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Once in a blue ____?
One a day keeps the doctor away.
A quiz so easy, it's like shooting ____ in a barrel.
Don't count your chickens before they _____? According to cliché, there are some things one just shouldn't do. Fill in the blanks.
But if you try sometime... you get what you need.
Caught red-______?
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
A _______ in the rough?
Fill the blanks in these clichés about money.
Don't upset the _____ cart.
Fill in the missing words to these clichés.
123,467 English Idioms Quiz #1
108,349 Sayings About Food #1
100,480 American Sports Cliches
97,672 Sayings About Animals #1
82,309 Don't Clichés
80,925 Can't Cliches Quiz
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73,373 Sayings About Animals #3
72,555 English Idioms Quiz #2
61,230 English Idioms Quiz #3
60,797 Time Idioms
58,238 Sayings About Food #2
57,869 Money Clichés
56,774 Clichés about Death
56,045 Something OR Something
54,113 "Is" Cliches
53,401 "No" Clichés Quiz
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45,504 Click the Chemical Element
42,070 Cliche Quotes Quiz #1
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40,342 Obfuscations of Popular Cliches #1
39,109 Animal Idioms Quiz #2
38,612 Animal Idioms Quiz #1
38,515 Business Cliches Quiz
37,637 What's in a Name? #1
37,614 Idioms for Happiness
37,527 Idioms for Insanity
37,457 Sayings About Animals #4
35,384 Cliches about Love
33,545 Idioms about Household Items
32,813 Idioms for Problems
32,272 Obfuscations of Popular Cliches #2
32,068 Religion Idioms
31,625 Anger and Annoyance Idioms
30,566 Clothing Idioms
27,230 Cliches about What's Better
26,691 Top 10 Hottest Asian Countries
24,774 1 or 2 Click Quiz
13,900 Idioms by Synonyms
12,770 Proverbs Translated into French
11,716 "In" Sayings #1
9,634 Idioms about Dishonesty
9,199 Garbled Proverbs
7,743 What's in a Name? #2
6,979Pirate Cliches
2,6022010s Pop Music Click Quiz
2,006Synonyms----Popular Phrases
1,737In Which Star Wars Movie? Click Quiz
1,180"Fire" idioms and catch phrases
907Legal Idioms
870Click to Assemble Country Shapes #1
856Colorful Idioms
832Complete the Six-Letter Words
805Common Used Sayings
777Death/Finality Clichés
750Idiom chain
742Garbled Proverbs #2
708English idioms
255Geographic Clichés and Proverbs Quiz
230Creepy-Crawlies - Idioms and Sayings
168The Seven Sayings of Jesus on the Cross
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