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For example, Pistols N' Flowers = ?.
Guess the musical acts that performed these songs.
Guess the musical acts whose names start with R.
One of these people brought sexy back.
He was a skater boy / She said "see you later boy".
Back in the day, we used to have these things called bands. And a lot of these bands had names that started with "the".
Cause girl you're amazing / just the way you are.
Fact: Purple rain is actually caused by hazardous chemicals.
What's love got to do with this quiz? Not much, actually.
Guess the musical acts that performed these songs.
Guess these musical acts, where most of the words have been replaced by antonyms.
118,409 Band Names by Synonym #1
70,329 Musical Acts by Letter - K
63,733 Musical Acts by Letter - M
61,931 Musical Acts by Letter - R
58,082 Musical Acts by Letter - S
56,591 Musical Acts by Letter - J
52,692 Musical Acts by Letter - A
52,570 Musical Acts by Letter - L
51,317 Musical Acts by Letter - G
50,091 Bands That are "The" Something
49,550 Musical Acts by Letter - N
46,299 Musical Acts by Letter - P
46,126 Musical Acts by Letter - B
45,754 Musical Acts by Letter - F
44,145 Musical Acts by Letter - T
41,561 Rock Band Vocabulary
39,857 Band Names by Antonym
38,131 Musical Acts by Letter - E
36,540 Musical Acts by Letter - C
32,410 Band Names by Synonym #2
31,635 Musical Acts by Letter - D
29,401 "And Something" Band Names
27,585Bands with Colors in their Name
25,802 Answers are Band Names
17,049 Five-Letter Musical Acts
16,935 Four-Letter Musical Acts
15,396 Animal Band Names
7,569Musical Acts by Letter - H
6,188Musical Acts by Letter - O
5,782Musical Acts by Letter - I
5,125Musical Acts by Letter - Q
2,386Bands by Pictures of Everyday Things
2,231Band Names by Synonym #2
2,153Rock Bands By Synonym
1,647Band Abbreviations
1,536Four Letter Band Names
1,497Musical Artist Synonyms
1,428Bands: Fill in the blanks
1,402Bands by Pictures
1,347Rock Bands (by Picture)
1,268Bands That Start With "G"
1,184Musical Acts by Letter W
1,027Band Names Word Puzzles
1,005Bands Named after Real People
979Rock Music Band Names by Antonyms and Opposites
848Artists Beginning with B
839Spanish Translations of Band Names #2
827Band Name Etymology
821Bands with "and the" in their name
767It's also a band name
758Numbered Bands
723Animal Bands
710Artists Beginning with A
709Geographical Bands
693Rock Bands (by Picture) #2
680Rhyming Band Names
6061970's Band Names: Picture Clues
506Bands/Groups with Missing Vowels
396Bands with Body Part Names
393Musical Acts by Letter - D
375Musical Acts A-Z
364Music Trivia: artists & groups by their uniforms, costumes or outfits
335The Seattle Four Grunge Bands AND Albums
332100 Rock Bands by Members
301Artists with the Most Best Rock Album Grammys
2331980's Artist/Band Names: Picture Clues
231Bands by Name Origin (A-C)
205Band Names (No Vowels)
19570's Punk/New Wave Band Names: Picture Clues
1921960's Song Titles: Fill In The Missing Word - UK Band Names
1771990's Band/Artist Names: Picture Clues
172Bands With Numbers In Their Name
167Bands by Name Origin (M-S)
166Complete These Band Names (1960's) Missing Word
164Complete These Band Names
163Bands by Name Origin (G-L)
161Bands by Name Origin (D-F)
157Bands by Name Origin (T-Z)
153Rock Band Names: Picture Clues (Heavy Metal/Alt/Indie)
1511960's Band Names: Picture Clues
128Band Name: Picture Clues
126Complete These Band Names (1970's) Missing Word
125Bands by City
120Musical Artist/Band Names with Umlauts (¨)
110Band or The Band? #1
108Complete These Band Names (1980's) Missing Word
92music trivia: name the guitarist(s) for each band
91Music Trivia: Bands in Movies (real and fictional)
74Australian Band Names By Picture Clue
73Bands by Greatest Hits #1
72Music Trivia: More "The" Something Bands
69Music Trivia: Bands named for a member of the band
69Musicians who Played the Lilith Fair
68Name the Members of these Famous Bands
62Band or The Band? #2
62Bands by Greatest Hits #2
58Band or The Band? #4
58Band or The Band? #3
58Bands With Brothers
57Photo Quiz: Bands - 2000-2020's
57Music Trivia: Band Name Changes
57Music Trivia: All-Female Bands
51Band or The Band? #6
51Band or The Band? #5
43Famous Bands From Outside the Anglosphere
25Bands With Long Names
19Musician and Band Etymologies
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