Cities by Clue Quizzes

Take a Random Cities by Clue Quiz
Try to guess each German city based on a description and the first letter of its name.
Guess each selected European city based on three short clues.
You are given a description and the starting letter. Do you know the European city?
Name these British cities based on their starting letter and a description.
Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Abbey, and Fog. Which city could it be?
Name these Italian cities based on their starting letter and a description.
Can you name these French cities based on their starting letter and a description?
Can you name these Middle Eastern cities based on a clue and their starting letter?
Name these African cities based on their starting letter and a description.
Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz? Which city could it be?
Socrates, Acropolis, Olympics. Which city could it be?
90,595 Which City in Germany?
74,674 European Cities by Clue
70,467 Which City in Europe?
66,873 World Cities by Clue Quiz #1
60,137 Which City In the United Kingdom?
52,943 Which City in Italy?
44,872 Which City in France?
44,290 Which City in the Middle East?
44,048 U.S. Cities by Clue #1
43,695 World Cities by Clue Quiz #3
42,797 World Cities by Clue Quiz #2
41,549 Which City in Africa?
38,408 Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions #1
37,910 Which City in the United States?
37,767 Which City in Canada?
36,899 Cities that End in I by Clue
36,429 Cities that End in N by Clue
35,499 European Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions
34,596 Cities that End in A by Clue
33,985 Which City in Asia?
33,501 Which City in Spain?
33,309 Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions #3
33,204 Cities that End in O by Clue
33,071 Which City in Latin America?
30,266 World Capitals by a Single Clue #1
29,355 U.S. Cities by Clue #2
27,956 Random Cities by Clue
27,650 20 Chinese Cities Everyone Should Know
27,134 Cities that End in S by Clue
26,616 World Capitals by a Single Clue #2
26,064 Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions #2
25,896 U.S. Cities by Clue #3
23,827 Smaller Cities That You May Know
23,457 World Capitals by a Single Clue #4
22,310 Cities on the Mediterranean Sea by a Clue
22,237 World Capitals by a Single Clue #3
21,836 U.S. Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions
21,285 Which City in California?
21,271 Asian Cities by Clue
21,007 Asian Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions
19,993 World Cities by Clue Quiz #4
18,382 Which City in Australia?
17,532 20 Indian Cities Everyone Should Know
16,275 Which City in Texas?
16,205 Smaller U.S. Cities That You May Know
10,928 Which City in New York State?
9,178The Only Country ... (Worldwide Edition)
5,787 Which U.S. State Capital?
2,850 Which European Capital?
2,487Cities by Clue #2
2,442Cities by Clue
2,307 Which Asian Capital?
2,219World Cities to World Cities - Click Quiz
2,194World Capitals by a Single Clue #5
1,955 Which City in Florida?
1,817Cities that End in L by Clue
1,749Cities that End in G by Clue
1,718 Which City in Massachusetts?
1,605100 Cities by Letter - S
1,530Which City in South Asia?
1,468Which City in The Benelux?
1,427Which City in India?
1,422Cities that End in M by Clue
1,362Cities that End in R by Clue
1,335100 Cities by Letter - M
1,324100 Cities by Letter - A
1,074Cities that End in T by Clue
1,041Cities that End in W by Clue
968World Cities A-Z #3
933Cities that End in U by Clue
922All cities over 5m people with country hint
868Name the City #1
793Which City in the Netherlands?
718Which City in China?
692Which City in England?
691Which City In Europe? (Hard)
680100 Cities by Letter - N
670Which City In Russia?
592Name the City #3
560World Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions
547Which City in Southeast Asia?
532Cities on the North Sea by a Clue
508African Cities by Clue
500Name the City #2
479Which City in Sweden?
423Which City in Brazil
41920 Nordic Cities Everyone Should Know
405What city is this?
389"Port" Cities by Clue
388Which City in Japan?
381Which City in Virginia?
380100 Cities by Letter - B
376100 Cities by Letter - L
365Cities on the Baltic Sea by a Clue
348World Cities by Clue #2
348Which City in Israel and Palestine?
334Which City in Iran?
329Which River Flows Through This City?
323Which City in Oceania?
321Smaller European Cities That You May Know
320Which City in Central Asia?
316Groups of Three - Cities
31240 American Cities that Everyone Should Know
307100 Cities by Letter - C
292Groups of Two - Cities
292Which City in Mexico?
290Indian cities by a clue
277Cities that End in D by Clue
272American Cities on the Pacific Ocean by a Clue
271Cities on the Indian Ocean by a Clue
263Which City in Turkey?
245Cities on the Great Lakes by a Clue
244Cities that End in H by Clue
244Cities that End in A by Clue #2
242Which City in Michigan?
241Cities on the South China Sea by a Clue
238Which City in Greece?
225First and Last Capitals Alphabetically Which...
219Which City in Pennsylvania?
218Which City in the Americas?
214Cities that End in K by Clue
211Which City in South America?
206Which city in Switzerland?
201Cities that End in Y by Clue
201Which city in Portugal?
199Which City in Ohio?
197Cities on the Caribbean Sea by a Clue
195Cities by Clues
192UK Cities and Towns by Clue
192Which City is in... ?
191Which City in Brazil?
191Asian Cities Chain
186Which city in Ukraine
180Which City In Tennessee?
175City Decoder #1
175Cities that End in Z by Clue
174Which City in Colorado?
171Which City in Scotland?
169Which City in Turkey?
145City Decoder #2
142World Capitals by Wikipedia Descriptions #1
130Which City in Washington?
118Which City in Ireland?
115Which city in the US
114Which Are Cities In The United States?
110World Capitals by Wikipedia Descriptions #2
110Which City is in...? - U.S. Edition
109Which City in China?
107Canadian Cities by Clue
106Which City in New Zealand?
102Which City in Alabama?
102One-Syllable Cities by Clue
96Cities that Start in M by Clue
96Five Random Cities by Country
95Cities that Start in P by Clue
94French Cities by Clue
87Cities that Start in G by Clue
84Which City in Switzerland?
84Which city in North America?
84Which City in Argentina?
82Cities by clues: Italy
80Which City in Belgium?
80Which City in Ukraine?
80Cities of Turkey by Clues
79U.S. Cities with a Cardinal Direction in Their Name
77Which City in Alaska?
76Random Chinese Cities by Wikipedia Description
72Random South Asian Cities by Wikipedia Description
72Cities that End in E by Clue
70Which City in Norway?
68Which City Is More Than New York
66African Cities by Wikipedia Descriptions
66Which of These U.S. Cities is Within...?
66Nordic Cities A-Z
65Random African Cities by Wikipedia Description
64100 Cities by Letter - P
64Cities that End in "Ville" by Clue
64Which City in Indonesia?
64World Cities A-Z - Hard Version #1
63Cities by clues: France
57Random Asia Pacific Cities by Wikipedia Description
56Random Latin American Cities by Wikipedia Description
56Which City in Egypt?
52Cities on the Gulf of Mexico by a Clue
49Which City in South Africa?
49Which city in Michigan
44Which City in South Australia?
43Which City in Pakistan?
42Which City in Kentucky?
39Largest Cities and Towns in New Zealand by Clues
39Two-Word Capital Cities
38U.S. Cities by Letter - A
32Which City in Nigeria?
26Which City in Indiana?
24Connecticut Cities and Towns by Clue
2350 South American Cities by a Clue
12Which City in Missouri?
4Ghost towns in Houston County, TX
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