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304,424 Prime Ministers of the UK
27,108 British Citizenship Test
14,098All UK Parliament Constituencies on a Map
7,563 The Margaret Thatcher Premiership
4,757UK Citizenship Test
3,497UK Prime Ministers Since WW2
3,433All UK Parliament Constituencies
2,550Prime Ministers of the UK - One Minute Sprint
2,153Top 20 Most Famous British Prime Ministers
1,941British Politics
1,881British Prime Ministers by Picture
1,667Prime Ministers of the UK (after 1900)
1,450British Labour Party leaders
1,442Current British Members of Parliament
1,366The Brexit Quiz - Multiple Choice
1,280Current UK Cabinet
1,255Political Parties in the UK
1,237Name a Valid British Prime Minister
1,184British Prime Ministers' First Names
1,158Major Parties of Northern Ireland
1,152British Prime Minister Trivia
1,124British Cabinet Posts
1,059Current UK Members of Parliament 2018: UK Politics
1,033Queen Elizabeth's Prime Ministers
902Random 20 UK Prime Ministers
856UK General Election 2010 Parties
819UK Parliament Constituencies: England (no greater London)
751UK General Election 2015
650Insane Moments in British Politics
636UK Politics Party Leaders (1900-Present)
616UK Chancellors
606Capital Cities of Constituent Countries of the UK
566UK Cabinet Quiz (Current)
564British Politics Review of 2016
470Margaret Thatcher
469British Prime Ministers by interesting fact
436UK Prime Ministers by Picture
434British Labour Party Leaders NEVER Prime Minister
407British Foreign Secretaries
404UK Political Parties
369Greatest Prime Ministers of Great Britain
341UK Members of Parliament 2015-2017- Politics
335Labour Party MPs 2015
331Brexit A-Z
289British Members of Parliament (MPs)
272UK Chancellors of the Exchequer
254Fill in the British Prime Ministers
246Prime Ministers of Great Britain
242British Prime Ministers Turned into Cartoon Characters
218Contenders for UK Prime Minister
204The Reign of Charles III
196Prime Ministers of United Kingdom
194British Prime Ministers
182British Prime ministers Quiz
165Every UK Prime Minister
164UK Prime Ministers - full name
150British Prime Ministers of the 20th Century (by Picture)
139UK Labour Party Prime Ministers
130UK Parliament Constituencies: Northern Ireland
129Shortest Serving Modern UK Prime Ministers
116Prime Ministerial First Names
114Prime Ministers During the Reign of Charles III
106Pub, Prime Minister, University or Premier League - A UK Click Quiz
10545 Questions for 45 Days of Liz Truss
101Children of British Prime Ministers
83Fill in the Scottish First Ministers
83British Conservative Party Leaders NEVER Prime Minister
79King Charles III's Prime Ministers
74Living British Prime Ministers
73British Prime Ministers
68British Prime Ministers (Basics)
67Parties of Northern Ireland 2017-2022
67Top UK Universities
61Last Five Holders of the UK Great Offices of State
60Queen Elizabeth II's Prime Ministers
57Parties in Northern Ireland
56Birthplaces of UK Prime Ministers
51UK Great Offices of State
48Northern Ireland Heads of Government
47British Prime Ministers with Clues
31Prime Ministers of the UK by length of tenure
27Current Holders of the UK Great Offices of State
16Parliamentary Constituencies Held by British PMs
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