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Seven countries claim a piece of Antarctica. How many can you name?
Name all the countries in the world where you could sail due south and reach Antarctica without hitting any other land mass first.
70,608 Countries with Territorial Claims in Antarctica
32,494 Straight Shot to Antarctica
6,511Countries Closest to Antarctica
2,692Countries with Territorial Claims in Antarctica (With a Map)
2,651Territories of Antarctica on a Map
1,377Countries Which Have People in Antarctica
1,139Closest countries to Antarctica
1,018The Antarctica Quiz
875Countries with Research Stations in Antarctica
628Countries That Have Research Stations On Antarctica with Flags.
529Time Zones of Antarctica - Map Quiz
352Greenland or Antarctica?
334Population of Antarctica (Permanent Residential)
279Straight Shot to Antarctica and the Arctic Circle
267Name the countries In Antarctica
246Countries Closest to Antarctica - One Minute Sprint
166Countries with bases in Antarctica
153Antarctica: Countries that have official claims in areas of Antarctica
141Countries with Territories in Antarctica
133Countries with territorial claims in Antarctica
119Countries Closest to Antarctica
114Countries that Claimed Antarctica
103Territorial Claims in Antarctica
98Countries that claim parts of Antarctica
78Countries with active research stations in Antarctica
77Countries who have a claim in Antarctica
69Countries Closest to Antarctica - 30 Second Sprint
61Largest Country in each Continent expect Antarctica
57Antarctica Quiz
51Gateway Cities to Antarctica
28Antarcticas biggest islands
28Flags of Countries That Claim Antarctica
26Countries that claim land in Antarctica
25Largest Seas of the Southern Ocean
21Antarctica Geography
19Essential Dishes of Antarctica
12Volcanoes of Antarctica and the South Sandwich Islands
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