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24Highest Elevation and Most Populous Combined Canadian Cities
23Calgary Flames Roster
23Cities by suburb: Canada
22Nova Scotia Premiers
22Newfoundland and Labrador Premiers
21Saskatchewan Premiers
21Manitoba Premiers
20Ottawa Senators Roster
20Canada Provinces and Territories - Backwards
20Cities of Manitoba
19Most Populous Bordering Canadian Province Pairs
19Hockey Player, PM, National Park or University - A Canada Click Quiz
19Cities of Saskatchewan
18CN train crew change-off locations in Ontario
18Flags of Canadian Provincial Capitals Quiz
18Vancouver Whitecaps Best Scorer By Year
17Electoral Districts of Nova Scotia
17Greater Vancouver Federal Ridings/MPs
17Top 10 Oldest Canadian Capitals
17Premiers of Saskatchewan
16Electoral Districts of Newfoundland & Labrador
16Canadian Provinces and Territories by Picture
16Canadian National Symbols
16Winnipeg Jets Roster
16Movies Filmed in Vancouver B.C.
16Early Years Of Manitoba
15Toronto Maple Leafs 2020 Draft Selections
15Capitals Between Ottawa and Washington
15Leaders of Newfoundland
15Top 15 Trade Products for Imports and Exports - Canada
142018 Team Canada Ice Hockey Olympic Team
14Biggest Cities In Nunavut
14Largest Towns In Nunavut
13Time in Canada
13Most populous city's in Alberta
14Canadian City Flags Quiz
12Famous Canadians by Province Quiz
1275 More Canadian Musical Acts by Songs
11Practice Typing Saskatchewan
10New Brunswick Premiers Quiz
9Canadian National Parks on Islands
9Vancouver (proper) MPs
8Electoral Districts of Manitoba
6Team Canada Women's Olympic Ice Hockey Roster - 2010
5Electoral Districts of Nunavut
4Olympians From (Almost) Every Province/Territory of Canada
4Electoral Districts of Northwest Territories
4Electoral Districts of New Brunswick
4Alberta MLAs of the 29th Legislature
3Prince Edward Island Premiers
3Yukon Territory Premiers
3Electoral Districts of Yukon
2Electoral Districts of Prince Edward Island
2Northwest Territories Premiers
2Nunavut Premiers