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A quiz for the devil in all of us.
Try to name the countries where the majority of people are Roman Catholics.
Name the books of the Protestant Bible.
Unless you really know your Bible, you'll be very surprised.
Name the countries of the world that have the highest % of Orthodox Christians.
Jesus had 12 apostles. How many can you name?
Can you name the countries with the largest Christian populations?
You'll have to be a history geek or devout Catholic to get more than a couple.
Which countries have the greatest number of Catholics?
What 100 words appear most commonly in the King James Bible?
Based on the description, name the Bible character.
321,250 7 Deadly Sins Quiz
168,616 Catholic Countries Quiz
160,834 Books of the Protestant Bible Quiz
118,519 Most Mentioned Bible Characters Quiz
104,680 12 Apostles of Jesus
94,840 Orthodox Countries
91,107 Name the Popes Quiz
89,669 Top 100 Most Common Words in the Bible
87,186 Countries with the Most Christians
84,985 Bible Characters Quiz #1
82,088 Countries with the Most Catholics
75,115 Bible Characters Quiz #2
71,500 Five Countries with Most Christians by Continent
71,433 Countries of the Popes
62,536 Books of the Catholic Bible Quiz
61,821 Asian Countries with the Most Christians
61,383 Biblical Geography
60,704 African Countries with the Most Christians
59,845 Periodic Table Elements Mentioned in the Bible
54,963 Catholic Countries in Europe
54,091 Most-Visited Countries by Popes
52,796 The Ten Commandments Quiz
51,623 Bible Quotes Quiz #1
46,902 Groups of Things - The Bible
46,369 Bible Quotes Quiz #2
46,368 Least Christian Countries with Exceptions
44,072 Biblical Names Still Popular Today
42,912 10 Plagues of Egypt
40,194 The Bible A-Z
39,014 The Lord's Prayer Quiz
37,417 Bible Quotes Quiz #3
35,633 Countries Mentioned in the Bible
34,638 The Bible - Multiple Choice
33,448 Word Chain - The Bible
32,729 Vatican City Country Quiz
32,196 Shakespeare... or the Bible?
31,648 Life of Jesus
30,770 Biblical Miracles
30,391 Countries with the Most Cathedrals
29,274 Bible Quotes Quiz #4
27,531 U.S. States by Church Attendance
26,093 Tile Select - The Bible
24,460 Bible Stories #1
22,984 Famous Catholics Quiz
21,375 Bible Stories #2
19,918 Name the Saint
17,504 Top 11 Most Catholic U.S. States
16,496 The Bible by Picture
15,911 Pope Facts
15,329 The Bible - Who Said That?
15,262 Life of Moses
13,822 Is That Really in the Bible?
13,687 Animals in the Bible
12,419All the Books of the Bible (in order)
11,108 Quotes of Jesus
10,696 Books of the Bible That are Words
10,635 Seven Heavenly Virtues
9,490 This and That - The Bible
9,344Popes of the Roman Catholic Church
8,987 Famous Mormons Quiz
8,549 The Life of King David
6,346 Monks and Nuns
5,805The Christianity Quiz
5,579Authors of Bible Books
5,497 A Quiz About Mormonism
5,356The Ultimate Bible Characters Quiz
5,114Top 20 Most Christian Countries
4,586 Ecclesiastes - "To Every Thing There Is a Season"
4,020Women of the Bible
3,739Name All The Catholic Saints
3,542Least Catholic Countries
3,320Bible Character's Wives - Very Hard
3,223The Lord of the Rings or the Bible?
3,221Most Common Words in the Bible (1-250)
3,179Tribes of Israel Map Quiz
3,026US Catholic Dioceses Map Quiz
3,014Most common pope names
2,937Top 20 Most Famous Books of the Bible
2,743Rulers of France, England, Spain, Rome and Popes
2,579Women in the Bible
2,280Books of the New Testament
2,238Municipalities of Vatican City with a Map
2,230Asian Countries with the Highest Percentage of Christians
2,131Countries with the Worst Persecution of Christians
2,127Majority Christian Countries on a Map
1,978Children of Jacob - Bible
1,873Countries that Beat Vatican City
1,857Countries Where the Bible is Banned
1,824Books of The Bible Old Testament
1,766Star Wars, Bible or Both ?
1,663Words That Only Appear Once in the Bible
1,637First 200 Words of The Bible
1,584Original 12 Apostles/Disciples of Jesus - Bible
1,548Catholicism in Europe
1,548Five Countries with Most Catholics by Continent
1,444Biblical People Whose Names Begin with J
1,420Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) - Bible
1,398Countries with a Majority Protestant Christian Population
1,385Countries Closest to Vatican City
1,375Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
1,360First 10 Books of the Bible
1,295A Quiz About Christianity
1,265Countries with the Most L.D.S Temples
1,257Early Christian History
1,251Books of the Catholic Old Testament
1,207Christian Denominations Founders
1,169Difficult Bible quiz
1,156Bible Trivia
1,133Bible Characters
1,126Countries with Largest Orthodox Population
1,115The First Words of the Bible
1,096Birthplaces of Roman Catholic Popes since 1000 A.D.
1,072Books of the Book of Mormon
1,068From Abraham to Jesus
1,054Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12) - BIble
1,03210 Egyptians Plagues
1,030Longest Books of the Bible
973Top 10 States with Highest Percent Mormon
957Countries with the Largest Christian Population
949Top 20 Most Famous Popes' Names
936Armor of God - Bible
911Top 15 Most Catholic States
878New Testament Bible Books
868Bible Story Time
855Bible Name Chain
848Biggest Cities in Vatican City
843Top 100 Most Common Words in the Book of Mormon
839African Countries with the Highest Percentage of Christians
830Books of the Orthodox Bible
822Roman Catholic Solemnities (Major Feast Days)
821Unscramble Bible Names
818Churches by picture
815Quotes of Bible Characters 4
811The Nicene Creed
802Biblical People Whose Names Begin with A
803The Most Christian Countries in Africa
800Amazing Grace Lyrics
788The Bible: A Question for Every Book
784Five Countries with Least Christians by Continent
780Hymn Titles
769U.S. Catholic Jesuit Colleges and Universities
736Countries with the Most Christians (%)
730Biggest Cities in Vatican City
725Bible Verses Quiz
719Orthodox Christianity in Europe
708Provinces of the Papal States with a Map
703Christian Denominations Centuries
701Five Most Christian Countries by Continent
690Have you read your Bible?
683Heroes of Faith (mentioned in Hebrews 11) - Bible
683Parts of a Church on a Floor Plan
676Books of the Bible
651Countries of the Bible
648First 100 Words of the Bible
638Oldest People In the Bible
630Shakespeare or the Bible?
625Biblical People Whose Names Begin with B
607Paul the Apostle's Journeys on a Map
607Biblical People Whose Names Begin with M
606Top 15 Most East Orthodox Countries
605Countries with a Majority Orthodox Christian Population
579Quotes of Bible Characters 3
579Nations Represented by the College of Cardinals
576Languages the Pope Tweets in
569Biblical People Whose Names Begin with D
566LDS (Mormon) Temples
559LDS Prophets (Mormon)
556Bible Characters - Genesis
545Roman Catholic Terminology
530Most Catholic US Cities
513Number of cardinals by country
511Countries by Number of Catholic Saints
509Popes by First Two Letters - Two Minute Sprint
504Obscure Bible Characters
503Countries with the Most Mormons
498Biblical People Whose Names Begin with E
488General Knowledge "The Mormons"
475The Apostles' Creed (Fill in the Blank)
473Books of the Bible with 4 letters
472Biblical People Whose Names Begin with C
469Top five Middle Eastern countries with the highest percent of Christians
465Countries with the Most Catholics
460"J" Books of the Bible
459Quotes of Bible Characters 5
461Catholic… or Protestant?
455Protestant Reformers
451Precious Stones in the Bible
447Bible Decoder
444The Most Christian Countries in Asia
437Bible - Book of Exodus Trivia
419Pope, Pasta, Emperor, or Serie A Team - An Italy Click Quiz
414The Hail Mary
412Kings of Israel and Judah In Biblical Times
407Biblical People Whose Names Begin with N
406Countries Where Christianity is the Official Religion
406Worst Popes of All Time
403Most lutheran countries
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