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Probably our easiest "map quiz".
Try to name the 20 countries that are geographically closest to Australia.
Click the name of each highlighted Australian city on the map.
Once you've seen Australia, it's obvious why they named one of the states after Southern Wales.
For each statement, guess whether it applies to Austria, Australia, or both.
Name the countries that are visited by the greatest number of Australia residents.
For each selected category, name any of the countries that ranks higher than Australia.
Can you name the countries that send the most visitors to Australia?
Try to name the top countries of birth for immigrants living in Australia.
Can you name the capital cities of the Australian states and territories?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Australia?
285,878 Australia Map Quiz
134,142 Countries Closest to Australia
111,418 Australia Cities Map Quiz
105,083 Australian States and Territories Quiz
80,338 Austria... or Australia?
65,802 Most Visited Countries by Australians
62,953 Countries that Beat Australia
54,252 Australian Immigration by Country
51,716 Countries that Visit Australia the Most
51,413 Australia Country Quiz
49,650 Australian Capitals
46,427 Australian True or False
44,586 Cultural Symbols of Australia
38,440 Australia... or New Zealand?
37,967 Biggest Trading Partners - Australia
36,911 Animals of Australia
35,312 Australia A-Z
34,041 Word Chain - Australia
29,348 Melbourne Suburbs
28,666 AFL Teams
27,848 Biggest Cities in Australia on a Map
25,753 Australian Animals By Picture
24,434 Prime Ministers of Australia
24,373 Australian Slang
23,997 Australia by Picture
20,570 Which City in Australia?
19,966NRL Teams in 1 minute
19,691AFL Teams in 1 minute
18,434 Famous Australians
15,562Sydney Suburbs
13,091 Countries Closest to Perth
11,934 Famous Australians by Picture
8,142100 Biggest Cities in Australia on a Map
5,582Top 50 AFL Players 2019
5,235AFL Premiers since 1897
5,140Melbourne Railway Stations
4,903NRL Grand Final Winners
4,844AFL Stadiums
4,133AFL Team's Top 3 Players
4,039NRL Maths
3,666Australian Geography on the Map
3,568AFL Brownlow Medallists
3,226AFL Team Quiz
3,206National Rugby League Teams
3,130Airlines operating the Kangaroo route
3,053AFL Player Nicknames
3,045Closest Countries to Australia
3,041Sydney Train Network Map
2,978Ultimate Australia Quiz
2,836Name the AFL player
2,539Most common last names in Australia
2,526Australian General Knowledge #2
2,463AFL Brownlow Medal Winners Since 1980
2,434Australian Capitals - Map Quiz
2,212Sydney Airport (SYD) Destinations
2,145Countries Similar to Australian Subdivisions by Population
2,102Adelaide Suburbs
2,050All 50k+ Cities in Australia with a Map
2,047Australian Football League Teams
2,013Australian Cricketers Who Have Played 80 Tests
1,949Australian States and Territories Map Quiz
1,893NRL Goal Kickers From Each Team
1,881Countries Mentioned in the Wikipedia Page of Australia
1,842AFL Leading Goalkickers
1,822NRL team home towns
1,789Australian General Knowledge
1,779BBL Teams in 1 minute
1,703Top 3 Players For Each NRL Position
1,703AFL Positions
1,700NRL Logo Quiz
1,683Aussie NRL Teams
1,660Country of Birth of Australians
1,649Ultimate NSW Train Quiz
1,603Melbourne metropolitan train stations
1,553AFL Who Am I?
1,515Biggest Australian Cities A-Z
1,510Australian Professional Sports Teams
1,497Australian citizenship test
1,495AFL General Knowledge #2
1,478AFL Quiz
1,432AFL Premiers (expert)
1,428AFL Team of the Century
1,420#1 Hits of the 90s (Australia)
1,419Airlines serving Sydney Airport
1,384Australian Prime Ministers
1,372Melbourne general knowledge #1
1,331AFL Quiz
1,317NRL Rugby League State of Origin New South Wales players
1,317Brisbane Suburbs Quiz
1,285Best Player From Each NRL Team
1,265Australian Stereotypes
1,263All Australian Test Cricketers
1,240Top 10 NRL Players Of All Time
1,233AFL Premiers
1,224Australia or Papua New Guinea?
1,217Suburbs of Perth with a Map
1,215Australian Grand Prix Winners (Formula 1)
1,208Canberra Suburbs Quiz
1,207Melbourne Metropolitan Local Government Areas (LGAs)
1,188Advance Australia Fair: Australia's National Anthem
1,181History of Australia
1,092NRL Players By Numbers
1,089Top 100 Baby Girl Names in Australia (2016) - Alphabetical
1,044Most Spoken Languages in Australia Over Time
1,039Largest Australian Cities (by population)
1,027Do you know Australia?
1,027AFL: Mike Sheahan's Top 50 of All Time
998Top Baby Names in Australia 2013
994NRL Rugby League State of Origin Queensland players
964Languages spoken at Australian homes
963Name that AFL Footballer #1
952Australian fast food
951Sydney or Melbourne?
946Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Australia with a Map
923Airlines which flies into Sydney
917AFL All Australian Team 2015
888Random Australian Birds by Picture
850Melbourne Tram Routes
854AFL How Many Premierships
836Foreigners in Australia by Country of Birth
834AFL Norm Smith Medallists
8182019 AFL captains quiz
815Fly London-Sydney: which Countries do you go above?
814Top 10 Smallest Suburbs of Melbourne
812Geography of Australia
801Australian Sports Teams by Stadium
792Australian Slang Words
784NRL Teams Quiz 2012
775Melbourne City Trivia
764Australian States & Territories Flag Quiz
761German Football Logos
747Sydney City Trivia
747AFL Best 10 players of the last 10 years
743Australia 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
735Countries with the most Australian Expatriates
7342023 NRL Players
732Australia Geography
724The Australia Quiz!
72320 Largest Australian Cities and Towns
711Australian Cricketers Today
698Top 50 AFL Players 2020
696Australia v New Zealand Cricket World Cup Final 2015
693Top Destinations from Sydney Airport (SYD)
692Countries with Direct Scheduled Flights to/from Australia
691Australian Animals, Birds & Reptiles
696AFL TOP 50 PLAYERS 2023
685States and Territories of Australia
665Australian General Knowledge #1
663Australia A-Z
662Suburbs of Brisbane with a Map
6582022 Collingwood Magpies AFL Team Quiz
649AFL Quiz #2
642Wentworth Characters
634NRL Dally M Winners
634Australian State Capitals
632Australian States and Territories
626State Quiz - New South Wales
626Big Bash Cricket Teams
624AFL General Knowledge #5
621AFL Coleman Medalist
620Australian States and Territories Flag Map Quiz
610Queensland Trivia
607Australian Airport Codes
606Victoria State Trivia
597Biggest Republican Metro Areas
594Countries Closest to Australia - One Minute Sprint
590Home and Away
5902022 Carlton Blues AFL Team Quiz
589Australian Cricket World Cup Squad 2019
587AFL premierships
583Tasmania Trivia
579Top 10 Most Populous Suburbs of Melbourne
578AFL Premiers (2000s)
559Best Player from each AFL team
558AFL Premiers
556Australian Slang
556Australian States and Territories Flag Quiz
546Perth, Australia
544Top 10 Non-English Languages of Melbourne
5432018 AFL Premiership Team
543Demographics of Sydney - People born overseas by region
540Australian Geography A-Z
536Top 10 Non-English Languages of Sydney
528The Sydney Quiz
528Australia Multiple Choice
526New South Wales Trivia
521Queensland Rail Suburban Network
517Identical Melbourne and Sydney Suburbs
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