City to State Quizzes

Take a Random City to State Quiz
We give you 50 cities, one for each state. Name the state in which each city is located.
We give you 50 cities, one for each state. Name the state in which each city is located.
Try to click the U.S. state in which you would find these towns frequently visited by tourists and adventure seekers.
110,965 50 States, 50 Cities - Easy Version
35,812 50 States, 50 Cities - Hard Version
15,952 Tourist Towns by U.S. State
2,26650 U.S. States, 50 Cities Map Quiz
2,001City to State #1
1,941US States With the Most Cities in the Top 1000 Most Populous
1,5476-Letter Cities by US States
1,48350 States, 50 Cities
1,255US State by Cities
1,135Oldest City in Each State
1,065US Cities by State A-Z
909Cities with Short Names by US State
86450 States, 50 Towns and Cities Quiz - Very Hard Version
8537-Letter Cities by US States
828Random City to US State
789US State by Cities #2
768Cities with Long Names by US State
504US State by Cities (More Difficult) #2
474U.S. Cities to U.S. Cities - Click Quiz
465U.S. States whose Two Biggest Cities Begin with the Same Letter
428US State by Cities (More Difficult)
320World Cities Quiz - IMPOSSIBLE
289City to State Matching
265Every City in Jefferson on a Map
2635 Most Populated Cities in Each US State
234Name the U.S. State Given the 3 Biggest Cities
231Biggest two Cities in each U.S. State
229U.S. Cities Dominant in Their State
229States with the Largest Part of Their Population in 1 City
209Random U.S. Cities by State
193Identify the US state by the city
178Most Populous Cities in the Most Populous U.S. States
153City to State Matching #2
13550 States, 50 Cities Quiz #3
126Largest city in each US state that isn't a capital
125US States by City
11750 States, 50 Cities #3
99Five Biggest Cities in New England by State
89Identify the US state by the city #2
86Select all...the Cities in That State
79U.S. States With the Largest Springfields
7350 Cities of 50 States Quiz - VERY EASY Version
70U.S. State Capitals Farthest From Their State's Largest City
7050 Cities of 50 States Quiz - EXTREME Version
6850 Cities of 50 States Quiz - Medium Version
6650 Cities of 50 States Quiz - Hard Version
56US Cities to State
5450 Cities of 50 States Quiz - Easier Version
51Most populous cities in Germany that are not state capitals
4350 States, 50 Cities
34The largest cities in the states: states with the Pacific# 1
19Largest U.S. Cities Above the Average Elevation of Their State
19Australian Cities by State - Tile Select
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