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Can you guess the five closest neighbors to each of these eight different countries?
Name the countries that are geographically closest to Spain.
Can you guess the five closest neighbors to each of these eight different countries?
Name the countries which are geographically closest to the United States.
You can smell the maple syrup from here. Try to name the 20 countries that lie geographically closest to Canada.
For each letter of the alphabet, which countries lie closest to the United Kingdom?
Try to name the countries that are geographically closest to Italy.
Try to name the 20 countries that are geographically closest to Australia.
Name the countries that lie closest to the continent of Africa, but that aren't considered to be part of Africa.
For each continent, can you name the 5 countries that are closest to the United States?
Which countries are nearest to Japan?
195,030 Five Closest Countries by Country #1
183,220 Countries Closest to the U. S.
171,633 Countries Closest to Spain
163,862 Five Closest Countries by Country #2
157,530 Countries Closest to Canada
151,339 Countries Closest to the United Kingdom A-Z
149,460 Countries Closest to Italy
133,021 Countries Closest to Australia
117,188 Countries Closest to Africa
112,725 Countries Closest to United States by Continent
102,693 Countries Closest to Japan
94,604 Countries Closest to Turkey
94,401 Closest Countries to North Korea
93,534 Five Closest Countries by Country #3
89,138 Countries Closest to Israel
86,292 Countries Closest to United States A-Z
83,735 Countries Closest to Europe
77,755 Countries Closest to Alaska
75,999 Countries Closest to Spain A-Z
75,704 Countries Closest to Indonesia
74,154 Countries Closest to India
72,292 Countries Closest to Egypt
70,607 Countries Closest to Vietnam
68,926 Non-Bordering Countries Closest to Russia
67,860 Countries Closest to Taiwan
63,556 Countries Closest to the Persian Gulf
59,990 Countries Closest to Metropolitan France
59,870 Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #1
57,519 Countries Closest to Ethiopia
53,890 Countries Closest to Antarctica on a Map
53,623 Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #2
52,422 Countries Closest to Iceland
51,644 Countries Closest to the Aegean Sea
50,559 Countries Farthest From the Sea
50,355 Countries Closest to South Africa with Exceptions
45,249 Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #3
44,099 Countries Closest to Maine
41,658 Countries Closest to Hawaii
41,260 Countries Whose Center is Closest to the Equator
22,735 Countries Closest to Cyprus
22,223 Countries Closest to the Equator A-Z
21,032 Islands by Nearest Mainland Country
17,891 Countries Surrounding Istanbul
15,467Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #4
15,302 Countries Closest to Florida
13,152Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #5
11,372Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #6
10,692Countries Closest to Germany
9,215Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #7
9,182Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #8
8,959Five Closest Countries by Sea (relessness version)
8,756Countries Closest to Russia
8,373Countries Closest to Hungary
7,975Five Closest Countries by City #1
7,752Countries Closest to Finland
7,725Countries by Five Closest Countries In One Minute
7,381Countries Closest to Poland
6,330Countries Closest to Antarctica
6,192Türkiye'ye en yakın ülkeler
6,083Countries Closest to Brazil
5,739Countries Closest to United Kingdom
5,720Countries Closest to Greenland
5,650Countries Closest to Afro-Eurasia
5,637Three Countries Closest to United States A-Z
5,425Countries Closest to France (including its territories)
5,328Countries Closest to Albania
5,312Countries nearest to the United Kingdom
5,126Countries Closest to China
5,050Five Closest Countries to London by Continent
5,007Countries Closest to Norway
4,964Countries Closest to Algeria
4,465Countries Closest to Kazakhstan
4,357Non-Bordering Countries Closest to Germany
4,341Countries Closest to the UK (plus its territories)
3,893Countries Closest to Malta
3,864Countries Closest to Czechia
3,637Countries Whose Closest Country is France
3,623Countries Closest to Ghana
3,605Countries Closest to Austria
3,48420 Countries Closest to The Netherlands
3,474Countries Closest to New Zealand
3,404Countries Closest to the Centre of Africa
3,372Countries Closest to Ethiopia - Without Map
3,357Countries Closest to Denmark
3,347Five Closest Countries by Continent
3,319Closest Country by City #1
3,299Countries Closest to Greece A-Z
3,254Countries Closest to Belgium
3,246Find The Mystery Country Using Miles Clues
3,179Five Closest Countries by City #2
3,163Countries Closest to Bangladesh
3,134Countries Closest to Chile
3,088Countries Closest to Oman
3,056Countries Closest to Africa A-Z
3,035Closest Countries to Australia
2,988Countries Closest to the Red Sea
2,942Countries Closest to... dang, I forgot where #2
2,941Countries Closest to Brazil A-Z
2,898Countries Closest to the Netherlands
2,860Countries Closest to Croatia
2,776Closest Non-Bordering Countries
2,685Countries Closest to Sweden
2,669Countries Closest to Andorra
2,667Countries Closest to China A-Z
2,618Five Closest Countries by City #3
2,582Countries Closest to Jordan
2,497Countries Closest to Germany A-Z
2,480Countries Closest to Bahrain
2,441Countries Closest to Ukraine
2,378Countries Closest to Türkiye by Continent
2,369Countries Closest to India (with a map)
2,290Countries Closest to the US (including its territories)
2,288Closest Country Pairs
2,274Countries Closest to Sri Lanka
2,255Five Closest Countries by Sea (Jerry928 version)
2,174Countries Closest to Malaysia
2,173Countries Closest to the Middle of the Indian Ocean
2,155Landlocked Countries Nearest the Sea
2,144Countries Closest to Iran
2,113Countries Closest to Italy A-Z
2,106Countries Closest to Japan A-Z
2,074Countries Closest to Ireland
2,056Countries Closest to Cabo Verde
2,045Countries Closest to Indonesia - with a map
2,032Countries Closest to Barbados
2,012Countries Closest to Portugal
1,978Countries Furthest from Kazakhstan #2
1,970Countries Closest to Bhutan
1,965Countries Closest to Mongolia
1,919Countries Closest to Israel A-Z
1,892Countries Closest to Chad
1,886Countries Closest to Kiribati
1,775Non-Bordering Countries Closest to China
1,749Countries Closest to Kenya
1,726Countries Closest to Kosovo
1,657Countries Closest to Jamaica (with a map)
1,653Countries Closest to the Mid-Atlantic
1,653Countries Closest to Estonia
1,648Closest country through the alphabet
1,633Countries Closest to the Adriatic Sea
1,621Jump to the closest country- JetPunk style
1,611Countries closest to Serbia
1,603Countries Closest to Singapore - One Minute Sprint
1,601Countries Closest to Tajikistan
1,592Countries Closest to Iraq
1,575Countries Closest to Germany - Map Quiz
1,571Countries Closest to Faroe Islands
1,526Countries Closest to Borneo
1,518Countries Closest to Bulgaria
1,510Countries Closest to Serbia
1,489Countries Closest to Greece
1,465Countries Closest to Lebanon
1,451Countries Closest to Cambodia
1,427Countries Closest to Mexico
1,424Türkiye'ye en yakın ülkeler - bir dakikalık sprint
1,419Countries Closest to Thailand
1,417Countries Closest to Burkina Faso
1,397Countries Closest to Cameroon (with a map)
1,37420 Countries Closest to Cyprus
1,373Countries Closest to Panama A-Z
1,369Countries Closest to Brasília
1,361Countries Closest to Switzerland
1,360Countries Closest to Vatican City
1,344Countries Closest to Maldives
1,335Countries Closest to Cuba
1,328Non-Bordering Countries Closest to France
1,323Countries Closest to Moldova
1,319Find The Mystery Country Using Miles Clues #2
1,319Island Countries Outside Oceania Farthest from the Mainland
1,303Countries Closest to Laos
1,291Countries Closest to Uzbekistan
1,271Countries Closest to Pakistan
1,267Countries Closest to Kuwait
1,260Countries Closest to Latvia
1,239Countries Closest to St Kitts and Nevis
1,228Countries Closest to Liechtenstein
1,219Countries Closest to Cameroon
1,203Countries Closest to Eritrea
1,184Countries Closest to Turkmenistan
1,177Countries Closest to Slovakia
1,171Countries Closest to Syria
1,163Countries Closest to Tanzania
1,162Countries Closest to Singapore
1,162Countries Closest to Djibouti
1,161Countries Closest to Libya
1,151Countries Closest to Sudan
1,130Closest countries to Antarctica
1,117Countries Closest to Papua New Guinea
1,115Closest Countries To The US
1,085Countries Closest to Morocco
1,083Countries Closest to Monaco
1,078Non-Bordering Countries Closest to Brazil
1,076Countries Closest to New York City
1,076Countries Closest to Lithuania
1,060Countries Closest to Burundi
1,044Countries Closest to Haiti
1,022Countries Closest to Western Sahara
989Countries Closest to South Africa
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