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Played: 398,254
Rating: 4.77
Try to name the clubs in England's top football division for the 2022–23 season.
Played: 213,854
Rating: 4.89
Try to name every team from the top four tiers of English football.
Played: 155,451
Rating: 4.42
Name all the teams that have ever appeared in the English Premier League since its introduction in 1992.
Played: 136,982
Rating: 4.31
Try to name the players who have scored 100 or more goals in Premier League matches.
Played: 99,396
Rating: 4.29
Name the English soccer clubs that have won at least 10 major trophies.
Played: 95,561
Rating: 4.41
Name the "countries" that have produced the most English Premier League players.
Played: 90,843
Rating: 4.43
Try to name all the teams that have won England's FA Cup tournament.
Played: 89,907
Rating: 4.31
Can you name the Golden Boot winner from each season of the Premier League?
Played: 87,139
Rating: 4.40
Only seven different teams have won the Premiership since it started. Can you name them all?
Played: 86,564
Rating: 4.39
Name the six teams who have played in the Premier League every season since its inception.
Played: 70,373
Rating: 4.49
Name the teams that have been relegated from the English Premier League since its inception.
Played: 64,767
Rating: 4.13
Name the clubs based in Greater London that play in the top 4 flights of English Football.
Played: 62,360
Rating: 3.43
Try to guess second-names of clubs in the top four tiers of English football.
Played: 54,604
Rating: 4.93
Name the clubs which have finished in the top four of England's top football division since the foundation of the Football League in 1888.
Played: 41,207
Rating: 4.78
Name the national teams that have defeated England in either the World Cup or European championships.
Played: 39,137
Rating: 4.19
Can you name the teams of the Premier League and Football League that play in these stadiums?
Played: 36,715
Rating: 3.94
Name the players who've played the most times for England's men's national football team.
Played: 35,377
Rating: 3.83
Name all the football clubs that David Beckham played for in his professional and international career.
Played: 34,795
Rating: 4.35
Played: 33,711
Rating: 4.10
Name the top 10 Manchester United goal-scorers of all time.
Played: 32,710
Rating: 3.93
Can you guess these English, Scottish, and Welsh football teams based on their logos?
Played: 26,507
Rating: 4.29
Can you guess the cities and towns in England that have multiple teams in the Premier League and Football League?
Played: 26,460
Rating: 3.95
Try to name the top 10 Liverpool FC goalscorers of all time.
Played: 25,945
Rating: 4.04
Name the members of England's 2014 World Cup squad.
Played: 24,108
Rating: 4.11
Can you name the players on England's football team for the 2018 FIFA World Cup?
Played: 20,437
Rating: 4.49
Name the players and the manager representing England at Euro 2020.
Played: 15,480
Rating: 4.26
Possible for Americans. Easy for Brits.
Played: 14,506
Rating: 4.58
Name the players and the manager representing England at the Euro 2016.
Played: 13,641
Rating: 4.21
Name the players and the manager representing England at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
Played: 13,206
Rating: 4.83
Played: 12,889
Rating: 4.42
So far, sixteen players have been inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame. How many can you name?
Played: 11,469
Rating: 4.11
Name the players who have scored the most international goals for England.
Played: 11,429
Rating: 4.14
Played: 10,685
Rating: 4.50
Played: 10,026
Rating: 4.73
Played: 8,654
Rating: 4.54
Played: 7,768
Rating: 4.67
Played: 7,663
Rating: 4.54
Played: 7,385
Rating: 4.00
Played: 6,979
Rating: 4.64
Played: 6,958
Rating: 4.91
Played: 6,908
Rating: 4.00
Played: 6,905
Rating: 3.33
Played: 6,848
Rating: 3.67
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