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Can you answer these questions about the country of Afghanistan?
Can you guess whether these statements about the country of Afghanistan are true or false?
Can you guess these facts about the Republic of Uzbekistan?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Kazakhstan?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Turkmenistan?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Kyrgyzstan?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Tajikistan?
32,530 Afghanistan Country Quiz
21,717 Afghanistan True or False?
21,053 Uzbekistan Country Quiz
20,914 Kazakhstan Country Quiz
20,239 Kyrgyzstan Country Quiz
19,469 Turkmenistan Country Quiz
16,612 Tajikistan Country Quiz
7,800Countries Closest to Afghanistan
5,866Provinces of Afghanistan (With a Map)
4,512Countries Closest to Kazakhstan
2,492Countries that Beat Kazakhstan
2,439Regions of Kazakhstan (With a Map)
2,438Modern-Day Countries of the Kazakh Khanate on a Map
2,209Countries that Beat Afghanistan
2,20050 biggest cities in Central Asia on a blank map
1,982Countries Furthest from Kazakhstan #2
1,690Afghanistan Country Profile Quiz
1,626Countries Closest to Tajikistan
1,365Central Asia Map Quiz
1,339Central Asian Geography Quiz
1,336Regions of Uzbekistan
1,317Countries Closest to Uzbekistan
1,231Countries Bordering Afghanistan (with map)
1,231Countries Closest to Kyrgyzstan
1,208List the Provinces of Afghanistan
1,199Countries Closest to Turkmenistan
996Biggest Cities in Central Asia
979History of Afghanistan
966Regions of Kyrgyzstan
954Ethnic groups of Kazakhstan
943Borat's Kazakhstan National Anthem - Multiple choice
936Kazakhstan Immigration by Country
922Biggest Cities in Afghanistan Quiz
878Kazakhstan Country Quiz
872Regions of Turkmenistan on a Map
824Provinces of Afghanistan Map Quiz
762Kazakhstan... or Kyrgyzstan?
752Countries Closest to Kazakhstan A-Z
729Uzbekistan Country Quiz
677Subdivisions of Tajikistan with map
638Geography of Afghanistan
615Biggest Cities in Central Asia on a Map
584Countries Bordering Kazakhstan - Map Quiz
582Countries that Beat Kazakhstan
578Central Asia Flag Quiz
580Countries Closest to Afghanistan by first two letters
566Regions of Uzbekistan Map Quiz
555Turkic Language Family Tree
553Countries Bordering Uzbekistan - Map Quiz
541Afghanistan A-Z
483Kazakhstan, Mongolia or Russia
468Biggest Cities in Kazakhstan On a Map
454Turkey... or Turkmenistan?
403Tajikistan... or Turkmenistan
386Countries Bordering Kazakhstan
372The 2 Stans That DON'T Border Afghanistan
367Which City in Central Asia?
353Regions of Kyrgyzstan Map Quiz
333Biggest Cities in Uzbekistan
325Afghanistan... or Azerbaijan?
297Countries of the Afghan Diaspora
295Biggest Cities in "Stan" Countries Quiz
294Countries ending with, "Stan"
285Biggest Trading Partners - Afghanistan
279Uzbekistan's Country Donut Ring
276Countries Closest to Afghanistan - One Minute Sprint
265Kyrgyzstan Country Quiz
265Click to Translate - Kazakh
254Languages of Afghanistan
24910 Biggest Cities in Kazakhstan
236Countries Bordering Tajikistan
233Biggest Cities in Kazakhstan
233War in Afghanistan combatants
232Click the Country - Central and South Asia
229Countries that Beat Tajikistan
229Countries that Visit Uzbekistan the Most
229Countries Closest to Turkmenistan - One Minute Sprint
213Central Asia A-Z
211Countries Bordering Kyrgyzstan
211Country Transits: Closest Countries to Afghanistan by Starting Letter
206Countries Bordering Uzbekistan
178Countries Furthest From Kazakhstan
175Countries Bordering Uzbekistan
171Empires in the Graveyard of Empires
170Click to Translate - Uzbek
163Countries Bordering Turkmenistan
154Geography of Kazakhstan
152Countries Bordering Kazakhstan With a Map
151Countries Closest to Tajikistan by first two letters
148Click to Translate - Turkmen
145Countries Closest to Kazakhstan - One Minute Sprint
142Countries Bordering Uzbekistan (15 SECONDS)
140Turkmenistan Airlines-Ashgabat
140Religion in Afghanistan
135Biggest Cities in Afghanistan
126Biggest Trading Partners - Afghanistan
126Capitals of The Provinces of Afghanistan
125Presidents of Turkmenistan
125Stan-Countries Multiple Choice
124Countries Contained in TURKMENISTAN
121Kazakhstan Quiz
119Flags of Central and Southern Asia
118Countries with embassies and consulates in Afghanistan
115Countries Bordering Afghanistan
112Countries Most Similar to Armenia
102Biggest Cities in Afghanistan
100Countries that Beat Turkmenistan
100Central Asian Countries and Capitals
86Turkmenistan A-Z Quiz
83World Capitals Closest to Kabul
835 Biggest Cities : Afghanistan
83Largest Cities in Kazakhstan by Population
81Biggest Cities in Kyrgyzstan
81Biggest Cities in Tajikistan
79Countries Closest to Kazakhstan - 15 Second Sprint
79Countries that border Kyrgyzstan
79Kazakhstan Country Quiz
79Uzbekistan Airways-Tashkent
73Countries that border Kazakhstan
73Biggest Cities in Uzbekistan Quiz
73Countries Closest to Uzbekistan - One Minute Sprint
70Countries with embassies and consulates in Tajikistan
705 Biggest Cities : Kyrgyzstan
69Countries Closest to Uzbekistan - 15 Second Sprint
68Largest cities in Turkmenistan
68Countries Most Similar to Afghanistan
66Countries that border Afghanistan
66UN Regions of Afghanistan with a Map
63Countries Bordering Afghanistan
62Countries with embassies and consulates in Kazakhstan
60Countries Closest to Turkmenistan - 30 Second Sprint
60Bangladesh vs Afghanistan
59Central Asian geography groups
58Biggest Cities in Turkmenistan
58Top 25 Trading Partners - Kyrgyzstan
57Countries Closest to Uzbekistan - 30 Second Sprint
56Top 25 Trading Partners - Uzbekistan
54Largest cities in Uzbekistan
53Countries with embassies and consulates in Uzbekistan
53Countries With the Most Kazakhs-With a Map
52Countries with embassies and consulates in Kyrgyzstan
525 Biggest Cities : Uzbekistan
51Country Knowledge #1 - Afghanistan
5110 Biggest Cities in Afghanistan
50Countries Closest to Tajikistan - One Minute Sprint
46Biggest Cities in Afghanistan
42Countries Closest to Tajikistan - 30 Second Sprint
42Afghanistan Quiz
41Largest cities in Kyrgyzstan
4010 Biggest Cities in Turkmenistan
40Countries with embassies and consulates in Turkmenistan
39Famous Afghan People
39Countries Closest to Kazakhstan - 30 Second Sprint
37Biggest Cities in Tajikistan
36Presidents of Afghanistan Quiz
35UN Subregions of Afghanistan with a Map
34Countries Larger than Tajikistan
335 Biggest Cities : Turkmenistan
2910 Bigest Cities in Kyrgyzstan
28Largest Cities in Afghanistan
28Country of the Day #4-Afghanistan
25Most Populous Provinces of Afghanistan
25World Capitals Closest to Tashkent
23Kazakhstan Highest Exports
22Regions of Turkmenistan & it's Capitals
21Kazakhstan Highest Imports
20Districts of Southern Afghanistan With a Map
19Regions of Kyrgyzstan & it's Capitals
17Increasing Biggest Cities #001 - Afghanistan
14Subregions of Southern Afghanistan With a Map
12Districts of Daykundi With a Map
12Provinces of South Western Afghanistan With a Map
11Provinces of Southern Afghanistan With a Map
10Famous People Born in the -stans
9Districts of Ghazni With a Map
9Districts of Zabul With a Map
8Districts of Kandahar With a Map
8Districts of Nimruz With a Map
8Districts of Paktia With a Map
8Districts of Helmand With a Map
8Districts of Uruzgan With a Map
8Districts of Khost With a Map
8Districts of Paktika With a Map
7Provinces of South Eastern Afghanistan With a Map
7Districts of South Eastern Afghanistan With a Map
7Districts of South Western Afghanistan With a Map
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