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Played: 153,840
Rating: 4.66
Try to name the countries where the majority of people are Roman Catholics.
Played: 72,731
Rating: 4.43
You'll have to be a history geek or devout Catholic to get more than a couple.
Played: 62,968
Rating: 4.74
Try to name the modern-day countries in whose territory the popes were born.
Played: 56,014
Rating: 4.47
Name the books of the Catholic Bible.
Played: 52,929
Rating: 4.85
Which countries have the greatest number of Catholics?
Played: 47,369
Rating: 4.79
Name the European countries that have the most Catholics, both in absolute numbers and percentage terms.
Played: 33,487
Rating: 4.45
Name the countries outside of the Vatican and Italy that have been visited most frequently by the pope since 1963.
Played: 26,513
Rating: 4.43
Can you guess these facts about the Vatican?
Played: 21,927
Rating: 4.06
Name these Roman Catholic people from the past and present.
Played: 15,375
Rating: 4.19
Can you name the states where the highest percentage of people are Catholic?
Played: 8,786
Rating: 4.22
Answer these questions about the pope and the history of the papacy.
Played: 8,179
Rating: 4.82
Played: 3,289
Rating: 4.47
Played: 2,823
Rating: 4.00
Played: 1,906
Rating: 4.06
Played: 1,885
Rating: 4.86
Played: 1,518
Rating: 4.82
Played: 1,494
Rating: 4.79
Played: 1,469
Played: 619
Rating: 4.00
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Rating: 4.64
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Rating: 4.44
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Rating: 4.20
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