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326'I Am Moana' Lyrics
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187Disney Song Lyrics: Frozen: Frozen Heart
175Name every person in the family Madrigal (Encanto)
162Disney's Beauty and the Beast Characters
158toy story toys voice actors
157Pocahontas Characters Quiz
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147Kung Fu Panda 3 Characters Quiz
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147Timeline of Highest-Grossing Animated Film Movies
146Films Based on Disney Rides and Attractions
141Disney Animated Movies (2000-2021)
138Shrek common knowledge
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134P*I*X*A*R* Actors by Picture
130Beauty and the beast 2017 cast
128Picture to Ghibli
121All 1990's Animated Disney Movies
114All Pixar Movies by IMDb Description
106Kung Fu Panda Random Quotes
105Sing Characters by Picture
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99Kung Fu Panda Quotes
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97The Years of Pixar Movies!
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90My Neighbour Totoro Trivia
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86Studio Ghibli Plots Explained Badly
81Animated Movies by IMDb Description
82Studio Ghibli Quotes
79Kung Fu Panda 2 Characters Quiz
80Studio Ghibli Characters
78Kung Fu Panda - Characters by Picture
74Kung Fu Panda Characters Quiz
73Blue Sky Studios Movies
722010s Oscar Best Animated Pictures Nominees
71Kung Fu panda Characters
70Most Famous Animated Films
69Academy Award Winners for Best Animated Feature
67Mulan Franchise
66All Disney Plus Premier Access Movies
62All Movies Made By Studio Ghibli
62Team America: World Police Song Lyrics
62Finding Nemo Franchise
58Stop-Motion Animated Films by Clue
56Despicable Me/Minions Movies by IMDb Description
55All 3D Animated Disney Movies
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50ALL Oscar-Winning Animated Movies
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44Kung Fu Panda
40Kung Fu Panda Characters
40Cats in Ghibli Movies - Picture Click Quiz
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39Princess Mononoke
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37Big Hero Six (2014) Characters
36Most Popular Disney+ Movies As of 2021
36Disney's Herbie Movies
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36Oscar for Best Animated Feature
33Kung Fu Panda Franchise
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