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Try to name the countries where the majority of people are Roman Catholics.
You'll have to be a history geek or devout Catholic to get more than a couple.
Try to name the modern-day countries in whose territory the popes were born.
Which countries have the greatest number of Catholics?
Name the books of the Catholic Bible.
Name the European countries that have the most Catholics, both in absolute numbers and percentage terms.
Name the countries outside of the Vatican and Italy that have been visited most frequently by the pope since 1963.
Can you guess these facts about the Vatican?
Name these Roman Catholic people from the past and present.
Can you name the states where the highest percentage of people are Catholic?
Answer these questions about the pope and the history of the papacy.
160,227 Catholic Countries Quiz
84,936 Name the Popes Quiz
66,716 Countries of the Popes
58,613 Books of the Catholic Bible Quiz
56,973 Countries with the Most Catholics
50,688 Catholic Countries in Europe
35,596 Most-Visited Countries by Popes
29,276 Vatican City Country Quiz
22,314 Famous Catholics Quiz
16,329 Top 11 Most Catholic U.S. States
15,041 Pope Facts
8,715Popes of the Roman Catholic Church
3,404Least Catholic Countries
2,919Most common pope names
2,773Name All The Catholic Saints
2,181US Catholic Dioceses Map Quiz
2,160Rulers of France, England, Spain, Rome and Popes
1,815Municipalities of Vatican City with a Map
1,676Countries that Beat Vatican City
1,496Catholicism in Europe
1,432Five Countries with Most Catholics by Continent
1,207Countries Closest to Vatican City
938Birthplaces of Roman Catholic Popes since 1000 A.D.
889Top 20 Most Famous Popes' Names
883Top 15 Most Catholic States
751Roman Catholic Solemnities (Major Feast Days)
726U.S. Catholic Jesuit Colleges and Universities
673Biggest Cities in Vatican City
669Biggest Cities in Vatican City
598Parts of a Church on a Floor Plan
523Languages the Pope Tweets in
496Roman Catholic Terminology
491Most Catholic US Cities
437Countries with the Most Catholics
387Countries by Number of Catholic Saints
386Worst Popes of All Time
385Popes by First Two Letters - Two Minute Sprint
358Most Catholic Nations
310The Apostles' Creed (Catholic)
295Birthplaces of Roman Catholic Popes prior to 1000 A.D.
283The Popes by Last 3 Letters in 90 Seconds
257Top 10 Catholic Countries
240Top 10 Most Catholic European Countries
236Catholicism Religion Quiz
231Highest Numbered Roman Catholic Popes
223Languages Most Similar to Latin
220Catholicism True or False?
219Catholic… or Protestant?
215World Capitals Closest to Vatican City
207Countries Pope Francis has visited
197Vatican City Map Quiz
188Can You Name The Countries That Apart From Vatican City That ...........
187Most Catholic Countries in Asia
184Top 20 Countries with Catholic Dioceses
176Countries That Border Vatican City
175Countries Pope John Paul II visited
163US Dioceses with the Most Catholics
161Pope, Pasta, Emperor, or Serie A Team - An Italy Click Quiz
154Countries Visited by Pope Francis
132Doctors of the Catholic Church
126Name a Valid Saint
121Countries Named After Saints
119Countries by number of popes
118Top 10 Most Catholic Countries
117Name the Popes Quiz by Predecessor / Successor in 90 Seconds
117Most Common Papal Names
114Catholic Religious Orders
114Catholic Catechism Quiz
111Countries Apart From Vatican City That.....
109The Vatican Multiple Choice
107Most Guessed Names of Popes
97Top 20 Countries with Catholic Priests
96Popes Since 1900
91Word Chain - Catholicism
86Catholic Prayers of the Rosary
80Memorare Prayer
73Countries with Vatican embassies
67The Holy See Quiz
66Countries that are Enclaves
64Countries Pope Benedict XVI has visited
61Countries Pope Paul visited
60Name a Valid Catholic Diocese
57Catholic Holy Days of Obligation
53Name the Saint #2
52Vatican From Above
51Saint's Country of Origin
48US States with Catholic Basilicas
46Vatican City Superlatives
44People Pictured with Pope John Paul II
42Obsure Catholic Trivia
33Largest Catholic Dioceses by Area
33Majority Catholic Countries of the EU
30Richest Catholic Countries
29Cities in Vatican City
29Catholic Pilgrimage Sites
29Cardinal Electors of the Last Papal Conclave
24American Saints
23Ecumenical Councils
23Vatican city quiz (LukasHistography version)
21Popes by Photograph Quiz
20Majority Catholic Countries who are not part of EU
18Most Read Scripture at Mass
18Name the Saint #3
15Catholic Feast Days by Date
12Catholic Dioceses with Closest Cathedrals
10Most Influential Encyclicals
10US Catholic Archdioceses
8Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
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