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There are 133 bowl-eligible college football teams. How many can you name?
The first logo has been scientifically proven to make Ohio State fans angry.
Try to guess the team names of the 131 teams in the Bowl Subdivision of college football.
Can you name the U.S. colleges whose sports teams use these logos?
Name the schools that have won a NCAA football championship since 1950.
Ohio State fans might not like this quiz.
Try to name the city in which each FBS college is located.
Can you name all 133 NCAA Division I FBS football programs with the help of a map?
Try to name the college football bowl games that have been held the most number of times.
Name every team that has made the College Football Playoff since its inception in 2014.
A quiz that combines vocabulary and team name recognition.
228,448 NCAA Football Teams
211,212 College Sports Logos Quiz #1
148,009 NCAA Football Team Names
122,242 College Sports Logos Quiz #2
84,139 NFL Players' College Teams #1
82,415 NCAA Football Champions
61,440 NFL Players' College Teams #2
56,098 All-Time NCAA Football Wins
47,143 College Football Rivalries Quiz
40,223 NCAA Football Cities
32,800 Heisman Winners Quiz
32,367 College Football Stadiums Quiz
29,019 NCAA FBS Football Teams on a Map
21,324 College Football Bowl Games
19,187 All NCAA Football Playoff Teams
17,985 NCAA Football Champion Coaches
15,708 NCAA Football Team Name Vocabulary
15,222 College Coaches Quiz
12,932 College Football Analogies
12,763 NCAA Football Quiz
7,506College Football National Champions
6,03725 most successful college football programs of the BCS era
5,884NCAA FCS Football Teams
4,677Top Ten Largest College Football Stadiums
4,120Best Overall Top AP 25 College Football
3,638Teams That Have Beaten Alabama Since 2008 College Football
3,430NCAA Division I Football Teams Ranked Number 1
3,310College Football Teams Named Tigers
2,993NCAA Football Power Five Teams
2,890Rose Bowl Champions
2,680College Football Team Mascots
2,500Michigan Wolverines Football Trivia
2,286NCAA FCS football teams on a map
2,281NCAA Division 1 Teams Logos Randomized
2,240Most Bowl Appearances
2,216College Football: SUGAR BOWL Winners
2,160Word Scramble- College Football #1
2,103Top 50 Most Wins By any NCAA College Football Team All Time
1,776NCAA College Football Teams - One Minute Sprint
1,769NCAA Division I FBS Football Teams
1,713College Football Team Names Acronyms
1,567Top 15 Average Attendance at College Football Stadiums
1,548Teams That Have Beaten Ohio State Since 2008 In College Football
1,548NCAA Division 1 Football Schools
1,544College Football: SEC Heisman Trophy Winners
1,431Word Scramble- College Football #2
1,337Most Rose Bowl Victories by School
1,265College football (FBS) Conference
1,167Notre Dame Football Opponents
1,141Ohio State Buckeyes Football Trivia
1,129Guess The College By Football Logo
1,078Big Ten Cities
1,052States with the Most College Football Teams
1,029Locations of College GameDay in the 90s (Football)
961All NCAA FBS College Football Teams - Guess the Conference Click Quiz
956Alabama Crimson Tide Football Trivia
918SEC Cities
885Teams BYU has played
831College Football - Team Logos: SEC
785Big XII Cities
754Teams Ohio State Football has beaten since the 2006 season
740College Football Logos with No Letters
691BYU vs Utah College Football Rivalry
670ACC Cities
653CFB Power 5 Conferences 2024
6002017-18 Preseason AP NCAA Football Top 25
561Every College Football National Champion
559NCAA FCS Football Teams: By Nickname
548NCAA FCS National Champions
504Teams That Have Beaten Nebraska Since 2008 In College Football
498Michigan Wolverines Football All-Time Leaders
479Alabama Football
4661997 Michigan Football Schedule
456Alabama Football Players in the NFL
435All FBS Division 1 Football Teams in Texas
431All Alabama Post Season Opponents College Football
428Bowl History - Cotton Bowl Classic
415Teams That Have Beaten Iowa Since 2008 In College Football
414Miami Hurricanes: 1st Round NFL Draft Picks since 1983
402Ohio State Quarterbacks
386Teams That Have Beaten Michigan State Since 2008 In College Football
380All Alabama National Championships College Football
367Miami Hurricane First Round NFL Draft Picks
364Ohio State Football Heisman Trophy Winners
365Bowl History - Rose Bowl
345Nebraska Football
3342023 NCAA Football Upsets
310Maxwell Trophy winners
307Michigan Wolverines Football Coaches
299Teams That Have Beaten Florida State Since 2008 In College Football
291Florida Gators Football Quiz
289Ohio State Football Quiz
281Alabama Crimson Tide Football Shutouts (Nick Saban Era)
280Teams That Have Beaten Florida Since 2008 In College Football
279All Iowa Hawkeye Football Opponents
269Ohio State All-Time Leading Rushers
269Alabama Football Quiz
267College Football Starting Quarterbacks 2019
256Top 25 College Football Quarterbacks 2017-18
252Alabama Football Opponents
249Top 5 University of Michigan Football Players of All-Time
246Ohio State Buckeyes Head Football Coaches
240All Michigan Alumni to make the NFL Pro Bowl or All-Pro
2362022 NCAA Football Top 25 Teams
234US University Rankings by NCAA Football Conference
231NCAA Division II football teams on a map
225Teams Michigan Football has lost to since 2006
224Michigan Football Bowl History
224BYU Quarterback Quiz
2232022 College Football Playoff Teams
212Michigan Wolverine Football
189Miami Hurricanes First Round draft picks since 1983 (NFL)
178Nebraska Football
1742016 University of Michigan Football Schedule
1702023 NCAA Football Top 25 Teams
167Nebraska Football: Bowl Games
163Teams That Have Beaten BYU Since 2008 In College Football
155All FBS Football Teams in Indiana
155NCAA Teams That Play at NFL Stadiums
1532021-22 NCAA Football Bowl Games
151All Iowa Post Season Opponents College Football
1492017 Florida Gators Football Opponents
148All Ohio State's National Chamionships College Football
145Ohio State Football 2021-2022 Starting Lineup
140Ohio State Football Opponents Since 2000
141Notre Dame Football Opponents Since 2000
126Arkansas Football Opponents Since 2000
1232022 NCAA Football Bowl Games
120Nebraska Cornhuskers Football: Major Award Winners
118Michigan Football Quiz
114College Football Matchups: Ohio State
1132021 NCAA Football Top 25 Teams
1062021 NCAA Football Upsets
1042022 NCAA Football Upsets
1032015 University of Michigan Football Schedule
96Auburn Football Opponents Since 2000
94Iowa Football Opponents 2015-2016
93Alabama Football Opponents Since 2000
91Georgia Football Opponents Since 2000
91Nebraska Football: Head Coaches
88Ohio State opening day Starting Quarterbacks of the 2000ś
862016-2017 Iowa Football Schedule
86College Football Stadiums by Picture
85Nebraska Cornhuskers Football: The Rushing Option!
832001 Miami Hurricanes
82Teams Iowa Football has beaten since 2006
81Michigan Football Opponents Since 2000
68Clemson Football Opponents Since 2000
66Texas Football Opponents Since 2000
65LSU Football Opponents Since 2000
65Florida Gators Career Passing Yards Leaders
65Florida Gators Starting Quarterbacks
64Alabama Football Records
632018 University of Michigan Football Roster
63Alabama #1 Draft Picks
56NBA Players from Ohio State
54Ole Miss Football Opponents Since 2000
54Tennessee Football Opponents Since 2000
49Oklahoma Football Opponents Since 2000
49Ohio State Football Career Records
47Bowl History - Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
45Greatest Ohio State Running Backs of All Time
39Penn St Football Opponents Since 2000
38All Miami Hurricanes Football Head Coaches 1926-2019
32Florida Football Opponents Since 2000
30College Football Stadiums in Illinois
30College Football Locations #1
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