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929Countries Closest to Luxembourg (with a map)
924Countries Closest to Russia A-Z
913Countries Closest to Palau
908Countries Closest to Gabon
905Countries Closest to United Arab Emirates
901Countries Closest to the Equator
878Find The Mystery Country Using Miles Clues #3
877Countries Closest to Nepal
875Countries Closest to Tunisia
874Countries Closest to Mauritius
873Countries Closest to the Black Sea
872Countries Closest to Poland - Map Quiz
857Countries Furthest From the United Kingdom
856Closest country acrostics- L countries
854Countries Closest to Montenegro
853Closest Countries to Romania
837Countries Closest to North Macedonia
832Countries Closest to Haiti
829Countries Closest to Uganda
826Countries Closest to Russia (with a map)
824Countries Closest to Japan by first two letters
807Closest country acrostics- G countries
797countries not in north koreas missile range
792Countries Closest to Romania
785Closest countries to Switzerland
752Countries Closest to Greece
746Countries Closest to Myanmar
744Countries Closest to South Korea
739Countries Closest to Nepal - One Minute Sprint
738Countries Closest to Dominica
738Countries Closest to the US by first two letters
735Countries Closest to Mali
734Countries Closest to Kazakhstan A-Z
733Countries Closest to the Dem Rep of Congo
725Countries Closest to Seychelles
710Countries Closest to Sri Lanka A-Z
699Countries Closest to Malawi
696Countries Closest to North Korea
694Countries Closest to Qatar
675Countries Closest to Nigeria
67410 nearest countries to Dublin, Ireland
649Countries Closest to Japan
649Countries Closest to Italy - One Minute Sprint
647Countries Closest to the Maldives
643Countries Closest to Timor-Leste
620Countries Closest to Nauru
618Countries Closest to Norway - distance order
618Countries Closest to Panama
61520 Countries Closest to the Central African Republic
610Countries with Longest Maximum Distances to the Ocean
604Countries Closest to Diego Garcia
587Countries Closest to Somalia
571Countries Closest to Niger
570Countries Closest to Türkiye - One Minute Sprint
552Countries Closest to India A-Z
532Countries Closest to Senegal
444Countries Closest to Jamaica - distance order
398Countries Closest to Iran - One Minute Sprint
348Countries Closest to India - One Minute Sprint
348Country Transits: Closest Countries to Qatar by Starting Letter
346Countries Closest to India A-Z (5 minute version)
346Countries Closest to Czechia (with a map)
334Countries Closest to Libya A-Z
320Countries Closest to South Sudan
312Countries Closest to North Macedonia by first two letters
301Country Transits: Closest Countries to Italy by Starting Letter
288Closeset Countries to Bulgaria
286Countries Closest to Canada by first two letters
273Countries closest to Japan
267Countries Closest to Mexico
267Countries Closest to Panama - One Minute Sprint
268Countries Closest to Indonesia - One Minute Sprint
265Countries Closest to Türkiye by first two letters
263Countries and their territories closest to the Kingdom of the Netherlands
261Countries Closest to Iran
260Nearest Countries to Iceland
25910 Closest S Countries to Singapore
257Island Countries Farthest from a Continental Mainland
251Countries Closest to Norway - One Minute Sprint
246Countries Closest to Egypt by first two letters
241Countries Closest to Sweden by first two letters
240Countries Closest to Indonesia (in Indonesian - dalam bahasa Indonesia)
235Countries Closest to Poland by first 2 letters
233Countries Closest to Antarctica - One Minute Sprint
233Countries Closest to Germany by first two letters
231Island Nations Closest to Cyprus
229Countries Closest to Italy (in Italian)
22310 Closest M Countries to Monaco
222Countries Closest to Israel - One Minute Sprint
222Countries Closest to Turkmenistan - One Minute Sprint
217Countries Closest to South Korea A-Z
216Countries (Minus Their Remote Islands) Closest to Canada
214Non Bordering Countries Closest to Germany A-Z
214Countries Closest to Qatar by first two letters
209Countries Closest to Mexico by first two letters
207Countries Closest to Cabo Verde A-Z
20710 Closest C Countries to United Kingdom
204Closest Countries to Sweden
202Countries Closest to India by first two letters
200Countries Closest to Lithuania - One Minute Sprint
199Countries Closest to Norway - 15 Second Sprint
198Countries Closest to Pakistan by Name Length
196Countries Closest to Saudi Arabia A-Z
195Countries Closest to Thailand by first two letters
194Countries Closest to Kenya by first two letters
192Countries Closest to Poland - One Minute Sprint
190Countries Closest to Germany - One Minute Sprint
188Countries Closest to Estonia
187Countries Closest to Eritrea by first two letters
185Countries Closest to Micronesia
182Countries Closest to Canada - One Minute Sprint
181Closest Countries to Saudi Arabia
181Countries Closest to Japan - One Minute Sprint
180Countries Closest to Canada A-Z
176Countries Furthest From Kazakhstan
175Countries Closest to Malta - One Minute Sprint
173Countries Closest to Indonesia - distance order
172Countries Closest to Poland - 15 Second Sprint
172Countries Closest to Thailand
165Countries Closest to Serbia - One Minute Sprint
165World Capitals Closest to Brussels
162Countries Closest to Jamaica - One Minute Sprint
162Countries Closest to Iraq by first 2 letters
16010 Closest M Countries to Japan
159Countries Closest to Greenland - One Minute Sprint
158Closest Countries to London
158Countries Closest to Guinea-Bissau
161Countries Closest to China - One Minute Sprint
156Countries Closest to Comoros
15510 Closest S Countries to Chad
154Countries Closest to Somalia A-Z
149Countries Closest to Qatar - One Minute Sprint
148Countries Closest to India A-Z
147Countries Closest to Portugal - One Minute Sprint
146Countries Closest to Canada - 15 Second Sprint
146Countries Closest to Lebanon - One Minute Sprint
144Countries Closest to New Zealand - One Minute Sprint
144Countries Closest to Germany - 15 Second Sprint
143Countries Closest to Somalia
142Countries Closest to Romania - One Minute Sprint
141Countries Closest to Serbia - 30 Second Sprint
141Countries Closest To Syria
140Countries Closest to Iceland - One Minute Sprint
140Countries Closest to DR Congo with an empty map
140Countries Closest to Kazakhstan - One Minute Sprint
139Countries Closest to Ukraine - One Minute Sprint
139Countries Closest to Tajikistan by first two letters
139Countries Closest to St Kitts and Nevis - One Minute Sprint
138Countries Closest to Mongolia - One Minute Sprint
137Countries Closest to Pakistan - One Minute Sprint
137Closest Countries to Moscow
136Countries Closest to China A-Z
134Closest Countries to Berlin
134Countries Closest to the Maldives - One Minute Sprint
133Countries Closest to Lebanon - 30 Second Sprint
131Countries Closest to Germany A-Z
131Countries Closest to Morocco - One Minute Sprint
13010 Closest Non Bordering Countries To Germany
130Countries Closest to Greenland - 30 Second Sprint
129Countries Closest to Indonesia - 15 Second Sprint
128Countries Closest to Slovenia - One Minute Sprint
126Closest Countries to Athens
126Country Transits: same distance from Lesotho, South Korea, Sweden
125Countries Closest to Liechtenstein - One Minute Sprint
125Closest Countries to Finland
122Countries Within 2000km from Athens
122Countries closest to Paris
121Countries Closest to Papua New Guinea - One Minute Sprint
121Countries Closest to Nigeria A-Z
121Countries Closest to Brazil A-Z
120Countries Closest to Serbia - 15 Second Sprint
118Countries Closest To Benin
118Countries Closest to Iceland - 15 Second Sprint
11710 Closest AEIOU Countries to New Zealand
116Countries closest to Norway
116Countries closest to Beijing
116Countries Closest to Taiwan
115Countries Closest to Mongolia - 15 Second Sprint
115Country Transits: Closest Countries to Poland by Starting Letter
114Countries Closest to Italy - 15 Second Sprint
114Countries Closest to Sri Lanka - One Minute Sprint
114Countries Closest to Malaysia - One Minute Sprint
114Nearest Country to Iceland
112Countries Closest to Antarctica
112Countries Closest to Mexico - One Minute Sprint
110Countries Closest to Sydney
108Countries Closest to Ireland - One Minute Sprint
107Countries Within 500 Miles of Paris
106Countries Closest to Iraq - One Minute Sprint
105Countries Closest to Türkiye - 15 Second Sprint
104Countries Closest to Romania - 30 Second Sprint
104Countries Closest to Malta by Name Length
103Countries Closest to Switzerland - One Minute Sprint
103Countries closest to Malta
101Countries Closest to St Kitts and Nevis - distance order
10010 Closest M Countries to Monaco - One Minute Sprint
99Countries Closest to Türkiye - 30 Second Sprint
99Countries Closest to Thailand - 30 Second Sprint
98Countries Closest to Palau - One Minute Sprint