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322,954 Prime Ministers of the UK
29,129 British Citizenship Test
15,964All UK Parliament Constituencies on a Map
7,836 The Margaret Thatcher Premiership
4,881UK Citizenship Test
3,659All UK Parliament Constituencies
3,608UK Prime Ministers Since WW2
2,603Prime Ministers of the UK - One Minute Sprint
2,230British Prime Ministers by Picture
2,229Top 20 Most Famous British Prime Ministers
2,110British Politics
1,778Current British Members of Parliament
1,701Prime Ministers of the UK (after 1900)
1,510Political Parties in the UK
1,505The Brexit Quiz - Multiple Choice
1,467British Labour Party leaders
1,326Name a Valid British Prime Minister
1,286Current UK Cabinet
1,248British Prime Ministers' First Names
1,200Queen Elizabeth's Prime Ministers
1,192Major Parties of Northern Ireland
1,189British Prime Minister Trivia
1,138British Cabinet Posts
1,072Current UK Members of Parliament 2018: UK Politics
915Random 20 UK Prime Ministers
888UK General Election 2010 Parties
839UK Parliament Constituencies: England (no greater London)
786UK Politics Party Leaders (1900-Present)
780Insane Moments in British Politics
779UK General Election 2015
716UK Cabinet Quiz (Current)
632UK Chancellors
631Capital Cities of Constituent Countries of the UK
574British Politics Review of 2016
536British Members of Parliament (MPs)
493UK Prime Ministers by Picture
487British Prime Ministers by interesting fact
483Margaret Thatcher
467UK Political Parties
447British Labour Party Leaders NEVER Prime Minister
415British Foreign Secretaries
388Greatest Prime Ministers of Great Britain
365Brexit A-Z
343UK Members of Parliament 2015-2017- Politics
338Labour Party MPs 2015
301UK Chancellors of the Exchequer
297Fill in the British Prime Ministers
278British Prime Ministers Turned into Cartoon Characters
254Prime Ministers of Great Britain
241The Reign of Charles III
222Contenders for UK Prime Minister
207British Prime Ministers of the 20th Century (by Picture)
201Prime Ministers of United Kingdom
199British Prime Ministers
189Pub, Prime Minister, University or Premier League - A UK Click Quiz
187British Prime ministers Quiz
171Every UK Prime Minister
170Shortest Serving Modern UK Prime Ministers
169UK Prime Ministers - full name
147UK Labour Party Prime Ministers
144Prime Ministers During the Reign of Charles III
136UK Parliament Constituencies: Northern Ireland
131Prime Ministerial First Names
12545 Questions for 45 Days of Liz Truss
120Fill in the Scottish First Ministers
109Children of British Prime Ministers
103King Charles III's Prime Ministers
93All UK Cabinet Ministers under Boris Johnson (2019-2022)
87Top UK Universities
84British Conservative Party Leaders NEVER Prime Minister
83Living British Prime Ministers
82Last Five Holders of the UK Great Offices of State
76British Prime Ministers
73Queen Elizabeth II's Prime Ministers
71British Prime Ministers (Basics)
70Parties of Northern Ireland 2017-2022
64All UK Cabinet Ministers under Tony Blair (1997-2007)
60Birthplaces of UK Prime Ministers
59UK Great Offices of State
59Parties in Northern Ireland
53British Prime Ministers with Clues
50Northern Ireland Heads of Government
50All UK Cabinet Ministers under Liz Truss (2022)
45All UK Cabinet Ministers under David Cameron (2010-2016)
39Current Holders of the UK Great Offices of State
36All UK Cabinet Ministers under Theresa May (2016-2019)
36Prime Ministers of the UK by length of tenure
28All UK Cabinet Ministers under Gordon Brown (2007-2010)
28Parliamentary Constituencies Held by British PMs
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