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For example, Pistols N' Flowers = ?.
Guess the musical acts that performed these songs.
Guess the musical acts whose names start with R.
One of these people brought sexy back.
He was a skater boy / She said "see you later boy".
Back in the day, we used to have these things called bands. And a lot of these bands had names that started with "the".
Cause girl you're amazing / just the way you are.
Fact: Purple rain is actually caused by hazardous chemicals.
Guess the musical acts that performed these songs.
If I could turn back time / If I could find a way
Guess these band names, where most of the words have been replaced by synonyms.
113,574 Band Names by Synonym #1
69,339 Musical Acts by Letter - K
62,453 Musical Acts by Letter - M
60,703 Musical Acts by Letter - R
57,153 Musical Acts by Letter - S
55,574 Musical Acts by Letter - J
51,659 Musical Acts by Letter - L
50,816 Musical Acts by Letter - A
50,414 Musical Acts by Letter - G
49,100 Bands That are "The" Something
48,740 Musical Acts by Letter - N
45,330 Musical Acts by Letter - P
44,859 Musical Acts by Letter - F
44,540 Musical Acts by Letter - B
43,320 Musical Acts by Letter - T
41,007 Rock Band Vocabulary
36,757 Musical Acts by Letter - E
35,300 Musical Acts by Letter - C
31,235 Band Names by Synonym #2
30,576 Musical Acts by Letter - D
28,960 "And Something" Band Names
28,506 Band Names by Antonym
26,473Bands with Colors in their Name
25,308 Answers are Band Names
16,805 Five-Letter Musical Acts
16,631 Four-Letter Musical Acts
15,175 Animal Band Names
6,970Musical Acts by Letter - H
5,637Musical Acts by Letter - O
5,283Musical Acts by Letter - I
4,679Musical Acts by Letter - Q
2,265Bands by Pictures of Everyday Things
2,163Band Names by Synonym #2
2,071Rock Bands By Synonym
1,626Band Abbreviations
1,494Four Letter Band Names
1,431Musical Artist Synonyms
1,397Bands: Fill in the blanks
1,252Bands That Start With "G"
1,228Rock Bands (by Picture)
1,202Bands by Pictures
1,155Musical Acts by Letter W
992Band Names Word Puzzles
989Bands Named after Real People
896Rock Music Band Names by Antonyms and Opposites
829Artists Beginning with B
812Spanish Translations of Band Names #2
796Band Name Etymology
749Numbered Bands
742It's also a band name
710Animal Bands
696Artists Beginning with A
685Geographical Bands
633Rock Bands (by Picture) #2
5691970's Band Names: Picture Clues
440Bands/Groups with Missing Vowels
383Musical Acts by Letter - D
359Musical Acts A-Z
356Music Trivia: artists & groups by their uniforms, costumes or outfits
342Bands with Body Part Names
311The Seattle Four Grunge Bands AND Albums
291Artists with the Most Best Rock Album Grammys
2161980's Artist/Band Names: Picture Clues
209Bands by Name Origin (A-C)
171Band Names (No Vowels)
17070's Punk/New Wave Band Names: Picture Clues
1681960's Song Titles: Fill In The Missing Word - UK Band Names
167Bands With Numbers In Their Name
1571990's Band/Artist Names: Picture Clues
157Complete These Band Names
149Bands by Name Origin (G-L)
148Bands by Name Origin (M-S)
147Bands by Name Origin (D-F)
145Complete These Band Names (1960's) Missing Word
142Rock Band Names: Picture Clues (Heavy Metal/Alt/Indie)
1411960's Band Names: Picture Clues
137Bands by Name Origin (T-Z)
116Band Name: Picture Clues
115Complete These Band Names (1970's) Missing Word
113Musical Artist/Band Names with Umlauts (¨)
109Bands by City
101Complete These Band Names (1980's) Missing Word
88Music Trivia: Bands in Movies (real and fictional)
86music trivia: name the guitarist(s) for each band
68Music Trivia: More "The" Something Bands
67Musicians who Played the Lilith Fair
64Music Trivia: Bands named for a member of the band
63Australian Band Names By Picture Clue
54Music Trivia: All-Female Bands
54Music Trivia: Band Name Changes
50Name the Members of these Famous Bands
47Bands With Brothers
39Photo Quiz: Bands - 2000-2020's
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