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There are 45 countries that are generally considered to be part of Europe. How many can you name?
Now with a map! Name every country that is generally considered to be part of Africa.
There are 48 countries that are generally considered to be part of Asia. How many can you name?
There are 14 countries in Oceania. How many can you name?
Name the 23 countries generally considered to be part of North America.
There are 12 countries in South America. Can you name them all?
Can you click on the continent that each of these mountain tops belongs to ?
2,364,497 Countries of Europe Quiz
1,666,452 Countries of Africa
1,206,047 Countries of Asia Quiz
685,659 Countries of Oceania
680,231 Countries of North America Quiz
599,033 Countries of South America
20,205 Mountain Peaks by Continent - Click Quiz
12,375Name One Country In Each Continent - 15 Second Sprint
10,607Ten Biggest Countries by Continent
9,707Five Most Guessed Country Flags by Continent
8,603Name Two Countries In Each Continent - 15 Second Sprint
6,414One Country By Letter By Continent
5,397Ten Most Populated Countries by Continent
3,476Largest Countries by Continent A-Z
3,411Five Countries with the Most JetPunk Users by Continent
3,141Shortest Country Names By Continent
3,022Fast Typing - One Country For Each Continent
2,860Five Least Guessed Country Flags by Continent
2,415Every Flag to Continent Click Quiz
2,228Countries in Alphabetical Order by Continent
2,050Which continent is it in #1
2,025Countries by Continent and Length
1,951Least Populous Countries as a Percent of Their Continent
1,914Most Guessed Country by Continent
1,915Five Country Flags by Continent - Tile Select Quiz
1,801Last Countries Alphabetically By Continent
1,668Transcontinental Countries
1,649Fast Typing - Country to Continent
1,613Five Most Guessed Country Shapes by Continent
1,569Continents in Order by Number of Countries
1,478First Countries Alphabetically By Continent
1,434Continents by Picture
1,247Most Western, Northern, Southern, and Eastern Country by Continent
1,234Most Populous Countries by Continent
1,105Fast Typing Countries A-Z In Every Continent
1,066Biggest Island Countries by Continent
1,001Furthest N-E-S-W Countries by Continent
988Biggest JetPunk Countries as a Percent of Their Continent
949Smallest Countries by Continent
947Longest Country Names by Continent
939Hottest Countries By Continent
923Coldest Countries By Continent
891Countries With the Most Tourists By Continent
885Coldest Countries by Continent
879Newest Countries by Continent
842Least Populous Mainland Countries by Continent
765Richest Countries By Continent
745Northernmost Countries by Continent
740Southernmost Countries by Continent
724Largest Countries (by % of Continent)
688Countries with Longest Coastlines by Continent
636Unique Initial Letter of Countries by Continent
631Number of Countries By Continent
614One Country By Letter By Continent Map Quiz
603Largest Countries by Continent
570Countries Closest to Russia by Continent
558Five Hottest Countries by Continent
550Countries w/ Longest Borders by Continent
511Seven Continents Quiz
462Five Most Unstable Countries by Continent
450Warmest Countries by Continent
442Which continent is it in #2
433Highest Elevation Countries By Continent
426Five Countries with the Most Olympics Medals by Continent
392Select the Countries in the Given Continent
389Which continent is it in #3
369Countries with the Five Hottest Cities by Continent
349Highest Life Expectancy Countries By Continent
348Five Most Nominated Countries For an Oscar by Continent
344Five Least Guessed Country Shapes by Continent
321Least Densely Populated Countries By Continent
304Most Populated Countries and Continents
278Least Populated Countries by Continent
277Smallest Population Countries by Continent
271Countries Closest to Los Angeles by Continent
257Unique Lengths of Countries by Continent
2565 most mentioned Countries on the JetPunk Discord by Continent
251Countries that are Big and Populated in Their Continent
244Countries of the Extreme Points of Each Continent
230World Capitals Closest to London by Continent
223Five Countries with the Largest Exclusive Economic Zones by Continent
223Most Populated Countries and Continents - In Order
211Most Densely Populated Countries by Continent
184Most Visited Countries by U.S. Presidents by Continent
147Poorest countries per continent
104Five Most Urban Countries by Continent
102Five Average Most Elevated Countries by Continent
101Countries Furthest in the Cardinal Directions by Continent
90Middle Countries Alphabetically by Continent
63Five Countries on the Most Wikipedias by Continent
53Republics of Europe
47Countries With Highest Muslim Population by Continent
44Highest Ranked Nations in Football by Continent
43Countries With the Highest Life Expectancy By Continent
42Five Countries on the Least Wikipedias by Continent
35Most Densely Populated Countries by Continent With Exceptions
32Countries With the Highest Alcohol Consumption by Continent
30Republics of Asia
29Hottest Countries on Each Continent
27Countries With the Lowest Homicide Rate by Continent
25Countries With the Highest Homicide Rate by Continent
23Countries with the Most Covid-19 Deaths per Capita in Each Continent
21Countries With the Least Covid-19 Deaths per Capita for Each Continent
19Countries With the Most Billionaires on Each Continent
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