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Can you identify these 20 musical instruments?
Name the instruments in a modern symphony orchestra.
Name the classical composers who wrote these famous works.
Name the cities that had the most opera performances from 2017–2022.
Name the most commonly performed orchestral music composers.
240,053 Musical Instruments by Picture #1
122,796 Orchestra Instruments Quiz
50,807 Classical Composers Quiz
26,841 Top 20 Most Performed Composers
25,350 Cities with the Most Opera Performances
9,070100 Most Popular Composers
7,670Classical Music Composers
4,079Classical Musicians by Composition
3,946Composers and their Music
3,498Solve the Secret Composer
3,090Composers Performed Most Often
2,606First Names of Composers (Extended version)
2,394Musical Term Quiz
2,237Classical Music From A-Z
2,157More Classical Composers
2,020Classical Composers A-Z
1,887Classical Composers by Picture
1,875Classical Composers by Compositions
1,806Opera Composers
1,327Name the Composer #1
1,208Name the composer
1,202Late Romantic Composers
1,125Most Recorded Classical Composers
990Music Trivia: Classical Composer Geography
978100 Greatest composers
950A to Z: Classical Composers
945Top 20 Most Performed Opera Composers
940Periods (Eras) of Classical Music
896Place Names in Classical Music Titles
848Opera Composers
839Percussion Instruments - Picture Quiz
830Yet More Classical Composers
787Verdi's operas
761Music Trivia: Classical Composer Geography II
76120th-century classical composers
760Wagner's Operas
733Classical Music- multiple choice
730Classical Music- Piano/Challenging
717A Quiz About Mozart
714Famous Operas
700Baroque Composers
649Famous Cello Concertos
586Classical Music From A-Z #2
580Star Wars Movies by John Williams Soundtracks
540British Composers by Composition
531Who composed that opera?
517Operas: A very hard quiz (mostly)
508Classical Music From A-Z #5
450Classical Musicians- the rest of the story
384Movies Featuring Classical Music
381Puccini Operas
359Classical Music From A-Z #6
317Mozart Grand Tour on a map
309Classical Music From A-Z #7
306Classical Music From A-Z #3
300Not So Common Opera
255Classical Music- All C's
252Classical Music from A-Z #4
248Famous Operatic Sopranos
241Classical Music- All B's
236Famous Ballets
228Classical Music- All F's
205Classical Music- All A's
179Classical Music- All E's
175Renaissance Composers by Composition
171Classical Music- All G's
170Classical Music- All D's
144Spielberg Movies by John Williams Soundtracks #1
135James Bond Film Score Composers
122Countries with Most Classical Music Awards
121Wagner Operas
113Name a Valid Classical Composer #1
93The 50 Most Famous Composers
92Holst's The Planets
88Movies Scored by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead
86Movements in "Carnival of the Animals" by Camille Saint-Saens
84Classical Composers by Picture
82music trivia: 20th century composers and their music
76Bach Family
75More Movies by John Williams Soundtracks
74Name a Valid Classical Composer #2
71Name a Valid Classical Composer #3
70Saint-Saëns Quiz
66Spielberg Movies by John Williams Soundtracks #2
44Name a Valid Classical Composer #4
38Lyrics to ode an die freude
34Guess the Experimental American Composer!
33Name a Valid Classical Composer #5
30Opera Trivia
28Má Vlast, by Smetana
25Composers Who Died Young
22Name Giuseppe Verdi’s Operas
19Name Richard Wagner’s Operas
16Name Giacomo Puccini’s Operas
11Name Richard Strauss’s Operas
6Name Vincenzo Bellini’s Operas
5Name Claudio Monteverdi’s Operas
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