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Once in a blue ____?
One a day keeps the doctor away.
A quiz so easy, it's like shooting ____ in a barrel.
Don't count your chickens before they _____? According to cliché, there are some things one just shouldn't do. Fill in the blanks.
But if you try sometime... you get what you need.
Caught red-______?
Can you fill the blanks in these idioms that relate to the passing of time?
A _______ in the rough?
Fill the blanks in these clichés about money.
Click on the element represented by each chemical symbol.
Don't upset the _____ cart.
125,592 English Idioms Quiz #1
110,084 Sayings About Food #1
101,110 American Sports Cliches
98,773 Sayings About Animals #1
82,635 Don't Clichés
81,287 Can't Cliches Quiz
80,940 Sayings About Animals #2
73,826 Sayings About Animals #3
73,649 English Idioms Quiz #2
62,034 English Idioms Quiz #3
61,770 Time Idioms
58,881 Sayings About Food #2
58,510 Money Clichés
57,231 Clichés about Death
56,419 Something OR Something
54,759 "Is" Cliches
53,947 "No" Clichés Quiz
49,803 Cliche Quotes Quiz #3
49,543 Click the Chemical Element
45,007 Obfuscations of Popular Cliches #1
42,633 Cliche Quotes Quiz #1
41,086 Cliche Quotes Quiz #2
39,712 Animal Idioms Quiz #2
39,104 Animal Idioms Quiz #1
38,677 Business Cliches Quiz
38,072 What's in a Name? #1
37,914 Sayings About Animals #4
37,858 Idioms for Happiness
37,765 Idioms for Insanity
35,731 Cliches about Love
34,056 Idioms about Household Items
33,285 Idioms for Problems
33,086 Obfuscations of Popular Cliches #2
32,241 Religion Idioms
32,192 Anger and Annoyance Idioms
31,081 Clothing Idioms
28,327 Top 10 Hottest Asian Countries
28,034 Is apple... ?
27,362 Cliches about What's Better
26,849 1 or 2 Click Quiz
22,665 Crazy Click Maths
14,154 Idioms by Synonyms
13,050 Proverbs Translated into French
11,834 "In" Sayings #1
9,917 Idioms about Dishonesty
9,362 Garbled Proverbs
9,114 Yiddish Loan Words
7,922 What's in a Name? #2
7,027Pirate Cliches
3,0792010s Pop Music Click Quiz
2,027Synonyms----Popular Phrases
1,992In Which Star Wars Movie? Click Quiz
1,796Click to Assemble Country Shapes #1
1,191"Fire" idioms and catch phrases
1,151Countries with the Same Official Language - Click Quiz
1,088Does it Save?
994Click to Translate - Yiddish
928Legal Idioms
917Complete the Six-Letter Words
865Colorful Idioms
819Common Used Sayings
785Death/Finality Clichés
781Garbled Proverbs #2
760English idioms
752Idiom chain
313Yiddish Loan Words
264Geographic Clichés and Proverbs Quiz
238Creepy-Crawlies - Idioms and Sayings
194The Seven Sayings of Jesus on the Cross
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