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Take a Random Animals by Letter Quiz
Played: 85,525
Rating: 4.09
Name these animals that start with the letter A.
Played: 84,839
Rating: 4.18
One of these animals makes honey.
Played: 82,355
Rating: 4.14
One says "ribbit"!
Played: 72,498
Rating: 4.44
A group of the first answer is called a pride.
Played: 68,635
Rating: 4.13
One of these is humanity's closest living relative.
Played: 67,928
Rating: 4.15
The animal that pulls Santa's sleigh, for example.
Played: 67,431
Rating: 4.21
One says "hoot"!
Played: 67,030
Rating: 4.29
Such as the biggest type of cat.
Played: 65,914
Rating: 4.15
Equid, for example.
Played: 65,004
Rating: 4.32
One can survive an Antarctic winter.
Played: 63,921
Rating: 4.19
Such as an animal that quacks.
Played: 63,802
Rating: 4.24
The largest type of deer, for example.
Played: 61,675
Rating: 4.16
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water!
Played: 61,288
Rating: 4.42
The ugly ducking's true identity, for example.
Played: 56,168
Rating: 4.19
One of them is the world's largest land animal.
Played: 53,650
Rating: 3.98
One of these animals is a boxer.
Played: 33,481
Rating: 4.30
Humpback or beluga?
Played: 21,108
Rating: 3.52
Such as a marine mammal with unicorn-like tusks.
Played: 999
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