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32,639Naruto Characters
23,889Anime by BAD DESCRIPTION
23,530Guess the Anime
22,172Name that Naruto Character
14,751Akatsuki Members (Naruto)
14,417Haikyuu!! Anime Series Quiz
13,400Can you guess the anime based on the bad description?
12,867Avatar: The Last Airbender Quiz
12,303Naruto Quiz
11,746DragonBall Z General Quiz (Easy)
11,220Dragon Ball Z: Top 30 DBZ characters
9,872Fairy Tail Character Name Quiz
8,705Naruto : All Hokages
8,339Top 150 Most Popular Anime on MyAnimeList
8,273Popular Naruto Shippuden Characters
7,979Guess the Naruto Characters
7,217DragonBall Z General Quiz (Intermediate)
6,902Anime Couples
6,512The Anime Titles Quiz
6,220Avatar: The Last Airbender Quiz
5,772Guess the Country (Hetalia)
5,106Name That Avatar Character
4,974Guess the manga/anime by description
4,932Anime Protagonists
4,758Name that Pretty Cure!
4,690Naruto Names
4,571The Dragon Ball Super Quiz
4,549Avatar Bending Types
4,533"Avatar: The Last Airbender" Map Quiz
4,197Dragon Ball Z Gohan Quiz
4,166Anime Logo Quiz
3,759DragonBall Z Goku quiz
3,587Dragon Ball Z Vegeta quiz
3,533All Naruto Characters in Alphabetical order. IMPOSSIBLE
3,365Dragon Ball Z People Who can use the Kamehameha
3,144Anime Series Quiz
3,134Anime Quiz: Tokyo Ghoul Characters
3,128Anime opening quiz
3,106Name that Anime
3,043guess that anime!
3,024The Seven Deadly Sins Main Characters (Anime) Quiz
2,944Hetalia Character Quiz
2,806Avatar: The Last Airbender (Episode Names Quiz)
2,792Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters by Episode Appearances
2,717Dragon Ball Z + Super Characters
2,675Ultimate Naruto Quiz
2,632Naruto Shippuden - Female characters quiz
2,596Fairy Tail Characters
2,572Top 200 Most Popular Anime
2,567Avatar (The Legend of Korra)
2,380Naruto Characters
2,34120 Most Popular Anime
2,288Seven deadly sins (anime) quiz
2,267Dragonball Z Moves
2,234Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers
2,232All Characters/Transformations in the Dragon Ball Universe
2,230Anime by Description
2,230DragonBall Z General Quiz (Difficult)
2,168Naruto hair colors
2,154Anime Boys
2,045Naruto Multiple Choice Quiz IMPOSSIBLE!
2,037Dragon Ball Z Characters in the Android Saga
1,976Naruto Characters
1,972Avatar the Last Airbender Quiz
1,932naruto eyes (tipos de ojos de naruto)
1,898Fullmetal Alchemist Anime (2009) and Manga Quiz
1,838Naruto/Boruto Quiz
1,796Naruto: Members of the Akatsuki
1,782Fairy Tail Members
1,782Top 100 Anime Ever
1,769Yugioh Character
1,764Naruto: Jutsu that requires Sharingan (or Mangekyo)
1,748DragonBall Z Saiyan Quiz
1,744Naruto: A to Z
1,653Avatar: Book I: Water
1,648Guess the Anime Titles
1,642Naruto Character Popularity Polls
1,641Naruto Jutsu Quiz
1,621List of DBZ villains
1,606Name EVERY Haikyuu Characters
1,581The Goku Quiz
1,550Naruto: Character Last Names
1,508Ultimate Naruto Deaths Quiz
1,475Dragon Ball Z Characters in the Saiyan Saga
1,466Anime Characters
1,424List of DBZ characters who can transform into Super Saiyan
1,407From which manga / anime is this the main character ?
1,373Fullmetal Alchemist Character Quiz
1,367Sailor Moon Characters
1,360Avatar: The Last Airbender Ultimate Character Quiz
1,358U.S. Presidents Turned into Cartoon Characters
1,340Naruto Characters!
1,305Guess English Anime Names from Romanised Japanese Names
1,296Naruto Characters
1,29310 Strongest Naruto Female Character
1,291Names of Animes
1,286Characters from anime series quiz
1,280Dragon Ball Z Characters in the Majin Buu Saga
1,261Jinchuuriki and their bijuu
1,257Bounties Mugiwara One piece
1,241Strongest 15 Naruto Shippuden Characters
1,238Hetalia Characters (ALL)
1,230Dragonball characters
1,176Naruto: Hand Signs
1,167Top 20 Most Popular Anime (Easy)
1,154Dragon Ball Characters by Picture
1,133Guess the Anime from these characters
1,127Naruto general knowledge quiz
1,127Avatar Cities quizzes
1,118Naruto Susanoo Color Quiz
1,117Dragon Ball Super: Tournament of Power Fighters
1,114Avatar: The Last Airbender A-Z
1,113Match-The-Word Anime Titles Quiz
1,108DBZ Quiz
1,108Naruto: Kage (and Kage related) Shinobi
1,106Anime by Antagonist
1,103Soul Eater Characters Part 1.
1,101fairytail quiz( anime)
1,087Dragon Ball Z Characters in the Frieza Saga
1,087Can you name 150 Animes?
1,045Anime common knowledge
1,042Anime/Manga Quiz
1,038Strongest DBZ Fighters
1,029Guess as many animes as you can
1,022naruto quiz name as many as possible
1,016Yugioh Quiz
1,011Do you know your anime?
1,009Dragon Ball Z Name the Saiyans
982Yu-Gi-Oh GX Quiz
973Naruto Strongest Uchiha Clan Members
971Dragon Ball Z Characters Defeated by Vegeta
958Naruto - Characters
951Haikyuu! Anime Series Quiz #2
950Naruto Konoha Clans
916Avatar: The Last Airbender (2)
913Anime Quotes
910naruto names from original series
901Very hard naruto quiz
896Dragon Ball Super Universe 7 Team
895Pokémon by the Anime Pokédex entries
886Dragon Ball Z/Super/GT Ultimate Quiz
879Yu-Gi-Oh Card Quiz
879Naruto: Animals
868Naruto Jinchuriki and Tailed Beasts
865(Hard) Anime Characters Quiz
860naruto ultimate quiz
852fairy tail ships
850Naruto: Kabuto's Edo Tensei Shinobi (Shinobi War)
841Attack on Titan by Picture
819Fairy Tail Intermediate Quiz
809The Seven Deadly Sins 10 Commandments Characters(Anime)
806Avatar: The Last Airbender Opening Lyrics
806Difficult Dragon Ball Quiz
804Ranker's 100 Sexiest Anime Females
802Anime Characters by picture
792Romance Anime Quiz
788Haikyuu!! Characters
781naruto quizz
767Anime Descriptions
766Naruto: Famous Ninja
751Avatar the last airbender characters
748Naruto: all kage
745Dragon Ball Addition Quiz
740Anime by Main Character Quiz
735Naruto-Guess their Jutsu
729The Raditz Quiz
724Anime terminology
716Dragon Ball Super Quiz *New*
711Naruto: Enigme Personnages (Anime) #2
712Studio Ghibli Characters by Picture
710Anime: Yuri!!! on Ice - History Maker
707Kuroko No Basket's Characters
701Dragonball Z Quiz
699Anime Quiz
687Naruto Characters jo
683Dragonball Z Characters
680Top 150 most popular anime 2023
677Yugioh Archtypes
676Haikyuu!! - Guess the random character!
676Avatar Episode Names
673Anime Sword Users
663Naruto Word Scramble Hard
662Can you guess the anime?
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