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75Canada Trivia #1
75Air Canada A320 Fleet by FIN Number
74Largest lakes of Canada by surface area
74Largest Islands of Canada
73Merging Countries - United States & Canada
73Ottawa Senators
73Canada Top ten cities (population)
73Least Used Toronto Subway TTC Stations
73Vancouver Suburbs
72Canadian junior hockey league wetsern teams
72Montreal Canadiens Captains
71All Canadian NHL Teams (1917-2019)
71Landlocked Canadian Provinces
71Canadian provinces by population quiz
70Canadian Cities A-Z
70Vancouver Canucks Captains
70Toronto Raptors 2000's Starters
70Total Drama Cove My Way All Characters Quiz
69Canadian cities with over 100.000 registered citizens.
69Montreal Canadiens Starting Lineup 2018-2019 Season
69Ottawa Senators Trivia
68Oldest Cities in Alberta
68All-Time Winnipeg Jets
68Biggest Canadian Cities by Letter
68Toronto Maple Leafs Captains
68Top 20 Most Populated Cities in Canada
68Provinces in a Beaver on the Canada Map
68Alberta Premiers
68Canadian Cities by % of European Immigrants
67Canadian Cities with the biggest population
67Busiest ports in Canada
67Top 10 Vancouver Canucks
665 Biggest Cities In Canada
66Saskatchewan Typing Practice
65Total Drama World Tour Locations
65Degrassi Episodes
63All Ottawa Senators Players + Staff and Other Members Quiz
63edmonton oilers quiz
63Oceans Bordering Canada
63Canadian Cities with Sports Teams
63Ottawa Senators Captains
63Toronto General Knowledge
63Biggest Lakes of Ontario
62Canadian Celebrities by Picture #1
62Quiz about Canada
6218 Largest Canadian Cities by Population 2018
62Top 10 Best Canadian Cities of All Time
62Popular Baby Names Canada 2017 (Fast Typing)
61Canadian Baseball Trivia
61Most Populated Counties of Ontario
61Canada- Letter "C" Geography
61Canadian Cities Bigger than their Capital
60Largest cities in Ontario
59Top 25 Trading Partners - Canada
59Regions Bordering Alberta
59Every Canadian City With 100,000 or More People
59Cities on the United States Border
58Canada City by Landmark
58Vancouver Canada Line Stations
57Largest Municipalities in BRITISH COLUMBIA by First Letter
57CF Montréal Best Scorer By Year
56Largest Cities in Ontario
56Places Named After Queen Victoria
56Canadian Provinces and Territories by Cities (More Difficult)
56Canadian islands
55Winnipeg Jets Captains
55Every Canadian Metro Area
54Countries Bigger than Canada
54Canadian Geography by Hint
54Canada Province Capitals - Map Click Quiz
54Canadian Cities Known For...
54Canadian Cities to Learn
54Canadian Cities A-Z
53U.S. States Closest to Canada Without a Land Border
53O Canada: English Lyrics
52Biggest Cities in Manitoba
52O Canada Bilingual lyrics
52Toronto Raptors Best Team By Decade
52Biggest Cities in Each Canadian Province
51Ontario geography
51Largest Local Municipalities in ONTARIO by First Letter
51Biggest U.S States & Canadian Provinces/Territories
5115 centrales hydroélectriques les plus puissantes du Québec / 15 most powerful hydroelectric power plants in Quebec
51Topological Map of Canada Quiz
51Biggest City In Each Province/Territory (Canada)
50Top 10 Population Centres in Nova Scotia
50Largest Towns in Newfoundland & Labrador
50Largest Towns in Alberta
50Name these British Columbians
49Canadian Provinces and Territories by Cities
49Countries with embassies and consulates in Vancouver
48Canadian Cities by Wikipedia Description
48Biggest Two Word Canadian Cities
48Largest Canadian Cities By Climate Type
48Quebec's Most Populated Cities
48Largest Lakes in Manitoba Quiz
48Greater Toronto Municipal Freeways
48Toronto Blue Jays Roster UPDATEABLE
472022 FIFA World Cup Group F - Belgium - Canada
47Canadian Provincial and Territorial Name Etymologies
47State Capitals Closest to Vancouver
47Canadian Celebrities by Picture #2
46Total Drama Next Generation: Starlight Savanna Quiz
46Largest Urban Municipalities in ALBERTA by First Letter
46Canadian province association (Quebec and Atlantic)
46Least Used Vancouver SkyTrain Stations
45Top Cities In Canada
44Name these Ontarians
44Canada Provinces by last 2 letters!
44Winnipeg Jets 2017-2018 Roster
43Largest Municipalities in NEW BRUNSWICK by First Letter
42Provinces of Canada by Year of Reaching One Million Citizens
422022 FIFA World Cup Group F - Croatia - Canada
41British Columbia Premiers
411982 Vancouver Canucks by Initials
41Biggest Municipalities in Yukon
41Canadian Provinces that Border the U.S
41Canada Map Quiz
39Municipalites of Ontario
39Two Toronto Raptors Players By Season
39Canadian Capitals
39Political Parties in Canada
38History of Ontario
38Ontario Premiers
38O, Canada Lyrics
3720 Biggest Cities In Nunavut
37Quiz All Time Ottawa Senators RosterTitle
37Municipalities of Alberta
3610 Closest US state capitals to Ottawa
36Most popular baby names in Canada
34Total Drama Next Generation: Back in Action Quiz
34Nova Scotia, New Caledonia or Scotland?
33Toronto Maple Leafs
33Official languages of Northwest Territories
33Ten Largest Cities in Each Canadian Province and Territory
33Edmonton Oilers Captains
32Largest Cities in Canada by Picture
32Canada Olympic Men's Hockey Combined Gold Medalist
31Montreal Canadiens Roster UPDATEABLE
31Provinces And Territories That Border British Columbia
30U.S. States Closest to the Hudson Bay
30Toronto FC Best Scorer By Year
30Regions Bordering Yukon
30Teams in DreamHack Pro Circuit: Montreal 2019
29Canadian Maritime Provinces
29Montreal Canadiens Captains
28County Seats of Nova Scotia
28Canadian Provinces/Territories With A UNESCO World Heritage Site
27Canadian Cities By Province #1
27Canadian Sports Teams Quiz
27Canadian Coast Alaska to Maine
26Canadian Shield States and Provinces
26Biggest cities in Canada by province
26Cities in Alberta
26Wine Regions of Canada
26Canadian Provinces With The Most Sports Teams
25Nova Scotia Quiz for Jazz
25Ottawa Senators Roster UPDATEABLE
252022 FIFA World Cup Group F - Canada - Morocco
24Canadian Cities By Province #3
24Tallest Buildings in Vancouver
23Name the Albertans
23Brunswick or New Brunswick?
22Canadian Provinces and Territories that Border Another Country
22Oldest Canadian Cities
21Highest Elevation and Most Populous Combined Canadian Cities
21Cities by suburb: Canada
21Nova Scotia Premiers
21Newfoundland and Labrador Premiers
20People from Vancouver
20Canadian Provinces and Territories Bordering Nunavut
20Cities of Manitoba
20Manitoba Premiers
19Subdivisions bordering the United States
19Canada Provinces and Territories - Backwards
17Cities of Saskatchewan
17CN train crew change-off locations in Ontario
17Greater Vancouver Federal Ridings/MPs
17Flags of Canadian Provincial Capitals Quiz
17Electoral Districts of Nova Scotia
17US States and Canadian Provinces in the Rockies
15Early Years Of Manitoba
15Most Populous Bordering Canadian Province Pairs
14Leaders of Newfoundland
14Footballers by Picture - Canada
14Capitals Between Ottawa and Washington
14Second Level Subdivisions of Canada
14Top 10 Oldest Canadian Capitals
14Vancouver Whitecaps Best Scorer By Year
14Largest Towns In Nunavut
14Biggest Cities In Nunavut
14Saskatchewan Premiers
14Toronto Maple Leafs 2020 Draft Selections
14Canadian Provinces and Territories by Picture
132018 Team Canada Ice Hockey Olympic Team
13Canadian National Symbols
13Movies Filmed in Vancouver B.C.