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Take a Random Caribbean Quiz
Guess the location of these tiny islands in the Caribbean!
Name the countries, territories, and overseas regions that border the Caribbean Sea.
Name these facts about the country of Cuba.
For each statement, guess whether it refers to Haiti or the Dominican Republic.
Can you guess these facts about the country of Haiti?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Jamaica?
Name the largest islands touching the Caribbean Sea whose name starts with "Saint", or some variation thereof.
Can you guess these facts about the country of the Dominican Republic?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Antigua and Barbuda?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Trinidad and Tobago?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Barbados?
103,045 Caribbean / Lesser Antilles Map Quiz
85,072 Caribbean Countries and Territories
41,380 Cuba Country Quiz
28,152 Haiti... or Dominican Republic?
24,761 Haiti Country Quiz
23,228 Jamaica Country Quiz
19,732 Saintly Islands of the Caribbean
17,320 Dominican Republic Country Quiz
16,545 Trinidad and Tobago Country Quiz
16,340 Antigua and Barbuda Country Quiz
15,255 Barbados Country Quiz
14,665 Dominica Country Quiz
14,119 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Country Quiz
14,043 Grenada Country Quiz
13,880 Saint Kitts and Nevis Country Quiz
13,784 Saint Lucia Country Quiz
13,748 Largest Caribbean Islands
11,036 Famous Caribbean People
9,581 Puerto Rico Trivia
8,904 The Dictator Files: Fidel Castro
8,353Caribbean Countries
8,133Municipalities of Puerto Rico (with a map)
4,614Carribean Countries Quiz
4,468 Largest Virgin Islands
4,096Provinces of Cuba With Map
4,028Caribbean Capitals
3,918How Many Carribean Island Countries Can You Name In 15 Seconds
2,215Parishes of Jamaica With Map
2,201Caribbean Islands (difficult)
2,143Provinces of the Dominican Republic on a Map
2,077Countries with Territory in the Caribbean Sea (with empty map)
2,005Countries Closest to Barbados
1,786Caribbean Islands Map Quiz
1,691Capitals of the Carribean
1,597Countries Closest to Jamaica (with a map)
1,457Random Sequential Lesser Antilles Territories on a Map
1,434Countries Closest to Bermuda A-Z
1,422Flags of Caribbean Countries
1,350Countries Closest to Bermuda
1,335Capitals of Caribbean Countries
1,335Towns of Puerto Rico
1,297Countries Closest to Cuba
1,287Regions and Municipalities of Trinidad & Tobago
1,209Countries Closest to St Kitts and Nevis
1,163Barbados Country Quiz
1,071Top 20 Busiest Airports in the Caribbean
1,047Caribbean Countries
1,035Flags of Caribbean Countries and Territories
1,002Caribbean Countries with a Map
911Jamaica Country Quiz
907The Carribean Countries Quiz
907Districts of Saint Lucia with a Map
897Dutch Caribbean islands
834Parishes of Antigua and Barbuda with a Map
834Countries Closest to Haiti
817Dominican Republic or Jamaica
811Caribbean Sea General Knowledge
811Departments of Haiti on a Map
803Caribbean Island Countries by Population
755Caribbean countries
739Countries Closest to Dominica
718Provinces of the Dominican Republic
681Parishes of Barbados with a Map
680Click to Translate - Haitian Creole
570Guadeloupe Trivia
563History of Cuba Quiz
561Random Municipalities of Puerto Rico on a Map
549Dominica... or Dominican Republic?
524Largest Cities in the Caribbean on the Map
504All 50k+ Cities in Cuba with a Map
497Parishes of Dominica with a Map
478Biggest Trading Partners - Cuba
473Parishes of Grenada with a Map
469Caribbean Sea countries
459Parishes of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with a Map
445Countries Closest to Jamaica - distance order
435Countries Visiting Cuba the Most
401Saint Lucia Country Quiz
396Saint Subdivisions of the Caribbean
386Facts about Puerto Rico
374Martinique Trivia
342Jamaican words into English
328Top 10 U.S. States with the Most Cubans
325Countries that Beat Cuba
316Puerto Rico Geography Quiz
312Municipalities of the Dominican Republic with a Map
303Cuba A-Z
302Jamaican Patois(Patwah) to Am. English
295Countries Visiting Dominican Republic the Most
267All 50k+ Cities in the Dominican Republic with a Map
26610 Biggest Countries Bordering the Caribbean Sea
261Municipalities of Cuba with a Map
251Cuban Revolution/ Missile Crisis Quiz
248Top 100 Baby Girl Names in 2019 - Puerto Rico
239All 50k+ Cities in Haiti with a Map
234Most Populous Caribbean Sea Islands
2345 Biggest Cities : Jamaica
228Top 100 Baby Boy Names in 2019 - Puerto Rico
215Top 20 Biggest Cities in Puerto Rico
213Parishes of Saint Kitts and Nevis with a Map
211Cities on the Caribbean Sea by a Clue
209Biggest Trading Partners - Haiti
205Biggest Trading Partners - Jamaica
195Members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
188Dominican Republic First Level Subdivisions
182Countries Bordering Haiti on a Map
163Countries Closest to Jamaica - One Minute Sprint
161Jamaican Patois
160Haiti... or Tahiti?
150West Indies Cricket - Constituent Nations and Territories
147Bermuda Quiz
139Countries Closest to St Kitts and Nevis - One Minute Sprint
134Bermuda Triangle Countries Quiz
131Granada... or Grenada?
126Biggest Cities in the Dominican Republic
121Largest Islands in the Caribbean
116Municipalities of Puerto Rico
115Countries that Beat Haiti
115Dominican Republic Country Quiz
115Countries Bordering Dominican Republic
11410 Most Populated Bordering the Caribbean Sea
114Countries that Beat Dominica
109Dominican Republic Quiz
108Countries Bordering Haiti
102All Countries That Have Been In Control Of Trinidad And Tobago
102Countries that Border the Caribbean Sea
101Countries Closest to St Kitts and Nevis - distance order
101U.S. State Capital Cities Closest to Cuba
101Havana City Trivia
99Parishes of Bermuda on a Map
97Fruits grown in Jamaica and popular there
94Antigua and Barbuda First Level Subdivisions
935 Biggest Cities : Cuba
88Countries closest to Haiti
88U.S. States Closest to Bermuda
87Countries Closest to Barbados
87Haiti Country Quiz
82Parishes and Dependencies of Antigua and Barbuda
82Cuba Quiz
81Caribbean Countries: No Vowels.
76Dominica Country Quiz
75Countries Closest to St Kitts and Nevis - 30 Second Sprint
75Barbados First Level Subdivisions
75People Who Have Been to Cuba
74Countries Closest to San Juan
74Countries Closest to Barbados - One Minute Sprint
74Countries Closest to Barbados - in distance order
73Greater Antilles Multiple Choice
70Countries that Visit Cuba the Most
69Arrondissements of Haiti with a Map
69Top 10 Biggest Cities of Cuba
69Colours On The Flag Of Antigua and Barbuda
68Cuba Country Quiz
68Largest cities in the Dominican Republic
65Largest cities in Cuba
62States That Beat Puerto Rico
60Largest cities in Jamaica
59Grenada Country Quiz
58Dominica First Level Subdivisions
57Countries with Haitian embassies
57Countries with embassies and consulates in Trinidad and Tobago
54Religions of Antigua and Barbuda
54Parish of Jamaica or Caribbean Island
52Parishes of Barbados
51Countries Contained in ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA
51Caribbean Countries - Tile Select Quiz.
51Countries with Jamaican embassies
5110 Biggest cities in the Dominican Republic
48Countries Closest to Bermuda - One Minute Sprint
48Largest cities in Haiti
48Countries with embassies and consulates in Antigua and Barbuda
47Name Parishes of Jamaica
45Countries Closest to Jamaica - 30 Second Sprint
45Countries with embassies and consulates in Saint Lucia
44Countries with embassies and consulates in Jamaica
43Geography of Cuba Quiz
43Countries with Cuban embassies
43Municipalities of Trinidad and Tobago
42Countries Closest to Caracas
42Largest cities in Antigua and Barbuda
42Biggest Cities in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
41Countries with embassies and consulates in Barbados.
40Countries with embassies and consulates in Haiti
38Largest cities in St. Kitts and Nevis
38Top 10 Largest Cities in Barbados
38Countries Most Similar to Antigua and Barbuda
3830 Jamaican Musical Acts by Songs
37Cuba by Picture
37Countries that Beat Grenada
36Countries Closest to Jamaica - 15 Second Sprint
36Countries with Dominican embassies
36Cities of Trinidad and Tobago
36Montserrat country quiz
35What country does Bermuda belong to?
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