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13050 biggest cities in the Netherlands
130Biggest Cities in "N" Countries
130Biggest Cities in Ireland
129Biggest Cities in "M" Countries
129Japanese 30 Large City
128Largest Cities in Czechia
127Largest Cities & Towns in BULGARIA by First Letter
1275 Biggest Cities : Sweden
1265 Largest cities in Senegal
126Biggest Cities in "A" Countries
126Biggest Cities in the Dominican Republic
126Biggest Cities in Poland • A-Z
126Largest cities in Romania
125Biggest Cities in Countries A-Z
12530 Biggest Cities in Czech Republic
125Biggest Cities in "S" Countries
1245 Biggest Cities : Slovenia
12430 Biggest Cities in Belarus
124Largest Cities in Argentina
124Biggest Cities in Norway Quiz
123Largest Cities in Chile
123Biggest Cities in Honduras
122European Countries by % of Population in Biggest City
12210 Biggest Cities in Egypt
121Largest Metropolises in Nauru
12110 Biggest Cities in Cameroon
121Cities & Settlements of Namibia (With Map)
12110 Biggest Cities in Order: China
120Biggest Cities in Iran Quiz
11910 Biggest Cities in Nicaragua, Madagascar and Serbia
119[AdyXD] - Largest cities in Italy
118All 1M+ Cities in Nigeria
1185 Biggest Cities : Australia
118Belarus largest cities
118Top 50 - Largest City in Each Country Beginning With 'T'
1185 Biggest Cities : Portugal
11830 Biggest Cities in Japan
11810 Largest Cities in Zimbabwe
1185 Biggest Cities : France
118Biggest Cities in Afghanistan
117Major Greek City States
117Biggest Cities in Indonesia Quiz
115All 1M+ Cities in Brazil
115Largest cities in Armenia
115Largest cities in Moldova
115Five Biggest Cities by German-Speaking Country
115Largest 10 Localities in Malta by Population (as at 2013)
114Biggest cities in Montenegro
11310 Biggest Cities in Colombia
113Cities in northern Poland (with Map!)
1125 Biggest Cities : Ireland
1125 Biggest Cities : Kenya
1115 Biggest Cities : Luxembourg
111Biggest Cities in Indonesia
11130 Biggest Cities in Denmark
11110 Biggest Cities in Order: Canada
111Most populated cities of the Netherlands
111Biggest Cities in Cyprus
11010 Largest Cities in Albania by Population
109Biggest Cities in South Africa
1095 Biggest Cities : Iraq
109Biggest Cities as a Percent of their Country
1085 Biggest Cities : Brazil
10810 Biggest Cities in Order: France
108Largest cities in Bulgaria
1085 Biggest Cities : China
107100 Biggest Cities in New Zealand
107Largest cities in Madagascar
107Cities In Belarus Map Quiz
10710 Most Populous Cities in Germany
10610 Biggest Cities in Order: Switzerland
1065 Biggest Cities : Lithuania
106Every 50k+ City in the United States
10610 Biggest Cities in the Czech republic
106Biggest Cities in the Philippines Quiz
106Biggest Cities in Pakistan
1055 Biggest Cities : Burma
105Largest cities in Kosovo
105Largest cities in Mauritius
10525 Biggest Cities in France
105Biggest Cities in Guyana on a Map
10410 Most Populous Cities in Germany (extra time)
1045 Biggest Cities : New Zealand
104Biggest Cities in Belgium
10410 Bigges Cities in Ukraine
104Biggest Cities in Taiwan
1035 Biggest Cities : Albania
102Largest cities in Uganda
101The 30 most populous cities in Canada
101Biggest Cities in Nigeria
101Biggest Coastal Cities of China
100Biggest cities in Switzerland
100Cities by clues: Germany
10010 Biggest Cities in Order: Island of Ireland
9910 Biggest Cities in Sudan
98Biggest Cities in Djibouti
98Largest cities of Somalia
98Biggest Cities in "T" Countries
98Biggest Australian Cities A-Z
98100 Largest Cities in Mexico
98Biggest Cities in "P" Countries
97Biggest Cities in "I" Countries - Not India
97Largest Municipalities in ROMANIA by First Letter
9730 Biggest Cities in Germany 2019
97Oceanian Countries by Largest Non-Capital City
96Most Populous Cities in Australia
96Biggest Cities in Nigeria
9610 Biggest Cities in Ecuador
96Largest cities in Tuvalu
965 Biggest Cities : Egypt
95Largest Cities In Mexico
95Largest cities in Cameroon
94Largest Cities in Pakistan
9410 Biggest Cities in Cambodia
94Largest cities in Tonga
935 Biggest Cities : Bangladesh
93Ten Biggest Cities in the Philippines in Population
935 Biggest Cities : Japan
93Biggest Cities in Poland - Extreme
92Biggest Cities in the Republic of Congo
92Cities of Portugal On a Map
9210 Biggest Cities in Myanmar
92U.S. Metro Areas With Population > 1 Million
92Top 10 Vietnamese cities by population
915 Biggest Cities : Cuba
9110 Biggest Cities in Order: Russia
91All 1M+ Cities in Japan
91All 100k Cities of Colombia - With a Map
90Top 50 -- Largest City in Each Country Beginning With 'B'
90Biggest Cities in Qatar
9010 Biggest Cities: Mexico
89Biggest Cities in Afghanistan
895 biggest cities in Israel / 5הערים הגדולות בישראל
8910 Biggest Cities in Tanzania
88Biggest Cities in Sierra Leone
88Largest Cities in Indonesia
8810 Biggest Cities in Order: Israel
87Largest cities in Laos
87Largest cities in Benin
865 Biggest Cities : Belarus
86Biggest Cities in Guinea
86Biggest Cities in Zambia Quiz
8610 Biggest Cities in Kenya
8520 biggest nordic urban areas
85Indian Cities over 5 Million
85Biggest cities in Denmark (50k)
84Biggest cities in Japan
83Top 10 New Zealand Cities by population
83Biggest Cities in "G" Countries
8350 Biggest Towns in New Zealand
83Biggest Cities in Germany
8310 Biggest Cities in Order: Japan
83Largest cities in Eritrea
83Biggest 100 Cities in Australia
82Largest Cities in Kazakhstan by Population
82Largest cities in Sweden
8275 Biggest Cities in India
82Most Populated Cities in China With a Million People
82Largest Cities in Finland
82Largest cities in Greece
81Top 65 Biggest Cities in Saudi Arabia
81Biggest Cities in Tajikistan
805 Biggest Cities : El Salvador
80Countries by % of Population in Biggest City
80Largest Cities in Canada (Top 100)
805 Biggest Cities : Bolivia
80Largest Cities in Nigeria
79Countries by Smallest % of Population in Biggest City
79Biggest Cities in Israel
79Biggest Cities in South Korea Quiz
79Largest cities in Albania
79Biggest Cities in Turkey
795 Biggest Cities : Libya
79Biggest Cities in India by Letter - A
79Largest Municipalities in NORWAY by First Letter
79100 Biggest Cities Poland 2018
78China top ten cities (population)
78Largest Cities in Luxembourg
78Biggest Cities in Kyrgyzstan
78Largest Cities in Netherlands within 20 km
78All 1M+ Cities in Mexico
77Biggest Cities in Suriname on a Map
775 Biggest Cities : Afghanistan
77Largest cities in Belarus
7710 Most Populous Cities in Japan
77Biggest Cities in Norway • A-Å
76Largest cities in Sao Tome and Principe
76Municipalities of Liechtenstein
7610 Biggest Cities in Order: South Africa
76Top 50 Largest City in Each Country Beginning With 'P'
7610 Biggest Cities in Uganda
76Top 20 Largest Cities in Greenland
76Top 10 Malaysian cities by population
75Largest Cities in Norway
75Top 10 North Korean cities by population
7510 Biggest Cities in Order: South Korea
7510 Most Populated Cities In Switzerland
75Largest Towns in the United Kingdom
74Largest cities in Southern Africa
74Top 20 Most Populated Cities in Chile