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Played: 260,837
Rating: 3.83
By our reckoning, there are 51 words for animals that are only 3 letters long. How many can you name?
Played: 216,585
Rating: 3.99
We give you the famous animal, you tell us what kind of animal it is.
Played: 171,556
Rating: 4.22
We give you the animal character. You tell us what kind of animal it is.
Played: 167,754
Rating: 4.27
Can you identify these animals based on a zoomed-in image?
Played: 167,644
Rating: 4.19
The hardest quiz on JetPunk.
Played: 160,990
Rating: 4.26
New and improved! Based on the picture, name the dog breed.
Played: 157,666
Rating: 4.19
I have had it with these monkey fighting ______ on this Monday through Friday plane!
Played: 111,956
Rating: 4.25
You'll kick yourself when you see the answers.
Played: 104,893
Rating: 4.36
I wanna fly like an ...
Played: 102,166
Rating: 4.33
___, a deer, a female deer.
Played: 92,027
Rating: 4.25
A quiz so easy, it's like shooting ____ in a barrel.
Played: 91,628
Rating: 4.17
For example: Crouching _____, Hidden Dragon.
Played: 86,842
Rating: 4.24
Based on the pictures, name these 15 different types of fish.
Played: 86,752
Rating: 4.11
Name these animals that start with the letter A.
Played: 85,997
Rating: 4.20
One of these animals makes honey.
Played: 84,899
Rating: 4.33
In the whole world, there are only 8 species of bear. How many can you name?
Played: 83,890
Rating: 4.44
The heir to the French throne is an aquatic creature. Makes senses to me.
Played: 83,457
Rating: 4.16
One says "ribbit"!
Played: 83,451
Rating: 3.87
Guess these animals that have been known to cause human fatalities.
Played: 78,910
Rating: 4.10
How many of America's most popular dog breeds can you name?
Played: 75,890
Rating: 4.95
Name the 13 countries where tigers still exist in the wild.
Played: 73,612
Rating: 4.44
A group of the first answer is called a pride.
Played: 72,290
Rating: 4.44
Great White, Hammerhead, and Mako. What type of animal is it?
Played: 69,757
Rating: 4.13
One of these is humanity's closest living relative.
Played: 68,967
Rating: 4.16
The animal that pulls Santa's sleigh, for example.
Played: 68,685
Rating: 4.82
Depleting the world's oceans.
Played: 68,146
Rating: 4.23
One says "hoot"!
Played: 67,844
Rating: 4.30
Such as the biggest type of cat.
Played: 67,644
Rating: 3.91
Someday someone will make a flying pig, and then we'll all be sorry.
Played: 66,925
Rating: 4.16
Equid, for example.
Played: 66,037
Rating: 4.37
Guess the English translations of these Spanish words for animals.
Played: 65,776
Rating: 4.31
One can survive an Antarctic winter.
Played: 65,471
Rating: 4.90
Name the 13 countries where penguins still exist in the wild.
Played: 64,888
Rating: 4.21
The largest type of deer, for example.
Played: 64,862
Rating: 4.07
Can you name the biggest type of animal in each of these categories?
Played: 64,628
Rating: 4.18
Such as an animal that quacks.
Played: 64,440
Rating: 4.16
Hint: Caveman is not the correct answer for Geico.
Played: 64,030
Rating: 3.91
Some people can take JetPunk quizzes 'til the ____ come home.
Played: 64,015
Rating: 4.19
Can you name the national animals of these countries?
Played: 63,000
Rating: 4.18
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water!
Played: 62,657
Rating: 4.14
We give you the catchphrase. You give us the cartoon character.
Played: 62,238
Rating: 4.43
The ugly ducking's true identity, for example.
Played: 61,758
Rating: 4.27
This one's pretty easy.
Played: 60,075
Rating: 3.85
A follow-up to our controversial bears quiz.
Played: 59,986
Rating: 4.89
Try to name the countries of the world that have at least 2,000 wolves.
Played: 58,294
Rating: 3.92
Can you guess these answers that all contain the word "dog"?
Played: 57,993
Rating: 4.32
Can't decide what to name your team? Put a bird on it!
Played: 57,552
Rating: 4.81
Can you name the countries that have the most sheep?
Played: 57,053
Rating: 4.20
One of them is the world's largest land animal.
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