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Played: 599,251
Rating: 4.92
Prove that you're an American by naming all 30 teams that play in Major League Baseball.
Played: 65,780
Rating: 4.41
Can you guess the MLB team that uses each of these logos?
Played: 59,080
Rating: 4.20
How many players can you name that have won the AL or NL MVP award?
Played: 55,079
Rating: 4.04
Can you name the top MLB and Negro League players of all-time according to an ESPN poll of experts?
Played: 54,549
Rating: 4.29
RBI? ERA? Guess what these baseball abbreviations stand for.
Played: 48,626
Rating: 4.07
Try to name the players that have hit 50 home runs in a single season in Major League baseball.
Played: 44,859
Rating: 4.35
A word-guessing game where all the answers are Major League team names.
Played: 44,784
Rating: 4.37
You will see a city highlighted on the map. Click the name of the Major League team that plays in that city.
Played: 42,213
Rating: 4.25
For each category, name the top 5 all-time leaders in Major League history.
Played: 41,755
Rating: 4.15
Can you name the Major League players who have hit at least 500 career home runs?
Played: 38,193
Rating: 4.46
Name the seven countries that have been the birthplace of more than 70 Major League Baseball players.
Played: 35,166
Rating: 4.02
You paid for them, but the corporations get to name them.
Played: 33,230
Rating: 4.05
For each highlighted year, guess the team that won the World Series.
Played: 31,293
Rating: 4.26
Name the eight countries of the world in which baseball is the most popular spectator or participatory sport.
Played: 30,429
Rating: 4.02
In Major League Baseball history, 33 players have recorded 3,000 or more base hits. How many can you name?
Played: 30,148
Rating: 4.21
Name the baseball players who were inducted into the Hall of Fame on their first ballot.
Played: 27,051
Rating: 4.12
Name the players who have led the Major League in home runs for a single season.
Played: 26,722
Rating: 4.15
Try to name the career home run leader for each Major League baseball team.
Played: 26,612
Rating: 3.70
Name these players who played for only one team their whole career.
Played: 25,666
Rating: 4.02
Name the player with the most All-Star selections for each Major League team.
Played: 24,732
Rating: 4.23
Guess the names of the players who set these famous baseball records.
Played: 24,597
Rating: 3.77
Name the pitchers who have won the Cy Young award.
Played: 24,557
Rating: 4.02
Name all the players and managers who have been inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame.
Played: 22,916
Rating: 3.85
A baseball quiz that may never need an update.
Played: 22,120
Rating: 3.88
Name the pitchers with the most career and single-season strikeouts.
Played: 18,338
Rating: 4.25
Cubs are to Wrigley as Red Sox are to ______?
Played: 18,040
Rating: 4.05
Name the baseball players who have led the entire Major Leagues in batting average since 1901.
Played: 17,775
Rating: 3.90
Can you guess these baseball-related answers that start with each letter A-Z?
Played: 17,613
Rating: 3.39
Can you name the players who have started opening day for each Major League team since 2010?
Played: 16,605
Rating: 3.95
We give you one question about Major League baseball for every year from 1960 until 1989. Can you answer them all?
Played: 16,499
Rating: 3.94
For example, who was the Bambino?
Played: 15,463
Rating: 3.60
Name the Major League pitchers who have won 20 games in a single-season.
Played: 14,714
Rating: 3.85
No Major League player has hit .400 since Ted Williams did it in 1941. But these players have come closest, hitting at least .360 for an entire season. Name as many as you can.
Played: 13,874
Rating: 3.95
Can you guess the 100 Major League baseball players who have hit the most career home runs?
Played: 13,345
Rating: 3.90
Some trades are so big they can curse a franchise for over 80 years.
Played: 13,253
Rating: 4.10
Name the top 15 New York Yankee players of all time.
Played: 13,155
Rating: 3.80
Name the current Major League teams that have never won a World Series in their entire history as a team.
Played: 12,788
Rating: 4.04
Name the 5 Major League teams that have gone the longest between World Series victories.
Played: 11,921
Rating: 4.00
Guess these connected answers related to the sport of baseball.
Played: 11,836
Rating: 4.00
Based on the description, guess these baseball terms.
Played: 11,149
Rating: 3.81
Nomar? Honus? Guess the last names of these current and former Major League players.
Played: 10,887
Rating: 4.07
Such as the five players to win the Triple Crown since 1940.
Played: 10,772
Rating: 3.97
For each decade, name the ten Major League players with the most home runs.
Played: 10,186
Rating: 3.81
Name the career hits leader for each Major League team.
Played: 10,183
Rating: 3.66
Name the players who have recorded 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases in a single season.
Played: 9,941
Rating: 4.06
One answer for each letter A-Z.
Played: 9,932
Rating: 4.25
Each group of baseball players has the same last name. Guess what it is.
Played: 9,484
Rating: 4.25
For each selected player, name the team with which they made their Major League debut.
Played: 9,349
Rating: 3.50
Try to name the pitchers who have recorded a single-season ERA below 2.00 since 1950.
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