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685Can you guess the anime?
685Anime Villains Quiz
681Avatar Episode Names
675Dragon Ball Z quiz
671Naruto Word Scramble Hard
670Isekai Anime Quiz
661Naruto Character Quiz
657Naruto Jutsu(EASY)
652FullMetal Alchemist Characters
649Avatar: The Last Airbender Quotes by Episode: Book 1
647Naruto: Groups of six
637Anime Test
634The Naruto Characters Surname Quiz
629Top 10 Countries with the Most Camels
627Dragon Ball Super: Tournament of Power Results
615Finish the Anime Titles
610Avatar Intro text/lyrics [The last airbender, Aang]
603best anime in my opinion
599know your elemental heros, a yugioh quiz
599Human names in Axis Powers Hetalia
598Naruto Kage Quiz
599Fairy Tail Mages
596Dragon Ball Z Sagas
596Naruto characters
596DBZ techniques
594Haikyuu!! Anime Quiz: Karasuno's Road to Victory
595Fairy Tail Guild characters in 2 minutes
586The Legend of Korra Quiz
586Most Popular Anime of All Time
584Dragonball Character Quiz
582Naruto general knowledge quiz 2
578Yet Another Anime Character Quiz
577Spy x Family Quiz
573Dragon Ball super quiz
572Anime Descriptions #2
571Naruto quiz
561Anime titles based on characters (Hard)
555Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Quiz
555Dragon Ball Super: Most Eliminations in Tournament of Power
548anime but bad description
546Anime by Description
545Anime: Tokyo Ghoul Character Quotes Quiz
544Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3
525Dbz- Most important Characters to the plot.(DB,DBZ,DBS)
52611 Supernovae One piece
523Hetalia General Knowledge
523Naruto Opening Songs
522Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters by First Name
512Hetalia Character Quiz #2
495Dragonball Z/Battle of the Gods quiz by RhysClarke69
492Yu-Gi-Oh Card Quiz
491List of DBZ ki blasts
491Haikyuu Characters!
490guess the anime off two character
48780 Most Popular Dragon Ball Characters
480Dragon Ball Z characters
478Anime Main Character Quiz
477Naruto Quiz Sharingod
477naruto character quiz
475Anime OP quiz
463Guess Naruto Characters
462Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series Trivia
459Do You Know These Anime? (Updated at 5 May 2016)
458Naruto Deaths and Their Killers
456Hetalia Character #3
455naruto & boruto characters
451Top 12 Smartest Dragon Ball Characters
446Multiple Choice Anime Quiz
445Avatar The Last Airbender Trivia
447Ultimate Fairy Tail Characters Quiz
444Basic Anime Knowledge
443Fairy Tail Villain Quiz
438Guess The Anime Opening Song
435Yugioh Archetypes by signature card
432The Avatars
427Ranker's 100 Hottest Anime Males
426Name the Avatar: The Last Airbender character by quote
425Fairy Tail last names
423Dragon Ball: Wishes
421Dragon Ball Characters
419Guess 50 Anime by First Episode Names
416Tokyo Ghoul / Tokyo Ghoul:re Characters
415Top 5 Funniest Dragon Ball Characters
410Guess Naruto Characters
409Naruto - Nicknames
406Popular Anime Series
406Last Words: Dragon Ball Z Abridged
402Yuri on ice characters
401Naruto - The Jutsu's User
400Groups of Things - Dragon Ball
400bad anime description quiz
397All Dead Naruto Characters
392Dragon Ball Z - Budokai Tenkaichi 3: Playable Characters
388Anime Charcters
383Naruto Characters
380Kuroko no Basket Quiz
379Top 48 Dragon Ball Characters
379Ultimate Dragon Ball Quiz
380Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers
378Guess the anime by bad description
374Who Does Naruto Have A Crush On?
371Guess the Anime by It's Description (2020)
367Haikyuu!! — Karasuno Team Members
359Avatar the Last Airbender Season Three
359Guess the anime from the character
355How Well Do You Know Fairy Tail?
352Dragon Ball Z Characters
348Avatar the Last Airbender Characters
345Avatar: The Last Airbender Episodes
345Top 20 Most Popular Anime
336Fairy Tail Guilds
329Yugioh Types
326Fullmetal Alchemist
325The Best Romance Anime
323Anime quiz - HARD
323THE Naruto Quiz
322Dragon Ball Z
316All Naruto Shippuden Character Quiz (No Fillers or Boruto)
315Yu-Gi-Oh Card Quiz
315'Tokyo Ghoul' - character quiz
315Naruto Characters by Clue
314Sagas of Dragon Ball Franchise
314Fairy Tail Characters
310Guess the anime
305Anime Pairs
304Durarara!! Characters
302Ranker's Top 100 Anime Shows
299Anime Quotes
299Naruto Character Quiz - Kakashi
296Yugioh Lead Character's Strongest Cards
296Name the original Dragon Ball Characters
293Soul Eater Characters Part 2.
291Anime With Colors In Their Names
287Clannad Characters
281Anime quiz
270Anime Characters by their English Voice Actors
270Top 15 Naruto Characters(My opinion)
268Top 20 Most Popular Anime
267Anime Title Antonyms
266Anime/Game Quiz
265Anime by Character
265Anime and Manga Decoder
258Naruto - Ninjas décédés
255Anime quiz based on my completed and airing animed
252Guess the Anime 2
252Yu-Gi-Oh Characters Based on their Decks
249Avatar: The Last Airbender- Character Quiz
247Dragon Ball Z characters
246Naruto Analogies
245Avatar- All Named Airbenders
243Slice of Life Anime Quiz
242Avatar: The Last Airbender Quiz
241DBZ: Dragon Ball Z Movies
241Dragon Ball Character
238Teams in Cartoons and Anime
228Anime by weapons
228Hetalia Human Names
226Naruto: General Knowledge
224Top 70 Strongest Naruto Characters
223Guess these Naruto characters!
223Dragon Ball - 21st World Martial Arts Tournament Competitors
223Anime List
221Dragon Ball Z Films
220Yugioh Card Booster Pack Covers
219Naruto Jutsu Quiz
219Avatar: The Last Airbender Episodes Named After Characters
218Avatar World Leaders
218Most popular animes (May 2017)
215MyAnimeList Top 150 Anime
214Name That Anime
213Anime Quiz Using Descriptions
208Dragon Ball Volume 1 Manga Quiz
207Alphabetical anime characters
204Tokyo Ghoul Quiz
203Anime Protagonists
202Name The Main Naruto Characters
201Naruto knowledge quiz
197Anime OPS & EDs Quiz
197MyAnimeList Top 20* Anime
197Haikyuu!! — Nekoma Team Members
195Fairy Tail Guilds
194Dragon Ball - 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament Competitors
193Anime Quiz
193the naruto ultimate trivia
192Dragon Ball - 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament Competitors
190Naruto Quiz (Part 1 and 2)
190Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Types
190Naruto - Sensory Type Ninja
188Naruto: Ninja Tools A-Z
188Naruto - Last Names Quiz
187favorite naruto characters
186Naruto Characters Quiz (Alot)
186Naruto characters
185Naruto Quiz // dk1184
183A Bunch of Anime Titles