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Take a Random Animal Quiz
2,973Click the Scary Animal in the Movie
2,872Animal Silhouettes - Map Quiz
2,769Types of Sharks with Pictures (Easy)
2,732Animals: No Vowels #2
2,652Click to Complete the Movie Title - Animals
2,638French Word Translation - Animals
2,638Dinosaur Silhouettes - Map Quiz
2,573Top Ten Dog Names
2,551Largest Terrestrial Animal by Country (with Map)
2,521Identify the Snakes by Picture
2,508English Football Clubs with Bird Nicknames
2,301What breeds are these famous dogs?
2,247Fast-Typing Animals
2,203Farm Animals
2,196Top Ten Dangerous Dogs
2,186Parts of an Animal Cell with a Map
2,06915 Deadliest Animals List
2,068Top 15 Most Popular Horse Breeds
2,000All Valid Dinosaur Genera
1,997Animals 3-4 Letters
1,950Farm Animals by Picture
1,941Shark Identification #1 (Picture Hints)
1,91099 Birds
1,855Birds of Prey
1,823Select the Animal Emojis
1,754Birds of Ireland by Picture
1,748Animals By Picture - Wild Cats
1,726Misleading Animal Names - Picture Quiz
1,696Top 10 Most Dangerous Sharks to Humans
1,696Countries by Unique Animals
1,690U.S. States that Start With a Vowel
1,623Horse knowledge
1,581Guess The Animal By Ear
1,55410 Most Popular Pets
1,539Animals that begin with P.
1,516Most Dangerous People Food for Dogs
1,491Random Animals by Picture
1,467Cartoon Animals
1,460Click to Complete the Animated Movie Title - Animals #1
1,429Car Logos A - Z
1,413Animals that start with J
1,376Shark Identification #2 (Picture Hints)
1,335Disney Animals
1,316Name a Valid Country by Animal
1,314Top 10 Countries with the Most Goats
1,292Dinosaurs - Name Meanings
1,286Large Animals: Living, Extinct, and Mythical
1,258Animals by Picture - B
1,258Dog breed anagram
1,2265 Most Common House Pets
1,213Unusual Animals Multiple Choice
1,203Animal Decoder #2
1,182The Viking World
1,157Countries with Giant Pandas
1,148Top 100 Largest Mammals
1,147Emoji Animals
1,141Countries With Wild Capybaras
1,139Countries with the Most Moose
1,136Dog Breeds by Picture #1
1,136ANIMAL Pictures 1
1,112Animals that Start with I
1,104"C" animal quiz
1,089Insect... or Not an Insect?
1,086Animal and nature
1,077Big Cats By Picture
1,076Horse Colour Quiz
1,048National Animals of Countries
1,006Animal Names Created by Only 2 Letters
987Elephant Trivia Multiple Choice
983Guess the Animal by the Picture - A
980Reptile... or Amphibian?
959Canine or Feline
954Group of Animals
949100 most popular dog breeds
942Name Every North American Bird
942Baby Animals-what are they called?
941Dog Breeds of the AKC - Hound Group
926Killer Whale Quiz
922Click to Complete the Song Title - Animals #2
904Top 10 shark attack countries
901Name That Animal.
897Animals By Picture - Close Up Feet
895European Countries by Largest Wild Animal
896Random Australian Birds by Picture
892Animal General Knowledge #1
883Common names for Snakes
880Ocean Animals by Picture
877Capitals of the Countries Whose Names Start with Saint
876Animals Trivia - Groups of Five
875German animal words in English
872The Shark Quiz
868States With the Most Bird Species
868Deadly Snakes
861Animal Look-Alikes #1
857Countries with the Most Reptile Species
856Name The Animals
853Animals by Picture - C
850Monkey Countries Quiz
844Animals by Picture - A
841Countries with Wild Lions
840British Birds by Picture
836Top 10 Countries with the Most Rabbits
828Animals in Different Languages
827Bird... or Fish?
823Top 50 UK Garden Birds
822Sharks: Test Your Knowledge
821Most Common Names For Pets: Dogs - Boy
821Dog Breeds of the AKC - Herding Group
820UK Birds
818Most popular pets
814Animals from Disney Movies
814African Savanna Animals by Picture
796Dog Breeds by Picture #2
794Top 30 Cat Breeds
793Pretty Fly for a Picture Quiz
786Horses, Horses, Horses
785Dog... or Cat?
781Birds By Pictures
771General Knowledge: Answers are Animals #2
769Countries with Wild Giraffes
768Insect Orders
76599 Insects and Arachnids
764Name that fish
760Who am I? - Animal Eyes
758Top 18 Horse Breeds
7564-Letter Animals - Picture Quiz
750African Animals by Picture A-Z
737Types of Whales
7354-Letter Animals
731Name Every Type of Bird
726Groups of animals
725Insects A-Z
723WORD CHAIN: The Animal Kingdom
722Baby animals
720Animals from Spanish to English
719Types of Penguins
705Horse facts: true or false
704Top 10 most dangerous mammals quiz
693Slowest Animals by Picture
692Play Scrabble by Guessing Species of Walrus
691Countries with Great Tits
689Rainforest Animals by Picture
689Animals by Picture - C
687National Animals of Every Country
673Animal Look-Alikes #2
66810 US States With The Most Bigfoot Sightings
668Answers Contain "Fox" Quiz
666Scientific Names of Popular Animals
664Dog Breeds of the AKC - Sporting Group
661Food Each Animal Eats
655Animal Symbols of Greek Gods and Goddesses
645Types of Sharks #1
642Random French to English - Animals
642National Animals with an Empty Map
629Dinosaur to Period Click Quiz
628Countries with the Most Wild Camels
6263-Letter Animals - Picture Quiz
621Click to Complete the Animated Movie Title - Animals #2
617Animals beginning with the letter C (pictures)
616U.S. States with Moose
608Dog Breeds of the AKC - Terrier Group
606Types of fish
599Finnish country names
594Countries with the Most Venomous Snake Bites
592Dog Breeds of the AKC - Toy Group
588Cat Breeds (FIFe)
583Most Common Names For Pets: Dogs - Girl
578Life Span of Animals - Multiple Choice
576Animals with Most Rabies Cases in the USA
573Animals By Scientific Name
572Dog Breeds of the AKC - Working Group
571Alligators... or Crocodiles?
561Most popular Breeds of dog
555Latin Animal Names
553Top 10 most popular dog names 2011
544Wild Cat Species Quiz
543Top 10 Countries with the Most Ducks
542British Birds
523Animals in Japanese
519Countries Without Snakes
506Top 10 Worlds Fastest Land Animals
505Collective Groups of Animals
504Top 10 Countries with the Most Pigs
487Birds in country flags by picture
485Animals that start with Z
479Most Popular Pets Names
466TV Pets and Animals