries in Africa can you name in one minute?
Played: 169,028
Rating: 4.94
Can you type the first two letters of every African country in just 60 seconds?
Played: 151,603
Rating: 5.00
Name all the countries in Africa. Once you name a country it will appear on the map.
Played: 145,328
Rating: 4.98
15 random countries have been shaded on the map of Africa. Can you name them all?
Played: 128,308
Rating: 4.99
Can you name the 10 largest African countries in terms of land area?
Played: 88,039
Rating: 4.98
Can you name the ten biggest African countries in terms of population?
Played: 84,803
Rating: 4.98
Can you name the ten northernmost African countries?
Played: 83,033
Rating: 4.99
Can you name the ten African countries with the largest GDPs?
Played: 80,876
Rating: 4.96
Name the countries that lie closest to the continent of Africa, but that aren't considered to be part of Africa.
Played: 75,898
Rating: 5.00
Name every country of Africa, in sequence, in a randomly generated order.
Played: 72,599
Rating: 4.97
Name the African countries whose names have fewer than 6 letters.
Played: 70,780
Rating: 4.87
We made a list of the 20 biggest cities in Africa. Name as many as you can in 5 minutes.
Played: 69,160
Rating: 4.96
See if you can correctly guess each highlighted African city.
Played: 67,162
Rating: 4.98
Given the statement, name the only African country which fits with the clue.
Played: 62,000
Rating: 4.98
Name any African country that belongs in each selected category.
Played: 57,907
Rating: 4.99
Fill in the pixelated map of Africa.
Played: 55,209
Rating: 4.98
Can you name the ten southernmost African countries?
Played: 53,029
Rating: 4.96
Name the six African nations that are completely located on islands.
Played: 51,859
Rating: 4.92
Guess the country (or capital) that fits in each series of categories until only one remains.
Played: 51,667
Rating: 4.89
Name the countries outside of Africa that have the highest number of people of African descent.
Played: 51,138
Rating: 4.95
6 countries border South Africa! How many can you name?
Played: 50,980
Rating: 4.92
Using the map, name the 15 most populous urban areas in Africa.
Played: 50,634
Rating: 4.97
Name the capitals of Africa with the help of a map.
Played: 49,686
Rating: 4.58
Can you answer these questions about ancient and modern Egypt?
Played: 47,189
Rating: 4.97
All Tanzania's neighbors have fallen into the sea! Guess their names to bring them back.
Played: 46,411
Rating: 4.44
Name the ten countries that have been guessed most frequently on our Countries of Africa Quiz.
Played: 46,104
Rating: 4.73
Name the 10 African countries with the highest quality of life as measured by the Human Development Index.
Played: 45,494
Rating: 4.68
Name the countries of Africa that have the greatest number of Muslims.
Played: 44,369
Rating: 4.93
Can you name the 20 countries that are geographically closest to Egypt?
Played: 41,870
Rating: 4.92
In this quiz the answers change every time you play. Guess the African countries with these capital cities.
Played: 40,256
Rating: 4.87
Can you name the countries of Africa that have the greatest number of Christians?
Played: 38,010
Rating: 4.97
As you type each country, it will be filled in on the empty map.
Played: 37,203
Rating: 4.86
Which 20 countries are geographically closest to Ethiopia?
Played: 37,179
Rating: 4.94
Name the countries on the East Coast of Africa in order from north to south.
Played: 36,923
Rating: 4.45
Can you guess these facts about the country of South Africa?
Played: 36,723
Rating: 4.85
Name the non-African countries whose territory is geographically closest to South Africa.
Played: 36,585
Rating: 4.36
Name the countries that have the longest coastlines in the continent of Africa.
Played: 36,510
Rating: 4.97
With the help of an empty map, can you name the ten countries that touch the African Great Lakes?
Played: 36,032
Rating: 4.72
What are the richest countries in Africa based on GDP per capita?
Played: 35,719
Rating: 4.98
Fill in the map of East Africa by clicking each highlighted country.
Played: 35,074
Rating: 4.45
For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to Africa.
Played: 34,934
Rating: 4.95
These are all the countries that are defined to be part of West Africa. Fill in the map by clicking each highlighted country.
Played: 34,382
Rating: 4.80
Name all countries that share land border with Kenya.
Played: 33,431
Rating: 4.75
Guess every country in Africa based on its shape.
Played: 32,540
Rating: 4.68
Can you name all of the European colonies in Africa in 1913?
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