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Can you name the biggest cities in England for these years in history?
There are 134 different counties in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Can you guess them all with the help of a map?
Will be tough unless you're British.
Question #1: What is the main river flowing through London?
Answer these random questions about the geography of the United Kingdom and its territories.
Question #1: What are the two largest Scottish lochs?
Can you name the cities in the United Kingdom which have held official city status for the longest period of time?
Can you fill in the map by naming these 66 clans based on their traditional territorial holdings in the Scottish mainland and the Hebrides?
Can you answer these questions about the geography of Scotland?
Guess these British geographical places and things, one for each letter of the alphabet.
Hello mate. Use the map and answer key to find these answers related to the geography and history of the United Kingdom.
85,059 Biggest English Cities by Century
77,018 Counties of the UK and Ireland
60,147 British Places A-Z
41,077 British Geography Quiz #1
24,675 British Geography Quiz #2
24,131 British Geography Quiz #3
19,392 Oldest Cities in the United Kingdom
16,837 Geography of Scotland
16,640 Scottish Clans
15,823 British Geography A-Z
8,609 Country Quiz on a Map - United Kingdom
3,840Most Common UK Street Names
3,581Random Cities of the United Kingdom on a Map
2,440Random Sequential English Counties on a Map
2,377Geography of Wales
2,186Districts of England on a Map
1,975English Rivers
1,971Random Counties of the British Isles on a Map
1,911UK Geography General Knowledge #1
1,815Largest Inhabited Islands of Britain
1,782Geography of England
1,781Rivers of Great Britain
1,766Counties of the British Isles by First Two Letters
1,666UK Local Authorities Map
1,471Counties of England With An Empty Map
1,291English Geography A-Z
1,288Whisky Regions of Scotland Map
1,278Name a UK City A-Z
1,170British Overseas Territories Quiz
1,073Every Town in Suffolk
994British Geographic Groups of Things
944UK Landmarks Map Quiz
889The Lake District
886Random English City or Town to County
874British Geography Quiz #4
862English Counties flag quiz
84250 Most Common Street Names in the UK
782Channel Islands on a Map
749Biggest town/city in each English county
744Which City in England?
737Exits of the London M25 Motorway (map)
679Map of England without 10 Random Counties
650British Isles Map
602Every Essex Parish (With Map)
587UK Postcode Area with Single Letter
568Landlocked Counties of England
554United Kingdom Geography A-Z
553The British Isles - Map Quiz
531Rivers through UK Cities and Towns
430Random UK Cities on a Map
426Longest Rivers in Scotland Map
407UK Overseas Territories
386England County Quiz - Cornwall
377Which County in England...?
374Orkney Islands
357UK Geography (Tile Select)
346England County Quiz - Leicestershire
344British Isles Map (easier version)
343English Lake District:16 Largest (with map)
342England County Quiz - Hampshire
337UK National Parks and AONBs (with map)
318Click the UK Motorway
286UK Postcode Areas
269Lancashire County Quiz
267Monarch Countries
266British Geography by Letter - S
263Random Counties in England on a Map
260England County Quiz - Somerset
259England County Quiz - Kent
253British Geography by Letter - M
250British Geography by Letter - C
247England County Quiz - County of Bristol
245England County Quiz - Norfolk
238British Geography by Letter - B
234Events in Great Britain - Name the Venue
230England County Quiz - Derbyshire
226England County Quiz - Devon
216Scotland Council Quiz - Aberdeen City
217England County Quiz - Gloucestershire
216Glasgow Parks Map
215Click the British Landmark
210England County Quiz - Essex
209England County Quiz - Cumbria
203UK Cities and Towns by Clue
202UK Place Name Chain Game
199England County Quiz - Dorset
192British Geography by Letter - A
190England County Quiz - Lincolnshire
190England County Quiz - Lancashire
189England County Quiz - West Yorkshire
185England County Quiz - Hertfordshire
184England County Quiz - Northamptonshire
181England County Quiz - Nottinghamshire
181England County Quiz - North Yorkshire
181England County Quiz - Cambridgeshire
180England County Quiz - Greater Manchester
176English Towns - Which County? (map)
170England County Quiz - Greater London
170England County Quiz - West Sussex
169UK Town and City Chain - 1
168Scotland Council Quiz - Glasgow City
163New UK Cities
158British geography superlatives
157England County Quiz - County Durham
156UK Birthplaces of Famous People (with map)
156England County Quiz - Merseyside
156England County Quiz - Oxfordshire
156England County Quiz - Suffolk
155Battlefields of Britain (with map)
154England County Quiz - Wiltshire
153England County Quiz - Cheshire
151Scotland Council Quiz - City of Edinburgh
149England County Quiz - South Yorkshire
148England County Quiz - East Sussex
148England County Quiz - Berkshire
148England County Quiz - Buckinghamshire
147England County Quiz - Surrey
146England County Quiz - City of London
144England County Quiz - Northumberland
144England County Quiz - Warwickshire
143UK Town and City Chain - 2
140Land's End to John o'Groats Road Trip (map)
140Highest peaks in the English ceremonial counties
140England County Quiz - Tyne & Wear
139England County Quiz - West Midlands
134British Cities in the Answer
133UK Town and City Chain - 3
130England County Quiz - Bedfordshire
126England County Quiz - Isle of Wight
125United Kingdom or Great Britain?
118Biggest British Islands cities within 100 km, with a map
115England County Quiz - Shropshire
115British Geography by Letter - L
114Scottish Clans to Map
111British Geography by Letter - G
111England County Quiz - Herefordshire
107Scotland Council Quiz - Aberdeenshire
107UK Town and City Chain - 4
104Scotland Council Quiz - Dundee City
101Scotland Council Quiz - Fife
98Ultimate English Lake District (with map)
93Click the English County
91England County Quiz - East Riding of Yorkshire
88UK Town and City Chain - 5
88London Parks to Map
84English Towns and Cities by Unrelated Clue
82Click - England, Scotland, Wales or N. Ireland?
81England County Quiz - Worcestershire
75Scotland Council Quiz - Stirling
74Scotland Council Quiz - Dumfries and Galloway
72England County Quiz - Staffordshire
71Scotland Council Quiz - Falkirk
71Glasgow Parks to Map
68The Midlands on a Map
67Scotland Council Quiz - Highland
66England County Quiz - Rutland
62Scotland Council Quiz - East Ayrshire
62Scotland Council Quiz - East Lothian
58Scotland Council Quiz - Argyll and Bute
56Scotland Council Quiz - South Ayrshire
55Scotland Council Quiz - East Renfrewshire
54Scotland Council Quiz - Perth and Kinross
54Scotland Council Quiz - South Lanarkshire
54British Geography by Letter - D
52Scotland Council Quiz - North Ayrshire
49Unusual Place Names in the UK
49Scotland Council Quiz - Scottish Borders
48Scotland Council Quiz - Angus
48Scotland Council Quiz - Shetland Islands
47Scotland Council Quiz - Orkney Islands
47Coastal Counties of England
46Scotland Council Quiz - East Dunbartonshire
46Scotland Council Quiz - West Lothian
45Scotland Council Quiz - Inverclyde
44Scotland Council Quiz - Midlothian
43Scotland Council Quiz - North Lanarkshire
43Scotland Council Quiz - Renfrewshire
43Scotland Council Quiz - Clackmannanshire
41UK Town and City Trivia - Newcastle
41Scotland Council Quiz - Western Isles
40British Geography by Letter - H
38UK Town and City Trivia - Birmingham
37Wales County Quiz - Gwynedd
36Scotland Council Quiz - Moray
31Landlocked Counties of England
29Wales County Quiz - Clwyd
29Wales County Quiz - Dyfed
27Scotland Council Quiz - West Dunbartonshire
27Wales County Quiz - Gwent
27UK Town and City Trivia - Norwich
26Wales County Quiz - South Glamorgan
24UK Town and City Trivia - Liverpool
24UK Town and City Trivia - Portsmouth
23UK Town and City Trivia - Belfast
22Wales County Quiz - Powys
21Wales County Quiz - Mid Glamorgan
19Largest Towns of Worcestershire on a Map
18UK Town and City Trivia - York
18UK Town and City Trivia - Exeter
16Wales County Quiz - West Glamorgan
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