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55Liverpool 2010s
55Top 10 Scorers of the Premier League - 2000s
56Sevilla - Manchester United Europa League 2019-20
55Best Chelsea players since 2010 in my HuMbLe oPiNiOn
54Top 10 Leicester PL scorers
54liverpool fc legends
54One Queens Park Rangers Player by Nation
54Every England Men's National Team Managers
54Every Player to Score for England at a Major Tournament (Since 1986)
54Bolton Wanderers Best Scorer By Year
54Liverpool F.C Quiz
53Newcastle United's Top Premier League Goalscorer Per Season
53Current Liverpool F.C Roster-Extreme
532017-18 English Premier League Teams by Home Ground Postcode
53Newcastle United Squad 18-19
53Manchester City 2020/21 Squad
53Countries by Size of Nuclear Arsenal
53All Manchester City Premier League Players Ever
53How much do you know? - Arsenal
53Top 10 Arsenal PL appearances
52Premier League Clubs (2019/20 season)
52Leicester City Champions League Players
52Every Premier League Goalscorer for Watford
52Chelsea starting 11 and subs
52Every Current Manchester City Player
522020-21 Manchester United Squad
52Liverpool Permanent Transfers
52Top 10 Manchester City Premier League Goalscorers
52Every American Top Goalscorer per Premier League Season
51Southampton: The Premier League Years
51Arsenal starting 11 and subs
51Guess the Manchester City player 1
50Every Premier League Goalscorer for Norwich City
50Every Oceanic Top Goalscorer per Premier League Season
50Every Premier League Goalscorer for Burnley
50Top 10 Sunderland Premier League Appearances
51Top 10 Southampton Premier League Appearances
50England - Russia UEFA Euro 2016
50Manchester United Squad 2020/21
50Chelsea Squad 2021/22
49Arsenal Women Squad 21/22
49Newcastle United Champions League Players
49Every Premier League Goalscorer (1998/99)
49Leicester City scorers in Premier League 2017-2018
49England Squad for UEFA Euro 2020
49Top 10 Sunderland Premier League Scorers
49Liverpool FC 2018/2019 squad
49Ipswich Town Premier League XIs
49Newcastle United- 2010s
49Chelsea 2020/21 Squad
48English Premier League Quiz (Year-by-Year)
48Top 10 Swansea City Premier League Scorers
48All Manchester City 2022-2023 Scorers
48Southampton scorers in Premier League 2016-2017
48Tottenham Hotspur 2017/18 Summer Transfers
48Arsenal Squad 2017/18
48Chelsea FC Squad 2019-2020
48All British European Cup/UEFA Champions League Winning Clubs
48Swindon Town Premier League Players
47Players that Scored the Opening Goal in a Premier League Season
47One Wigan Athletic Player by Nation
47Arsenal League Players Since 2014
47Where do they come from? - Arsenal 22/23
47Newcastle United Squad 17-18
47Arsenal 2020-21 Premier League Goalscorers
47Manchester City 2018/2019 squad
47Tottenham Hotspur Squad 2018-19
47Top 10 South African PL appearance makers
47All foreign players Arsenal FC
47Premier League Players by Missing Vowels (2)
46Players to Win the English Premier League with Multiple Clubs
46Ipswich Town: The Premier League Years
46All foreign players Manchester City
46Arsenal FC Squad 2019-20
46Wolverhampton Wanderers: The Premier League Years
46Biggest Premier League Win for Liverpool F.C.
46Every Premier League Goalscorer (1992/93)
46Every Premier League Goalscorer (1993/94)
47Manchester Derby XIs 2002-2007
46Top 10 Stoke City Premier League Appearances
46Wimbledon Premier League XIs
46Top 10 West Bromwich Albion Premier League Appearances
45Super League Logos (Rugby League)
45Euro 2020 Quarter Finals - Ukraine - England
45Every Chelsea Manager
45Where Did These 2022-2023 Players Play Before Joining Arsenal
45All Male Footballers with a Knighthood (Sir)
45Foreign footballers in PL #8 West Ham United F.C.
45Watford FC Players Since 2000
45Wigan Athletic Premier League XIs
45Arsenal Invincibles
45Swansea City: The Premier League Years
45Every Premier League Player to Score 15+ Goals in a Season
44Highest All-Time Goalscorers in Champions League For Arsenal
44Guess the Manchester City player 2
44Every Scottish Top Goalscorer per Premier League Season
44Watford: The Premier League Years
44Aston Villa's Top Premier League Goalscorer Per Season
44Newcastle's Squad for the 2022/23 Season
44Hull City Premier League XIs
44Manchester City Squad 2019-2020 (Previous Club)
44Manchester City Roster
44Top 10 Bolton Wanderers Premier League Scorers
44Sheffield United Best Scorer By Year
44Manchester United Current Squad
43Top English Goalscorer in Different Football Competitions
43Liverpool FC Squad 2019-20
43Premier League Players by Missing Vowels (3)
43Liverpool 2020 squad
43Every Primary Sponsor of the English Premier League in History
43Chelsea FC Squad 2019-20
43Every Current Liverpool Players
43Stoke City: The Premier League Years
43Arsenal First Team Squad 2016
43Manchester City Full Roster
43Arsenals 3 lions
43Top 10 Crystal Palace Premier League Appearances
43Liverpool Squad 2020/21
42Every Premier League Goalscorer for Middlesbrough
42Every Premier League Goalscorer for West Bromwich Albion
42All-Time Premier League Stat Leaders- Players (#2)
42Blackpool Premier League XIs
42Chelsea FC Current Squad
42Arsenal Premier League Top 10 Scorers
42Cardiff City Premier League XIs
42Manchester United Squad 2019-20
42Aston Villa F.C. Scorers in 2019-20 Premier League
42Top 10 Aston Villa Premier League Most Assists
42Premier League Players by Missing Vowels (4)
42Slovakia - England UEFA Euro 2016
42Picture Quiz: Statues Of British Footballers
42Picture Quiz: Statues Of British Football Managers
42English Premier & Football Leagues - Sponsored Stadia 2015-16
41British Ice Hockey Logos (EIHL)
41Manchester City squad 2021/22
41Every Premier League Goalscorer for Blackburn Rovers
41Top 15 arsenal players of all time
41Chelsea Youth since 2010 to have made a PL appearances
41Liverpool 18/19 squad
41Arsenal 2020/21 Squad
41Merseyside Derby XIs 2007-2012
41Norwich City: The Premier League Years
41Arsenal 19/20 First Team Squad
40Top 10 Watford Premier League Appearances
40All Arsenal 2022-2023 Scorers
40Former Names of English Premier and Football League teams #2
40All Manchester City Goal Scorers This Season
40Every Premier League Goalscorer for Stoke City
40West Ham football players with the most appearances
40Portsmouth Best Scorer By Year
39Leicester City Ideal Starting 11
39Liverpool Midfielders 2019/20
39Every Premier League Goalscorer (1997/98)
39Liverpool Players and Numbers
39English Premier and Football League teams formed by Merger
39Chelsea Players 19-20
39Top 10 Fulham Premier League Appearances
38Bradford City Premier League XIs
38Top Chelsea Goalscorers
38Top 10 Nottingham Forest Premier League Scorers
38Every Current Manchester United Player
38Every Premier League Goalscorer (1994/95)
38Every Premier League Goalscorer for Cardiff City
37Every Premier League Goalscorer for Swansea City
37Manchester City Squad 2020/21
37Manchester United First Team Squad
37Huddersfield Town Best Scorer By Year
37Blue Moon- Manchester City Anthem Lyrics
37Manchester City 2022/2023 xl
37Liverpool 2018-19 Squad
372017 PDC World Cup of Darts Countries
37Players With 4+ English Premier League Titles
37Manchester City Squad 2019-20
37Top 10 Coventry City Premier League Appearances
37Every Premier League Goalscorer (1995/96)
37Barcelona vs Chelsea 2006-2007
36Sheffield United: The Premier League Years
36West Ham Squad 2020-21
36Manchester Derby XIs 1992-2001
36Tottenham Hotspur Summer Transfers
36West Ham Top Goalscorers from 1970-2020
36Top 10 Southampton Premier League Most Assists
36Arsenal FC Squad 2019-2020
36Leeds United Champions League Players
36Dream team for Arsenal and Aston Villa 2020/2021
36Current Manchester United Squad
36Countries in the 2018 BDO World Darts Championships
36Sheffield Wednesday: The Premier League Years
36Leicester City Squad 2020-2021
36Leicester 9-0 Southampton
36Arsenal squad 2021/22
36come on you arsenal
36Manchester City Squad 2018-2019
36Aston Villa Squad 2020-2021
36Derby County Premier League XIs
36Sheffield United Premier League XIs
35Portsmouth: The Premier League Years
35Every Premier League Goalscorer for Sunderland
35Every Premier League Goalscorer for Ipswich Town
35Liverpool FC Current Squad