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Capital city trivia on For example, we give you a random city and you have to guess which country it is capital of. This and almost 500 other different trivia challenges.
Take a Random Capital Quiz
There are 196 nations on Earth. Can you name their capital cities?
We give you the capital city, you give us the country. Twenty randomly-generated questions that change every time you play.
I finally learned them all. Can you name all 50?
One of our most popular quizzes. Try to guess all the capital cities of Europe.
Name the capital cities of 20 randomly-selected countries that change every time.
Burundi changed its capital on December 24, 2018. How many African capital cities can you name?
Name the capital cities of Asia.
Can you name the capitals of all 12 countries in South America?
Only true geography pros will be able to get 20.
Guess every capital by typing any capital within 1,000 kilometers. With a map!
For each capital city, name the country.
3,828,633 World Capitals Quiz
2,027,725 Random Capital to Country
1,304,135 U.S. State Capitals Quiz
1,154,122 Europe Capitals Quiz
678,121 Random Country to Capital
510,426 Africa Capitals Quiz
486,686 Asia Capitals Quiz
357,146 Word Scramble - National Capitals
350,686 South America Capitals Quiz
259,787 World Capitals by Proximity
210,644 World Capitals by First Two Letters in 90 Seconds
195,627 Europe Capital to Country
182,464 World Capitals by Map
178,638 Capitals of Oceania Quiz
172,353 Countries by Capitals and Borders in 90 Seconds
167,035 World Capitals - One Minute Sprint
163,341 Europe Capitals - One Minute Sprint
151,214 Europe by Capitals and Borders in 30 Seconds
149,802 North America Capitals Quiz
134,480 US State Capitals - One Minute Sprint
126,213 Most Populous World Capitals
125,446 Random European Capital to Country
123,432 Solve the Secret Capital City
115,231 Name a World Capital A-Z
109,778 US State Capitals by Proximity in 30 Seconds
106,310 U.S. State Capitals Map Quiz
105,571 Capitals of Most Populated Countries
104,763 Capitals in their Native Languages
104,001 Coldest World Capitals
101,541 Same Letter Country and Capital
101,375 Random European Country to Capital
98,557 South American Capitals - Map Quiz
96,999 Speed Capital to U.S. State
96,789 EU Capitals with No Hints
95,714 Category Elimination - Capital Cities #1
94,007 Asia Capital to Country
92,064 Random World Capitals on a Map
89,282 European Capitals - Map Quiz
88,758 World Capitals By Letter - A
87,500 Random European Capitals on a Map
85,646 Capital of What
84,578 Capitals of the Largest Countries by Area
82,456 World Capitals By Letter - B
78,595 Northernmost Capital Cities
77,301 Most Guessed Capitals on JetPunk
77,125 Name a Valid European Capital
73,598 Five Most Guessed Capital Cities by Continent
72,840 Capitals of Countries with the Biggest Economies
72,407 African Capitals by Map
72,223 World Capitals By Letter - M
71,845 US States and State Capitals Quiz
71,671 US State Capitals Quiz - No Hints
71,246 World Capitals By Letter - W
69,881 10 Westernmost Capital Cities in Europe
68,408 European Coastal Capitals
67,162 Word Scramble - European Capitals
67,026 Capitals with the Shortest Names
66,941 Capital Cities in Squares of an Empty World Map
66,769 Random U.S. State Capitals on a Map
66,675 World Capitals By Letter - D
66,182 World Capitals By Letter - L
65,599 European Capitals Ending in N
65,537 Most Guessed European Capitals
64,356 Top 10 Most Remote European Capitals
64,181 Capitals of Canadian Provinces
63,321 World Capitals By Letter - S
62,908 Random Asian Country to Capital
62,534 World Capitals By Letter - R
62,879 Random African Capital to Country
61,754 World Capitals By Letter - C
61,326 Middle East Capital Cities Quiz
61,249 World Capitals By Letter - H
61,192 Random Asian Capital to Country
60,887 Capitals of Mediterranean Countries
60,337 Nordic Countries and Capitals
59,195 Divided Capital Name Puzzle #1
58,763 Name a Valid Capital #1
57,077 Random State Capital to U.S. State
57,052 World Capitals By Letter - T
56,966 World Capitals By Letter - P
56,521 World Capitals By Letter - K
56,047 Capitals in Random Squares of the World Map
54,837 Category Elimination - Capital Cities #2
54,574 European Capital Superlatives - Top 2
53,869 Former Capitals Quiz
53,802 10 Northernmost Capital Cities in Europe
53,665 Capital Cities Chain
53,490 Capital Cities by Cartoon Riddles
53,249 Find The Mystery Capital Using Color Clues - Randomized!
52,996 US State Capitals by First Two Letters in 45 seconds
52,717 European Capitals Furthest from the Sea
51,814 Click a Valid World Capital A-Z
50,709 Capital Cities with the Same Name as Their Country
50,236World Capitals - Learning Mode
48,534 Capital Cities Based on First Two Letters
48,015 India State Capitals Quiz
47,585 Word Scramble - U.S. State Capitals
47,366 Capitals by First and Last Letter
46,828 Capital City Rhymes
46,346 Moved Capital Cities
46,206 Capital Names Created by Only 4 Letters
46,092 Capital Cities with Spanish Names
46,049 World Capitals with the Most International Tourists
46,028 Top Five Capitals By Category #1
45,768 World Capitals in the Answer
44,920 Capital Cities with the Highest Elevation
44,224 Capital Cities in a Ring of the World Map
43,764 Name a Valid U.S. State Capital
43,367Most World Capitals You Can Name in Five Minutes
43,013 European Capitals with the Least Sunshine
43,152 Capital City Etymologies
42,182 One-Syllable World Capital Cities
42,092 Capitals Based on Last Two Letters
41,948 Nearest Capital City #1
41,790 African Capitals - Map Quiz
41,135 Top 10 Most Populous U.S. State Capitals
41,068 Random African Country to Capital
40,667 Most Expensive Capital Cities
40,442 10 Easternmost Capital Cities in Asia
40,029 World Capitals Closest to Jerusalem
39,880 Most Guessed Asian Capitals
39,670 U.S. State Capitals Where it Doesn't Snow
39,812 European Capitals by Map
39,349 World Capitals with a Unique First Letter
39,352 Top Five Capitals By Category #2
39,047 Random African Capitals on a Map
39,004 World Capitals by a Single Clue #1
38,983 Random Europe Capitals Mystery Route
38,560 Name a Valid Asian Capital
45,023 Capital Cities by Body of Water
38,261 Asian Capitals - Map Quiz
38,227 World Capitals Mystery Route
38,173 Countries by Capital City
37,499 World Capitals Closest to Madrid
37,294 Random Asian Capitals on a Map
37,256 Find The Mystery World Capital Using Color Clues
37,112 Capitals A-Z
36,431 World Capitals Deepest in Country's Territory
36,188 10 Westernmost U.S. State Capitals
35,162 Europe Capitals Mystery Route
34,129 Most Remote Capital Cities
33,600 World Capitals Closest to Bangkok
31,313 World Capitals By Letter - N
30,475Countries by Borders or World Capitals Proximity in 90 seconds
29,869 U.S. State Capitals Closest to Mexico
29,581 10 Southernmost U.S. State Capitals
29,402 Capitals by River
28,696 Word Puzzles - U.S. State Capitals
28,291World Capitals on an Empty Map
28,292 Capital Cities: Ports and Saints
28,183 10 Northernmost U.S. State Capitals
27,784 World Capitals by a Single Clue #2
27,275 Top 10 Oldest U.S. State Capitals
27,293 Flags to Capitals #1
26,842 Hottest Capital Cities
26,544 U.S. State Capitals in the Answer
26,436 Top 10 Hottest European Capitals
26,016 Nearest Capital City #2
25,989 Add A Letter - Make a Capital City
25,860 Bordering Countries Whose Capitals Are Furthest Apart
25,799 Asian Capitals by Map
25,594 Capitals of 2018 FIFA World Cup Teams
25,214 Snowiest U.S. State Capitals
24,302 World Capitals by a Single Clue #4
24,147World Capitals by Capital within 1,000 km in 90 seconds, with a Map
24,056 U.S. State Capitals Closest to Canada
23,391 U.S. State Capital Etymology
23,254 Top 10 Most Remote U.S. State Capitals
23,473 Where is the Capital on the Country Map? - Multiple Choice
22,974 World Capitals by a Single Clue #3
22,819 10 Easternmost U.S. State Capitals
22,702 Capitals A-Z #2
22,666 U.S State Capitals on the Sea
22,431 Name a Valid Capital #2
21,354 U.S. State Capitals with the Least Precipitation
21,195 Flags to Capitals #2
20,948World Countries and Capitals
20,562 Most Guessed US State Capitals
20,283 Capitals of 2022 FIFA World Cup Teams
19,565 Which European Capital?
19,117 Asian Capital Superlatives - Top 2
19,073Capitals of 2014 FIFA World Cup Teams
18,831 U.S. State Capitals Furthest from the Sea
18,718 Capital Cities with the Least Precipitation
18,554World Capitals by Map, without Countries
18,513 Hottest U.S. State Capitals
18,372Capitals of the World
18,218 Capital Cities of the "Land" Countries
18,186 Countries and Capitals of the World With a Map
17,579World Capitals By Letter - G
17,165 Asian Coastal Capitals
17,025 U.S. State Capitals Closest to the Great Lakes
16,778World Capitals By Letter - J
16,771 Coldest U.S. State Capitals
16,254World Capitals - Five Minute Sprint
15,905World Capitals By Letter - V
15,771 U.S. State Capitals with the Highest Elevation
15,323 Capitals of the Stans
15,148Oceania Capitals
15,017 U.S. State Capital to Largest City
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