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Expanded! Guess the last names of each Harry Potter character.
Step into the "Magic Kingdom"! How many Disney characters can you name?
Can you name the Harry Potter characters who are mentioned the most times in the books?
Some of these characters whistled while they worked.
Name the cartoons that featured these famous villains.
Name the movies or series that featured these famous characters.
How many Simpsons characters can you name?
Can you guess these superheroes based on the name of their human alter-ego?
One of these characters has a Jamaican accent.
Can you name the Disney and Pixar animated movies that featured these villains?
Name these characters from Mario video games.
776,829 Harry Potter Last Names
503,182 Disney Animated Characters
273,347 Top 100 Harry Potter Characters by Mention
233,532 Disney Feature Films by Characters
183,322 Cartoon Villains Quiz
180,858 Movie Characters Quiz #1
135,810 Simpsons Characters Quiz
131,745 Superhero Alter Egos
129,336 Video Game Characters #1
127,641 Star Wars Characters
121,443 Disney Villains
99,830 Mario Characters Quiz
97,102 Sidekicks Quiz
92,823 Lord of the Rings Characters
87,679 Memorable American TV Characters #1
85,364 Pixar Characters by Picture
81,714 Movie Villains #1
81,195 American TV Couples Quiz
80,477 Movie Characters Quiz #2
80,060 Star Wars Characters by Screen Time
75,935 Disney Animated Characters Quiz #2
73,684 Movie Characters Quiz #3
69,137 Characters from Books #2
68,704 Movie Couples Quiz
65,429 Characters from Books #1
63,979 Horror Movie Villains
60,358 Fictional Characters by Picture - A
60,122 Fictional Characters by Picture - G
56,157 SpongeBob Characters
56,068 Game of Thrones Characters by Screen Time
54,572 Fictional Characters by Picture - C
54,463 Fictional Characters by Country #1
53,616 American Television Siblings
53,458 Fictional Characters by Picture - M
53,237 Fictional Characters by Picture - T
52,637 Movie Character to Actor #1
52,108 Lord of the Rings Characters by Screen Time
51,913 Fictional Characters by Picture - J
51,351 Fictional Characters by Picture - B
51,207 Family Guy Characters
50,999 Famous Villains Quiz #1
48,078 Fictional Characters by Picture - D
47,982 Click Timeline: Fictional Characters
46,976 Fictional Characters by Picture - H
45,527 Clue Board Game Characters
45,363 Fictional Characters by Picture - W
45,195 Fictional Characters by Picture - L
45,103 Fictional Characters by Picture - R
44,294 Professions of American TV Characters
44,220 Fictional Characters by Picture - F
44,218 Video Game Characters #2
43,647 Fictional Animals Quiz #1
43,621 Fairy Tale Characters
42,830 Main Characters of American TV Shows
42,535 Character Catchphrases Quiz
41,833 American Sitcom Families Quiz
41,526 Movie Characters A-Z
40,555 Famous Robots and Aliens
40,544 Archnemesis Quiz
39,799 Famous Villains Quiz #3
38,748 Famous Villains Quiz #2
38,270 Movie Character to Actor #2
37,509 Fictional Characters by Picture - E
37,333 Bogeymen Quiz
36,911 Mortal Kombat Characters Quiz
35,459 Fictional Characters by Picture - P
35,428 Movie Characters by Last Name #1
34,508 Fictional Animals Quiz #2
34,444 Fictional Characters with Alliterative Names #1
33,889 Movie Character to Actor #3
32,866 Fictional Characters by Picture - S
32,102 American TV Shows by Characters
31,953 South Park Characters
30,470 Memorable American TV Characters #2
29,568 Fictional Characters from Great Britain
29,340 Character to Author #1
29,186 Fictional Characters by Country #2
29,163 Memorable American TV Characters #4
28,785 Characters Played by Multiple Actors
28,036 Memorable American TV Characters #5
28,023 Characters from Books #3
27,954 Cartoon Characters #1
27,942 TV Characters A-Z
27,804 Movie Characters by Clue
27,659 Memorable American TV Characters #3
27,635 Muppet Characters
27,633 Saved by the Bell Characters Quiz
26,168 Looney Tunes Characters
26,063 Fictional Characters by Picture - O
24,550 Character to Author #2
24,300 Cartoon Characters #2
23,577 Sci-Fi Characters
22,764 Fictional Characters with Alliterative Names #2
22,622 Batman Characters by Screen Time
21,497 Literary Characters by Last Name
21,327 Fictional Characters by Picture - N
21,024 Movie Characters by Last Name #2
19,509 Cartoon Characters #3
19,366 Fictional Characters from New York
19,283 Movie Character to Actor #4
19,246 Street Fighter 2 Characters Quiz
18,438 Actors by Role #1
17,110 Actors by Role #2
16,676 TV and Movie Character Creators
15,548 Fictional Characters by Mustache - Picture Quiz
15,514 Songs Sung by Fictional Characters
14,107 Lost Character Names Quiz
14,047 Fictional Characters by Glasses - Picture Quiz
13,623 Most Common JetPunk Answers - Fictional Characters
13,574 Movie Villains #2
12,998 SNL Recurring Characters Quiz
12,876 Fictional Characters by Picture - K
12,595 Fictional Characters from California
12,568Disney Films by Character
11,679 Fictional Characters by Picture - I
11,659 Fictional Characters Merged with British Celebrities
11,398 Fictional Billionaires
11,386 Fictional Characters Merged with American Celebrities
11,264 Looney Tunes Characters by Picture
11,131 Characters Played by Multiple Actors #2
11,130 Most-Mentioned Characters in the Iliad
10,686 Breakfast Cereal Mascots Picture Quiz
9,902 Fictional Characters by U.S. State
9,352Disney Characters
9,224Batman Villains
8,875 Characters Played by Multiple Actors #3
8,863The Big Bang Theory Character's
8,744 American TV Characters by Last Name #1
8,499 Fictional Characters from the Midwest
8,136 American TV Moms
7,972 TV Character to Actor #1
7,564Name that F*R*I*E*N*D*S character...
7,249 Robin Hood Quiz
7,165 American TV Characters by Last Name #2
7,075 South Park Character Picture Quiz
6,976100 Greatest Movie Characters
6,834 Animal Sidekicks
6,824 American TV and Movie Nicknames
6,422Modern Family Characters
6,245 TV Character to Actor #2
6,209Spider-Man Villains
6,101Teen Wolf Characters
6,086 Fresh Prince of Bel Air Characters
5,972What video games do these characters star in?
5,523Marvel Characters by Picture #1
5,357Once Upon A Time Character's Names
5,290The Lord Of The Rings Characters
4,837 American TV Characters by Clue
4,700South Park Characters Quiz
4,676Top 100 Marvel Super Villains
4,668Shakespeare by Characters
4,543Guess all of the characters from Henry Danger
4,507Complete Toy Story Characters Quiz
4,295Mario Kart Wii Characters
3,883Downton Abbey Characters
3,881Bad Guys and Their Video Games
3,789Lion King Characters
3,658Transformers Movie Characters
3,652How I Met Your Mother Character Quiz
3,646All Mortal Kombat Characters
3,629Play Scrabble by Guessing Harry Potter Characters
3,551Video Game Heroes
3,521Disney Villains and Antagonists
3,3341980s Movie Characters by Picture
3,225One Tree Hill Characters
3,181Batman Villains
3,066Victorious Characters Quiz
3,026Sonic vs Mario at the Olympic Games Characters
2,953150 Gilmore Girls Characters
2,853Jason Bourne Countries Visited Map
2,727Big Bang Theory Characters
2,557The Inbetweeners Characters
2,508Last Names from Parks and Recreation
2,422Rick and Morty Characters
2,395Sex and the City Quiz
2,368Disney Villians
2,304Click the Famous Partners
2,268Glee Characters (Hard)
2,142Family Guy Characters Quiz
2,096Most Loved TV show couples
2,007Cartoon Characters
2,006Gilmore Girls Characters
2,004the hunger games
1,961100 Greatest Film Performances of All Time
1,933TV Series by main character
1,917Marvel Characters by Picture #3
1,901MCU Characters by Picture
1,846Fictional Characters by Hat - Picture Quiz
1,844Andi Mack Quiz
1,841Lord of the Rings Characters by Picture #2
1,833Big Bang Theory Character Surnames
1,824AFI 100 Best Heroes and Villains
1,795One Tree Hill Characters
1,772Tomb Raider Countries Visited Map
1,724Can you name the characters from the 'Star Wars' movies?
1,678Top 200 Harry Potter Characters by Mention
1,667Random Disney Animated Characters by Picture
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