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We compiled a list of the 20 countries with the longest coastlines. How many can you name?
Name the countries that have the longest coastlines in the continent of Europe.
Type the names of two bordering countries to make their border appear. In addition, type the names of borderless countries to make them appear as well.
Name the 15 highlighted seas on the world map.
There are 9 countries that come into contact with the Baltic Sea. Can you name them all?
Can you name the oceans, seas, gulfs, bays and straits pictured on this map?
How many of the world's longest rivers can you name?
Can you name the five countries that have the longest coastlines within each continent?
Can you name these well-known rivers based on a description?
Name the countries that have the longest coastlines in the continent of Asia.
Name the "seas" of the world that touch the most countries.
341,962 Countries with the Longest Coastlines
108,785 Top 10 European Countries by Coastline
102,323 Draw All Country Borders and Borderless Countries
98,919 Seas on the World Map
89,373 Countries That Touch the Baltic Sea
87,018 Seas of the World
82,034 World's Longest Rivers
79,771 Famous Rivers
78,898 Seas that Touch the Most Countries
77,924 Five Countries with the Longest Coastline by Continent
74,353 Top 10 Asian Countries by Coastline
71,634 Seas of Europe
68,623 North Sea Countries
66,943 Biggest Lakes in the World
62,980 World's Longest Rivers on a Map
62,432 Name a Valid Country Bordering Each Sea
62,413 American Countries With No Atlantic Coastline
61,603 Top 10 American Countries by Coastline
59,075 Countries With No Rivers
56,931 Countries That Touch the Adriatic Sea
54,354 Trace the Coast of Europe with a Map
52,252 Bay of Bengal Countries With an Empty Map
49,721 Black Sea Countries
49,538 Countries Closest to the Aegean Sea
49,289 Bodies of Water by Satellite Image #1
48,581 African Great Lake Countries with an Empty Map
47,263 Biggest City by River
47,158 Countries Farthest From the Sea
46,878 South China Sea Countries
46,152 Countries with the Shortest Coastlines
42,554 Caspian Sea Countries
42,505 Top 10 U.S. States with the Longest Coastline
42,409 100 Longest Rivers in Europe - with a Map
41,592 Countries That Touch the Red Sea
41,364 Trace the Coast of Afro-Eurasia with a Map
40,802 Mississippi River States Empty Map Quiz
40,525 100 Rivers on a World Map
40,241 Top 10 African Countries by Coastline
39,158 Mekong River Countries Empty Map Quiz
37,970 Rivers of The United States Quiz
37,878 Great Lakes Quiz
37,559 Capital Cities by Body of Water
36,518 Nile River Basin Countries on a Map
36,477 Rivers of Europe Quiz
36,243 Trace the Coast of the Americas with a Map
35,357 Trace the Coast of the World Map
33,139 Rivers and Lakes whose Names are Countries
32,937 Most Populous River Basins
31,948 Rivers that Flow through the Most Countries
29,990 Major U.S. Rivers with State Names
29,522 Amazon... or Nile?
29,143 10 Longest Rivers in the United States
28,915 Bodies of Water around the Arabian Peninsula
28,575 Capitals by River
28,440 Rivers A-Z
25,374 Biggest Great Lakes Cities
25,300 Answers Contain Sea
25,173 Draw the Coast of the Mediterranean on the Map
24,455 States and Provinces that Touch the Great Lakes
22,299 Cities on the Mediterranean Sea by a Clue
22,140 Bodies of Water by Cities
22,044 African Great Lakes
21,708 City to River #1
21,593 UK Rivers Map Quiz
21,505 Name a Valid Country for Each River
21,171 Gulfs and Bays on the World Map
20,459 Rivers on Borders
20,118 Trace the Coast and International Borders of the USA
19,981 Famous Lakes Quiz
19,818 Rivers by City Quiz
18,577 Indian Ocean General Knowledge
17,279Texas Rivers Map Quiz
16,862 Atlantic Ocean General Knowledge
16,554 Largest Lakes in the United States on a Map
16,513The Five Oceans Map Quiz
16,409 U.S. State Capitals Closest to the Great Lakes
15,649 Bodies of Water by Satellite Image #2
14,714 Name the Sea from a Clue
12,190 Lakes in the United States Quiz
12,134 Largest Rivers by Discharge
11,612 City to River #2 - Difficult
11,574 U.S. States Bordering the Great Lakes
11,564 Rivers in History
11,305 Longest Rivers in the UK
10,190 U.S. State Capitals Closest to the Mississippi River
6,511Bodies of Water on the World Map
5,04250 Rivers on a World Map
4,975Countries with the Longest Coastline Bordering Each Other
4,588Great Lakes - Map Quiz
4,194Seas of the World - Map Quiz
3,518Major Rivers of the World - Source US Dept of Commerce, NOAA
3,465Oregon Rivers - Map Quiz
3,449Straits on the World Map
3,439Five Countries with the Shortest Coastline by Continent
3,430Baltic Sea Countries with an Empty Map
3,336100 Longest Rivers in North America - with a Map
3,200Largest River Basins by Area on a Map
3,138Trace the Coast of Europe by Guessing the Biggest Cities
3,056US States along the coastline and border
2,961European Bodies of Water (with Map!)
2,864Countries Closest to the Red Sea
2,811Ultimate Rivers of the UK (with map)
2,569Trace the coast of the world (Hard(no map))
2,486World's Longest Rivers
2,41550 Longest Rivers in the World
2,353German Rivers on a Map
2,262Countries with a Longer Coastline than Their Neighbors
2,214Biggest countries with the smallest coastline
2,004River Deltas on the Map
1,935World's Dirtiest Rivers
1,925Longest rivers in Poland
1,881Countries that Touch the Most Seas
1,834Longest Rivers in Countries
1,810Five Longest Rivers by Continent
1,757Flags of Countries That Border the North Sea
1,742Landlocked Countries Whose Only Borders are with Countries With Coastlines
1,717UK Cities, Towns & their Rivers (with map)
1,707Rivers of Great Britain
1,669Rivers in the Map of Europe
1,614Countries with shortest coastline
1,603Countries with the Most Lakes
1,595100 Biggest Natural Lakes in Europe with a Map
1,567Rivers by Country
1,518Name a Valid Country on Each River
1,512Countries with the longest Total Borders and Coastline
1,479Longest U.S. Rivers on a Map - Easy
1,444Seas on the Map of Europe
1,375Sequential US Rivers and Cities
1,363Countries Bordering the Aegean Sea - Map Quiz
1,330World Rivers Map Quiz
1,328Countries with multiple coastlines
1,311Rivers of Russia
1,303100 Longest Rivers in South America - with a Map
1,282Famous Lakes on a World Map
1,24550 Largest Lakes in the World Quiz
1,202Countries Bordering the Indian Ocean Empty Map Quiz
1,186Seas of the World
1,171Mainland Countries with the Shortest Coastlines
1,171All Mediterranean seas
1,138Groups of Countries By Bordering Sea #1
1,083Countries with Highest Coast-to-Land Border Ratio
1,067Countries with the most long rivers
1,035Small Countries with the Most Coastline - with Exceptions
1,009Countries with less than 100km of Coastline
1,009Danube River Basin Countries on a Map
1,005Sequential Cities in the Nile River Basin
991Countries without coastline
986Biggest rivers in the world by drainage basins area
983Three Real and One Fake - Friends
983Longest Rivers in the US
973Mississippi Basin Rivers on a Map - Extreme
965Countries by River
951100 Longest Rivers in Africa - with a Map
932Croatian rivers
888Countries named after rivers
875Mississippi-Missouri Basin States and Provinces
87440 Lakes on the World Map
870Countries that Block Other Countries from Water
854Longest rivers in Europe
820Baltic Sea General Knowledge
790Huge List of U.S. Bodies of Water
786Largest Countries with the Least Coastline
777Niger River Countries
75710 Largest Lakes in North America
754Top 5 Longest Rivers by Continent
744Five Countries With the Longest Coastline by Continent
739A River Doesn't Run Through It
726Rivers that Form State Borders
725Caribbean Sea General Knowledge
723Countries by coastline per capita
679Countries with the highest coastline:area ratio
669German Rivers on a Map
667Countries with Longest Coastlines by Continent
664Answers Contain "Bay"
653Name a Valid Body of Water
641Longest Rivers in the United States in the Map Quiz
638Five Biggest Countries by River
639Lakes A-Z
632Rivers of the 25 Largest American Cities
614Rivers running through capital cities
611Great Lakes States and Provinces With an Empty Map
609Cities on Random European Rivers on a Map
607Countries Bordering Adriatic Sea - Map Quiz
607Lakes on World Map
596Top 10 Deepest Lakes In The World
591US States with NO coastline
590U.S. Cities Separated By Rivers
589Name a Valid River
582US states by coastline
582Biggest rivers in Serbia
579Play Scrabble by Guessing Species of Walrus
578Cross the River
572Black Sea General Knowledge
571Countries with Longest Maximum Distances to the Ocean
555Countries Bordering the Four Color Seas
552Black Sea Cities on a Map
548Arctic Ocean General Knowledge
546Cities in the Colorado River Basin on a Map
544Countries along Americas coastline
541Lakes by Shape
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