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Can you guess the names of the kings and queens who have ruled England since the time of the Norman conquest?
Do you have what it takes to name all 34 of Shakespeare's plays?
There are 56 member states in the Commonwealth of Nations, sometimes known as the British Commonwealth. How many can you name?
The United Kingdom / Great Britain has declared war 22 times on 14 unique countries. What are the countries?
Can you name the biggest cities in England for these years in history?
Name the countries where King Charles III is currently the ceremonial head of state.
Can you answer these 20 easy questions about the history of Great Britain?
Eleven different royal houses have ruled England since the time of the Norman conquest. How many can you name?
Try to guess the most common names given to baby girls in England and Wales in the year 1850.
Can you name all of King Henry VIII's wives?
Name the countries that have been most-visited by Queen Elizabeth II as part of an official state or commonwealth visit.
390,268 English Monarchs Quiz
312,574 Shakespeare's Plays Quiz
208,112 Commonwealth of Nations Countries
102,218 Countries the UK Declared War On
88,110 Biggest English Cities by Century
66,730 Countries "Ruled" by King Charles III
55,655 British History Quiz for Dummies
46,370 Houses of British Monarchs
45,629 Top 100 UK Baby Girls' Names in 1850
42,238 Wives of King Henry VIII
42,166 English First Names of the Middle Ages
41,899 Countries Most-Visited By Queen Elizabeth II
39,799 British History Multiple Choice #1
38,266 Medieval English History
31,974 English Royal Consorts
31,090 The Reign of Queen Elizabeth II
30,311 British History True or False
28,493 British History A-Z
28,254 Embarrassing Chapters in British History
26,219 British History Multiple Choice #2
25,574 Geography of the British Empire
24,515 The Reign of Henry VIII
22,626 History of London
22,329 The Reign of Elizabeth I
22,149 Elizabeth I... or Elizabeth II?
21,579 People in Pictures with Queen Elizabeth II
21,577 Animals in British History
21,006 Former Dominions of the British Empire
20,458 The Reign of Queen Victoria
20,002 Oldest Cities in the United Kingdom
18,871 Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms of England
18,095 History of Scotland
17,544 Giant Great Britain Millennium Quiz
16,974 British History - How Did They Die?
16,915 British Royal Titles
16,258 Three Real and One Fake - British History
12,977United Kingdom Overseas Territories
12,206 Places Where Winston Churchill Said We Would Fight the Nazis
11,759 People Buried at Westminster Abbey
10,989 Name a Valid Answer - British History
10,673 The Life of Winston Churchill
8,702Kings and Queens of England and the United Kingdom
8,097Countries Of The British Empire
7,463 Anglo-Saxon and Viking Kings of England
6,917 Did You Even Watch - The Crown?
6,267History of British Monarchs
4,898Trace the Route of Francis Drake on a Map
4,789Royal Air Force and Royal Navy Aircraft of WW2
4,420Big Tudor Quiz
4,371Former Colonies of the British Empire
4,26620 Greatest Battles in British History
4,162Kings and Queens of England
3,989Kings and Queens of Britain - Wives and Husbands
3,870British History A-Z Picture Quiz
3,692English Monarchs - Anglo-Saxon to British
3,598History of England
3,586British Dominions and Commonwealth Realms with a Map
3,243English/British History
3,027Top 100 in the Line of Succession to the British Throne
2,934Countries that are not invited to Queen Elizabeth II's funeral
2,833Countries of the British Isles in 867
2,822English Kings and Queens
2,635Largest English Towns & Cities Through History
2,159British Politics
1,949British Princesses by Marriage since 1714. (British Royal Family)
1,893Giant Great Britain 20th Century Quiz
1,825British History A-Z #2
1,793House of Windsor Family Tree
1,752Countries to have gained independence from the U.K.
1,750All British Empire Countries
1,643British History Quiz
1,633Territories of the British Empire in 1920
1,548British History by Letter - B
1,534History of the United Kingdom
1,401British Monarchs by Picture
1,386British History by Letter - C
1,329Biggest Cities in the British Empire on a Map
1,30620 Random English Monarchs
1,278Longest and Shortest Reigning UK Monarchs
1,255Queen Elizabeth's Prime Ministers
1,262 British Prime Ministers by Clue
1,232100 Biggest Cities of the British Empire in 1921 with a Map
1,211Sir Winston Churchill quotes
1,154History of Wales Quiz
1,146British History by Letter - S
1,140Fill the Royal Arms with British Monarchs
1,135Monarchs of England, Great Britain, and the UK
1,129British Royal Family
1,12850 Biggest Cities in England under William the Conqueror with Map
1,106Remaining Roman Settlements in Britian
1,093British Royal Family Quiz : Pictures
1,041The Seven Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms
1,013Countries Most Visited By King Charles III
1,005UK History Picture Quiz - A
992British History by Letter - T
990Reigning Royalty Descended from Queen Victoria and King Christian IX
989British Royalty: Years of Accession
979Children of Queen Victoria and Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
976British History by Letter - G
941English Monarchs Since 802 CE
930Countries That Weren't Invaded by Britain
927Queen Elizabeth's Children
918The Troubles - Northern Ireland Conflict
877Countries Great Britain Colonized
872British History by Letter - D
862The Queens Of England
84510 longest reigning British monarchs
808Queen Elizabeth II: One Question Per Year Of Her Reign
807Queen Elizabeth II quiz
806Children of British Monarchs #6 - Tudor
806British History by Letter - A
784Relatives of Queen Elizabeth II
775The only remaining English monarch . . .
745British Monarchy Causes of Death
743English Monarchs by Picture
740All World Capitals Ever Controlled by the British
707WW2 British planes.
701Dynasties of England
678Kings and Queens UK
645Children of British Monarchs - Windsor & Future Monarchs
625History of Britain
611English Monarchs - History Picture Quiz
595British History by Letter - E
594King Charles III
593Countries Queen Elizabeth II has visited
588British History by Letter - W
569British History by Letter - M
555Children of British Monarchs #8 - Hanover
547The English Civil Wars
547British History by Letter - H
533British History by Letter - L
533British Kings and Queens
516Independence by Date from the United Kingdom
510Children of British Monarchs #3 - Plantagenet & Anjou
502British History by Letter - P
500British History by Letter - F
494Reign of Queen Victoria
487Children of British Monarchs #7 - Stuart
480Children of British Monarchs #9 - Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
469British History by Letter - N
468English Monarchs since Alfred The Great
460Queen Elizabeth I
453British History by Letter - R
448Giant Great Britain 18th Century Quiz
435British Empire
424British History by Letter - K
425Kings and Queens of England
418Children of British Monarchs #5 - York
416British History by Letter - J
414All Countries Once Ruled by Queen Elizabeth II
408Children of British Monarchs #1 - Normandy
401British History by Letter - V
401British History by Letter - I
399AS History (Tudors)
388Battles of the Wars of the Roses
384British History by Letter - U
385Kings and Queens of England and the United Kingdom (924 A.D. - present)
367Children of British Monarchs #4 - Lancaster
356British History by Letter - X Y Z
350British History by Letter - O
346Largest British Colony Countries
330British Railway Companies - Pre Nationalisation
323U.S. Presidents That Have Met Queen Elizabeth II
306Rightful successors to the throne of England
305Children of British Monarchs #2 - Blois
295Fill the Royal Arms with English Monarchs
292The Reign of George III
286Largest Cities in the Thirteen Colonies
285British History by Letter - Q
280Monarchs and their Descendants - United Kingdom (2022-Present)
272Click the English Monarchs in Order
255The Reign of Charles III
231Kings and Queens of England/ UK
226Countries Queen Elizabeth II has made state visits to
225Monarchy of the United Kingdom A-Z #1
206Henry VIII
205People Pictured with Queen Elizabeth II
196Countries Run by Queen Elizabeth II
194British African Colonies
194Picture Quiz: Statues of Famous British People
187Descendants of Queen Elizabeth II
186Giant Great Britain 19th Century Quiz
185Countries that Bordered the British Empire
165Countries Visited by Queen Elizabeth II
161Victorian Celebrities by Image
159Battlefields of Britain (with map)
153Winston Churchill's World War II Speech
152Prime Ministers During the Reign of Charles III
141Winston Churchill A-Z
139Kings of Wessex from 802-1066 CE
136kings and queens of Britain
136Countries Winston Churchill visited
126British Monarchs, Reigns and Houses
120Actors Who Portrayed English Monarchs
120Fill the Commonwealth Flag with Nations
116Kings and Queens of England and the UK
116Monarchs and their Descendants - United Kingdom (1952-2022)
113Names of former British Colonies and Protectorates
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