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68Chelsea 17-18 Squad
67Merseyside Derby XIs 2012-2017
67One Queens Park Rangers Player by Nation
67Current Manchester United Squad
67Liverpool F.C records
67Top Premier league goalscorer’s - Chelsea
66Top 10 Blackburn Rovers Premier League Scorers
66Guess the Manchester City player 1
67Every Premier League Winning Player with an Alliterative Name
66Top 10 Leicester City Premier League Most Assists
66Premier League Clubs' Record League Goalscorers
66Liverpool Goalkeepers 2019/20
66Aston Villa Champions League Winner Starting XI
65Every Premier League Goalscorer for Coventry City
65Newcastle United's Top Premier League Goalscorer Per Season
64Arsenal Iconic Shirt Numbers #2
65Chelsea signings since 2010
64Liverpool Players
64Every Player to Score for England at a Major Tournament (Since 1986)
63Arsenal Invincibles 2003/04 squad
63Queens Park Rangers Premier League XIs
63Leicester City Champions League Players
63Ipswich Town FC Squad - 22/23 Season
63Premier League Stadium Neighbours
63Sunderland: The Premier League Years
63Best Chelsea players since 2010 in my HuMbLe oPiNiOn
62Biggest Premier League Win for Liverpool F.C.
62Liverpool F.C Quiz
62Arsenal Squad 2015-16
62Manchester City 2016/17 Summer Transfers
62Middlesbrough's Squad for the 2022/23 Season
62Sevilla - Manchester United Europa League 2019-20
62Manchester United 2020/2021 squad quiz only first team
62Every England Men's National Team Managers
62All Manchester City 2022-2023 Scorers
62West Ham United Squad 2020-2021
62Name the Stadiums - FA Cup Final Hosts (updated)
61Ipswich Town Premier League XIs
61Every Oceanic Top Goalscorer per Premier League Season
61Manchester City Squad 2019-2020
61Manchester United Team 2020-21
61Manchester United 2014-15 squad
60Liverpool 2000s
60Newcastle United Transfers
60English Premier League Runners-Up
60Charlton Athletic Premier League XIs
60Chelsea starting 11 and subs
60Manchester City 2020-21 Squad
60liverpool fc legends
60How much do you know? - Arsenal
60Ipswich Town Best Scorer By Year
61Chelsea Squad 2021/22
60Every American Top Goalscorer per Premier League Season
59Every Premier League Goalscorer for Norwich City
59Manchester Derby XIs 2002-2007
59Top Premier league goalscorer’s - Arsenal
59Arsenal F.C. Scorers in 2019-20 Premier League
59Which teams play in the 2017/2018 season of the Premier League in England
59Liverpool 2010s
59West Ham United First Team Squad 2016
58West Bromwich Albion: The Premier League Years
58Bolton Wanderers Best Scorer By Year
58Leicester City F.C. 2020-21 Squad
58Leicester City Scorers in Premier League 2019-20
57Every Current Manchester City Player
57All British European Cup/UEFA Champions League Winning Clubs
57Top 10 Leicester PL scorers
57Manchester City Squad 2019-2020
57Premier League Players by Picture - Difficulty Easy
57Aston Villa's Top Premier League Goalscorer Per Season
57Premier League Players by Missing Vowels (2)
57Premier League Clubs (2019/20 season)
56Newcastle United Squad 18-19
56Wigan Athletic Premier League XIs
562012 Liverpool league cup final squad
56Arsenal starting 11 and subs
56One Wigan Athletic Player by Nation
56Top 10 Manchester City Premier League Goalscorers
562020-21 Manchester United Squad
56Manchester City 2020/21 Squad
55Liverpool Permanent Transfers
55England World Cup Squad 2018
55England Squad for UEFA Euro 2020
55Sheffield United Best Scorer By Year
55Every Premier League Goalscorer for Burnley
55Liverpool FC 2018/2019 squad
55Southampton: The Premier League Years
55Every Premier League Player to Score 15+ Goals in a Season
542017-18 English Premier League Teams by Home Ground Postcode
54Top 10 Arsenal PL appearances
54Countries by Size of Nuclear Arsenal
54Top 10 Sunderland Premier League Appearances
54English Premier League Quiz (Year-by-Year)
54Newcastle United Champions League Players
54Premier League Players by Missing Vowels (4)
54Current Liverpool F.C Roster-Extreme
54Chelsea 2020/21 Squad
53Premier League Players by Picture - Difficulty Hard
53Every Premier League Goalscorer (1998/99)
54Top Scoring Premier League Footballers by Country (A-Z)
53Top 10 Southampton Premier League Appearances
53Manchester United Squad 2020/21
53Where Did These 2022-2023 Players Play Before Joining Arsenal
53Every Premier League Goalscorer for Watford
53Every Scottish Top Goalscorer per Premier League Season
53Arsenal Women Squad 21/22
53Newcastle United- 2010s
53Arsenal Squad 2017/18
52Arsenal 2020-21 Premier League Goalscorers
52Guess the Manchester City player 2
52Every Premier League Goalscorer (1992/93)
52Chelsea FC Squad 2019-2020
52England - Russia UEFA Euro 2016
52Top 10 Swansea City Premier League Scorers
52Tottenham Hotspur Squad 2018-19
52Swindon Town Premier League Players
51All Arsenal 2022-2023 Scorers
51Players to Win the English Premier League with Multiple Clubs
51Leicester City scorers in Premier League 2017-2018
51All-Time Premier League Stat Leaders- Players (#2)
51Wimbledon Premier League XIs
51Hull City Premier League XIs
51Top 10 Sunderland Premier League Scorers
51Every Current Liverpool Players
50Arsenal FC Squad 2019-20
50Every Premier League Goalscorer (1993/94)
50All Male Footballers with a Knighthood (Sir)
50Euro 2020 Quarter Finals - Ukraine - England
50Premier League Players by Missing Vowels (3)
50Every Premier League Goalscorer for West Bromwich Albion
50Manchester City 2018/2019 squad
50Newcastle United Squad 17-18
50Arsenal Premier League Top 10 Scorers
50Tottenham Hotspur 2017/18 Summer Transfers
50Top 10 West Bromwich Albion Premier League Appearances
50Top 10 Aston Villa Premier League Most Assists
49Newcastle's Squad for the 2022/23 Season
49Top 10 Crystal Palace Premier League Appearances
49Top 10 Stoke City Premier League Appearances
49Manchester City squad 2021/22
49Top English Goalscorer in Different Football Competitions
49Cardiff City Premier League XIs
49Wolverhampton Wanderers: The Premier League Years
48Southampton scorers in Premier League 2016-2017
48Foreign footballers in PL #8 West Ham United F.C.
48Top 10 South African PL appearance makers
48Chelsea FC Squad 2019-20
48Top 3 Clean Sheets in the Premier League - 2010s
48Manchester Derby XIs 1992-2001
48Manchester United Current Squad
49Arsenal First Team Squad 2016
48Top 10 Bolton Wanderers Premier League Scorers
48Arsenal Invincibles
47Manchester City Squad 2018-2019
47Every Chelsea Manager
47Swansea City: The Premier League Years
47Manchester City Roster
47Blackpool Premier League XIs
47Liverpool FC Squad 2019-20
46All Manchester City Goal Scorers This Season
46Watford FC Players Since 2000
46Manchester United First Team Squad
46Manchester City Squad 2019-2020 (Previous Club)
46Aston Villa F.C. Scorers in 2019-20 Premier League
46Top 15 arsenal players of all time
46Ipswich Town: The Premier League Years
46Top Chelsea Goalscorers
46Sheffield United Premier League XIs
46Arsenal 2020/21 Squad
46Every Premier League Goalscorer for Blackburn Rovers
46Merseyside Derby XIs 2007-2012
45Watford: The Premier League Years
45West Ham football players with the most appearances
45Every Current Manchester United Player
45Leicester 9-0 Southampton
45Portsmouth Best Scorer By Year
45Ipswich Town in the UEFA Cup
45Liverpool Squad 2020/21
45Liverpool 2020 squad
45Every Primary Sponsor of the English Premier League in History
46Arsenals 3 lions
45Every Premier League Goalscorer for Stoke City
45Premier League Players by Picture - Difficulty Medium
45Stoke City: The Premier League Years
44Every Premier League Goalscorer (1997/98)
44Manchester City 2022/2023 xl
44Norwich City: The Premier League Years
44Manchester City Full Roster
44Leicester City Ideal Starting 11
44Chelsea FC Current Squad
44Arsenal 19/20 First Team Squad
44Top 10 Watford Premier League Appearances
44Chelsea Players 19-20
44Footballers by Picture - Everton
43Every Premier League Goalscorer for Middlesbrough
43Manchester United Squad 2019-20
43Top 10 Nottingham Forest Premier League Scorers
43Chelsea Youth since 2010 to have made a PL appearances
44Current Manchester United Squad
43Ipswich Town Squad 2023-2024