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Can you guess these facts about the country of Belgium?
With the help of a map, try to name all the modern-day countries whose territory (in whole or part) was at some part under the control of the evil Belgians.
Name these famous people who have Dutch or Belgian origins.
57,357 Belgium Country Quiz
35,175 All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Belgium
15,166 Famous Dutch and Belgian People
6,390Provinces of Belgium - Map Quiz
4,657All 50k+ Cities in Belgium with a Map
4,289België, Belgique, Belgien, Belgium: municipalities
3,604The Netherlands... Or Belgium?
3,470biggest cities in belgium
3,348Countries Closest to Belgium
3,209Belgium World Cup Squad 2018
2,659Provinces of Belgium on a Map
2,623Belgium 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
2,535Belgium World Cup 2014 squad
1,976Belgium Immigration by Country
1,970Countries that Beat Belgium
1,928Belgium Euro 2020 Squad
1,855Tintin Countries Visited Map
1,582Which City in The Benelux?
1,574History of Belgium
1,541Belgium Football Team World Cup Starting XI
1,460Benelux multiple choice (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
1,340Languages of Belgium Quiz (with map)
1,143Countries of the Belgian Empire
1,114Flags of Countries That Border Belgium
1,106All Jupiler pro league (belgian 1st div) teams since 1990
1,031Brusselse Gemeenten op de Kaart
1,012Belgium 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
929Belgium Euro Squad 2016
836Belgium A-Z
816Geography of Belgium
807Belgium National Football Team
792Hercule Poirot Countries Visited Map
758Biggest Cities in Belgium on a Map
708Belgium National Football Team Most Capped Players
692Brussels City Trivia
667Biggest Trading Partners - Belgium
654Tintin Quiz
644Countries that Visit Belgium the Most
641Brussels Airport (BRU) Destinations
625Jupiler Pro League Champions
604Belgium Cities
577Belgium Jupiler Pro League teams 2014-2015
545Belgium True or False?
525Belgian Pro League Champions
514Famous Football Players Picture Quiz - Belgium
508Top 4 Teams in Belgian Pro League
49420 Biggest Cities in Flanders, Belgium
465Belgium National Football Team Scorers 2010s
451Tintin Comic Books
444All Belgian Pro League Teams
436Belgium... or The Netherlands
433Brussels Metro stops
427Goal Scorers for Belgium at the 2014 FIFA World Cup
424Premier League Belgian Best Scorer by Year
416Belgium by Picture
401Belgian soccer players scoring during the World Cup
377Which Benelux Country? Multiple Choice
375Municipalities of Brussels on a Map
365Provinces of Belgium
358Famous Belgians
335Teams that Kevin De Bruyne Has Played For
326Monarchs of Belgium
325Belgian Prime ministers since the Second World War
32530 Biggest Cities in Belgium
309FIFA 20 - Belgian Player Names
304Provinces of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands on a Map
303Belgium Cities Map Quiz
290Busiest Airports in the Benelux
287Common Tintin Characters
285Belgium First Level Subdivisions
285Brussels Airlines Destinations
259The Adventures of Tintin
255Municipalities of Brussels
252Belgium, Luxembourg or Netherlands
243Largest Railway stations in Belgium
23610 Biggst Cities in Belgium
234Click to Translate - Walloon
230Best goalscorers Jupiler Pro League
229Countries Bordering Belgium
223Belgium World Cup Squad 2014
218History of Belgium
210All Cities that Have Been the Belgian Capital City on a Map
206Belgium - Italy UEFA Euro 2016
205Belgium Jupiler Pro League teams 2018/19
191Belgium National Football Team Scorers 2020s
188Belgium, the Netherlands, Both or Neither
187Municipalities of Limburg on a Map
18120 most populous municipalities in Belgium
178Biggest importers of Belgian Beer
170Municipalities of Flemish-Brabant on a Map
169World Capitals Closest to Brussels
16520 Biggest Cities in Wallonia, Belgium
162Which City in Belgium?
1595 Biggest Cities : Belgium
159Teams that Thibaut Courtois Has Played For
158Belgian Scorers in 2010s Champions League
15715 Largest Cities of Belgium on a Map
148rivers in belgium
145Club Brugge Best Scorer By Year
144Historical Timeline of Belgium
142Anderlecht Best Scorer By Year
141Belgium's trading partners
138Euro 2020 Quarter Finals - Belgium - Italy
137Stromae Songs
134Euro 2020 Round of 16 - Belgium - Portugal
132Belgium National Football Team 2015
127Belgian World Cup Football Team (2014)
119The Belgian Empire
118Historical Figures of Belgium
111Wales - Belgium UEFA Euro 2016 - Quarter Finals
110Brussels Airlines Terminated Destinations
110Communities of Belgium with a Map
109Biggest Cities in Belgium
108Communes de Bruxelles sur une Carte.
104Belgium national team squad for FIFA world cup 2018
103Biggest train stations in Belgium
101Best of Belgium Picture Quiz
100Belgium Pre-Euros 2016 Squad
100Largest Municipalities in BELGIUM by First Letter
99Guess the cyclist - Belgium edition!
97Biggest Trading Partners - Belgium
92The Alphabet of Belgium (A-Z)
91Belgium vs croatia
892022 FIFA World Cup Group F - Croatia - Belgium
88Countries Closest to Belgium - One Minute Sprint
88Anderlecht Champions League XIs
87Capitals of the Countries Bordering Belgium
86Trappist beer
84Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest
812022 FIFA World Cup Group F - Belgium - Morocco
80Highest Goalscorers in International Football for Belgium
78Euro 2020 Group B - Denmark - Belgium
76Belgium 2018 World Cup Squad
72Flags of the Provinces of Belgium
70Tintin books and charcters.
69Belgian soccer players scoring during the UEFA Euro
69Monarchs and their Descendants - Belgium
69Belgium World Cup Squad 2018
68Belgium`s 2018 World Cup squad
67Countries Bordering Belgium
65Footballers by Picture - Belgium
65Countries Closest to Belgium - 15 Second Sprint
64Belgium - Ireland UEFA Euro 2016
61Most Appearances & Goals at the FIFA World Cup for Belgium
602022 FIFA World Cup Group F - Belgium - Canada
60Hard Brussels Quiz
57Belgium through the ages
56Standard Liège Best Scorer By Year
56Hungary - Belgium UEFA Euro 2016 - Round Of 16
55Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest
52Countries Closest to Belgium - 30 Second Sprint
49Euro 2020 Group B - Belgium - Russia
49The governments of Belgium
48Sweden - Belgium UEFA Euro 2016
48Flemish Provinces on a map
45Most popular Flemish political parties in 2019
40Euro 2020 Group B - Finland - Belgium
39Belgian Regions by Coat of Arms
38Biggest Cities in Belgium
3630 Benelux Musical Acts by Songs
34Most popular baby names in Belgium
33Walloon provinces on a map
31Trappist Beers
29Most popular Flemish political parties in 2014
26Trappist beers
25Tintin Title Names
24Trappist beers around the world
21Tintin Books
19Top 5 Tennis Grand Slam Belgian Women's Players in Open Era
15Tintin Comics
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