Animal Quizzes - Page 3

Take a Random Animal Quiz
438Animals with Letters Missing
432Biggest City By State
426Snake Quiz
428Species of Shark
407Birds of Vancouver
405Top 10 Countries with the Most Turkeys
400Birds by picture
388Dog Breeds of the AKC - Non-Sporting Group
378The Four Venomous (aka "Poisonous") Snakes of the USA
373African Animals
370Sharks 2
365Australian birds by picture
358Test your Latin - Click the Animal
355Alliterative Collective Nouns of Animals
348Know your snakes
340Largest Sharks In History
332Epsom Derby Winners
332Famous Fictional Ducks
332Australian Animals
330-ine Animal Adjectives
327Baby Animal Names
323Famous Rodents
314Most Dangerous Sharks To A Human
308Animals by Latin Names
304General Knowledge: Answers are Animals #1
303Famous Fictional Fish, Whales, and Dolphins
302Non-Rodents Mistaken for Rodents
302Famous Fictional Frogs and Toads 🐸
292Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Winners
289Tiger species
286Animal Decoder Quiz
279Word Scramble Sprint - Random Animals
278St Leger Stakes Winners
270Random Mammal by Picture
264US States with Grizzly Bears
252Famous Fictional Rabbits and Hares
250The 7 Groups of Dogs
244US States Named for Rivers
236Famous Fictional Mice and Rats
235Animal Actors
232Creepy-Crawlies - Idioms and Sayings
231Heaviest Whales 🐋
227Countries with King Cobras
227Native British Pony Breeds
224Australian Animals
222German Animal Words Quiz
220Birds of New Zealand
218Famous Pigs
210Click - Bird, Fish or Insect
202National Animal by Country - Multiple Choice
201Famous Lions and Tigers 🦁🐯
192US States with Armadillos
184Animals in Italian
178Click to Translate - Vietnamese (Animals)
175Famous Fictional Wolves and Foxes
175Double Trouble Animals
175Countries with the Most Pet Cats
172Shapes of Countries That Border India
168Most Guessed - Animals by Letter
167Commonly Confused Animals
167Fictional Snakes and Legendary Serpents
167Insect Groups/Orders (Click Quiz)
165Famous Races (Running, Horse, Motor, Etc.) 🏃‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏇🏎
160General Knowledge: Answers are Animals #3
158Marsupials and Monotremes by Picture
156Countries by AI Animal Avatar #1
152Famous Fictional Dogs by Picture
151Strange Names for Animal Groups
145New Zealand Bird of the Year
137Animals in Soccer Logos
135Top 10 U.S. States With The Most Chickens
134Most venomous snakes
133Amphibians by Picture
132Answers Contain "Robin"
134Click to Complete the Song Title - Animals #2
130Animals by Their Scientific Name
130Dog Man Characters
128Types of Jellyfish by Picture
127The Pets of U.S. Presidents
121Famous People with Bird Names
119States that Border Arizona
114Dog Breeds with the Most Film/TV Credits
111Countries with the Most Turkeys
110Canine Geography
109Fictional Aquatic Creatures Under the Sea
109National Animal Personifications by Picture
106New Zealand Native Animals
104Terrestrial Food Chain - "Map" Quiz
102Animals I have -Picture Quiz
102Insects that are "Flies" by Picture
100Countries with the most shark attacks
100Answers Contain "Eagle" 🦅
100Countries with More Cows than Chickens
94Dog breed to country of origin
94All Dog Man Books!
91The Dragon Quiz
90Venomous Snakes in Florida
90Famous Fictional Dinosaurs in Pop Culture 🦕
89Huge and Giant Creatures, Beings, and Beasts
89Animals on Flags
87U.S. Animal Road Signs Picture Quiz
87Longest Snakes
86Fictional Birds by Picture 🐦
85US States with an Official State Reptile
82The Gaits of a Horse
82Things your Dog's Bed!
82Answers Contain "Duck" 🦆
81Movements in "Carnival of the Animals" by Camille Saint-Saens
79Countries Where Marsupials Live
79Countries with the biggest dog populations
76Animal names in Pink Floyd songs (hard)
75Countries where Dholes Live
74Countries that Ban Cosmetic Testing on Animals
74Animals in Esperanto
73What type of animal #1
71Films Featuring Dogs
70Land Birds of New Zealand
69Speed Type 10 Animals in 15 Seconds
69The “New Big Five” Animals
66A Foxy Quiz
65Fictional Fish, Whales, and Dolphins by Picture
65Animals around the world
65Animal Farm Multiple Choice
65Countries by Number of Turkeys
64Animals-Tile Select Quiz
63Fictional Dinosaurs and Dragons by Picture
61Countries with Wild Marsupials
59Interesting Animal Facts Quiz
59Animals! #2
57Countries with Cassowaries
57Flags with Birds on them
53Countries with the biggest bird populations
51Click the Animals - German
50States with Moose Populations
50Films Featuring Insects and Spiders
50Countries with Red Fox
50Llama True or False
50Animals With A Specific Syllable
50Countries with the biggest fish populations
48Random animals in literature (QCCAnimals)
47Animals! #1
46Wild ancestors of domestic animals
46Countries that Ban Foie Gras Production
46Countries Outside Africa with Honey Badgers
46Animals in European Languages
44U.S. States Where the Cardinal is State Bird
41Song Lyrics: Missing Word - Animals
41Name the Insect (by Order)
40Animals by Type (Tile Select) #1
40Click - Mammal, Yes or No?
37Countries with the biggest cat populations
33Countries with the biggest rabbit populations
33Animals Hunted in the United Kingdom
33Animal Life Expectancy
29Departments in a Rooster on the France Map
29Animals by Picture
28U.S. Presidents That Had Dogs Quiz
28US states with the most Bigfoot sightings
27Animals With A Specific Syllable #3
27Alpacas or Llamas
24Name the Bird by Picture
23"Most Seen" Animals (iNaturalist)
23Bear Trivia
23Tiger Trivia
22Animals With A Specific Syllable #2
21Can you Name the State Bird of each US State?
21Animals: Tile Select Quiz
18Elephant Trivia
17Mouse Trivia
13Mammals of Germany
12Animal Tautonyms
10Reptiles and Amphibians of Germany
8Eagle Trivia