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We made a list of the countries that have the most skyscrapers. How many can you name?
Try to name the cities that have the most buildings over 150 meters in height.
Guess the city whose skyline is depicted in the highlighted silhouette.
Name the American cities that have at least 8 completed buildings of at least 150 meters in height.
Chinese cities are busy making this quiz obsolete.
Name the 25 countries that have the most cathedrals (including Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, and other denominations). Each correct answer will complete a portion of the stained glass window
Try to name the American cities with a building at least 700 feet in height.
Name the countries of the world that have the most skyscrapers per million people.
Which countries are home to a "supertall" skyscraper, defined as being at least 300 meters in height?
Name these nine famous buildings and towers based on their silhouettes.
Can you guess the year when each of these famous buildings and structures was opened?
96,495 Countries with the Most Skyscrapers
75,879 Cities with the Most Skyscrapers
66,104 Cities by Skyline Silhouette - Map Quiz
63,612 Cities with the Tallest Buildings
63,287 U.S. Cities with the Most Skyscrapers
48,916 Tall Building Cities - United States
45,935 Countries with the Most Skyscrapers per Capita
44,119 Make a Stained Glass Window
42,787 Countries with the Tallest Buildings
40,858 Buildings by Silhouette
32,858 Click Timeline: Famous Buildings
25,239 Famous Homes Quiz
17,436 Click Timeline: Famous U.S. Buildings
14,677 Top 20 Most Impressive Skylines
3,314100 Cities with the most Skyscrapers on a Map
2,639European Cities by Tallest Building
2,07050 Cities with the most Skyscrapers on a Map
2,059Tallest Buildings in the World Countries
1,904World City Skylines Quiz (Easy)
1,652Tall Building Cities by U.S. State
1,398Cities With Largest Skylines - Top 100
1,376Countries With 500 Meter Skyscrapers
1,369Top 20 countries by tallest building
1,338Architects and Architecture
1,316World's Biggest Cities by Skyscraper Height
1,231Skyscrapers! XY
1,083Architecture A-Z #1
1,073Cities with the Tallest Buildings on a Map
849Tallest Buildings in London Quiz
823Countries and Cities with Buildings of 100+ Floors
791Biggest Cities without Skyscrapers
775U.S. City Skyline Quiz (difficult)
773Most Viewed Buildings on Wikipedia
731Tallest Buildings in the World
686Famous Houses
666Famous Bridges
621Towers by picture
575Architectural Terminology
560Architecture General Knowledge #1
560European Countries In Order by Highest Building
554City Skylines Multiple Choice
540Countries of Europe with Tall Buildings
513U.S. Skylines by Silhouette
425Countries with Buildings Over 300 Meters (2019)
401European Skylines on a Map
393Countries with Buildings over 350 Meters
374Architecture A-Z #2
339Countries with the Tallest Churches
336Architecture General Knowledge #2
325Tallest Buildings by Country
300Asian Skylines on a Map
263Architecture General Knowledge #3
237Cities by Cathedrals or Basilicas - Picture Quiz
198Architecture Styles
190Architects by Work
175Tallest Buildings of the World - Timeline
170Countries with the Longest Cable-Stayed Bridges
163Countries with Twisted Buildings
153Name a Valid U.S. State - Buildings
120Tallest Buildings in New York City Quiz
101Countries with the Tallest Flagpoles
101British Cities with Skyscrapers 🗼
96Countries with the Largest Monoliths (Stone Blocks)
73Cities with the Tallest Hotels
72Ultimate U.S. City Skylines
66Tallest Buildings of the World (With Some Help)
64Cities with the Highest Buildings
58Countries with the Shortest Tallest Buildings
57Cities with Over 100 Skyscrapers
53Countries with the Highest Buildings
44Each U.S. State by Tallest Building
44America's Favorite Buildings
35Tallest Buildings in Vietnam
32Cities with the Tallest Buildings A-Z
25Top 10 Tallest Buildings In Taiwan
18Cities by Mosques - Picture Quiz
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